Do other people in your life recognize Nurses' Day?

  1. As in, people that aren't nurses, the people you don't work with?

    My mom always does, has since I became an RN 8 years ago. She usually sends me a card. This year, I didn't get one in the mail. I noticed that I didn't, but didn't think TOO much of it (other than noticing, since she generally doesn't miss it!). We had a family cookout for Mother's Day. For *girls* in my family, there are me, my sister, and my sister-in-law (my brother's wife). I'm the odd man out (or woman out, I guess) because I have no kids. My mom comes out later in the afternoon with a little card and gift for the girls. I was surprised when she handed one to me, too; I know she always gets Mother's Day gifts for my sis and SIL, but why for me? OH, was my Nurses' Day card. :heartbeat Our gifts were small, these little notepads, really cute. It always makes me feel so good that she thinks of that, no one else in my life outside of work acknowledges the day. It was also nice that she waited, granted, I know I'm an adult and it doesn't bother me when people get gifts and I don't (I'm not a kid that'll throw a tantrum, LOL) but it also feels nice to be included, since I was the only non-mom in attendance that day.

    Does anyone in your life do something for you?
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  3. by   texastaz
    There are so many days-for everyone to keep up with. Yesterday just having been Mother's Day I would not expect anything special or a double expression of love/present from my family. However, my best friend did call me and wished me a Happy Nurse's Day. She works for an insurance company and said they had posters placed throughout her facility. What a shock and insurance company? My friend is also very sincere and she made my day - so I pass my happiness and and well wishes and Happy Nurses Day - on to Ya'all.
  4. by   smarti15
    I just graduated this past week, and when I went to pick my kids up from school, the secretary told me happy nurses week! That totally made my day! Of course this means I will have to remember secretary day.
  5. by   TuTonka
    Nope not even where I work. I think that it affects people negatively....not the gifts so much as the lack of appreciation. Every nurse knows how hard a job we have and occasionally a little appreciation is heart felt. Even a happy nurses day saying would be nice. Some people do not think of it that way though.

  6. by   Midwest4me
    Nope, I don't know of anyone (other than nurses)who knows that there is such a thing as Nurses Week. My youngest sis, however, makes me things throughout the year celebrating each season and each little holiday and sends them to me. Those gifts are always appreciated.
  7. by   cherrybreeze
    I hope I didn't imply in my OP that I think of it as an expectation that anyone outside of the field SHOULD recognize....I certainly don't/wouldn't expect it! I don't notice things like admin professional's day, and the like. My mom used to work in a card shop as a second job (I worked there too, back in HS, and I loved loved loved it...I make ROCKIN' balloon bouquets, but I digress....) so she is pretty up on all the more obscure holidays. The fact that she's always acknowledged it impresses me, so I was just curious if that was common or uncommon.

    I will definitely pass on Happy Nurses' Day/Week wishes to my fellow AN members....we all give so much of ourselves every day, and too often don't get it back in this day and age of healthcare, so take a little time to reward yourself! I've been on the patient-end of things too many times for only being 29, and having a good nurse makes or breaks that experience, most DEFINITELY! To everyone here~keep doing what you do: whether or not you hear it enough, it means a lot to somebody, each and every day! :heartbeat
  8. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I infomed my husband that he would be getting me a travel mug for Nurse's Day. Does that count? I even ordered it myself, with his credit card of course! Sadly this was the only recognition I got for Nurse's Day/Week.

    My mom is a nurse and since I have become one we always wish each other Happy Nurse's Week, but have not done any gifts.
  9. by   MB37
    Nope, I don't think many non-nurses are aware of the "holiday." I got "happy nurses' week" greetings from other HCP at work, and from nursing friends online.
  10. by   tntrn
    My DH tells me, in many way, throughout the year, that's he's proud I am a nurse. For example, at an event we attend every year in September, there's always at least one person who gets too drunk and falls, hitting their head, with or without lacerations, or someone who just drinks way too much and then lets their mom know she needs to "Leave me alone." I'm the one everybody calls on for help. And even when the person on the ground is someone I don't particularly care for, I'm there. It's what I do and who I am. (and I'm one of the few is sober). Anyway, he always tells me that he's so proud to be married to me, that I'm so compassionate and caring. I don't know if he even knows there's a Nurse's Day. And I don't care.
  11. by   ElvishDNP
    Nope, nobody outside my work that's not a nurse recognizes it. That's ok. My husband is proud that I'm a nurse, but he also knows I don't care for that info to be broadcast far and wide.