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  1. texastaz

    Howdy from San Antonio!

    Hi There - Also from SA. St Philips is a great place, Welcome.
  2. texastaz

    Pt./Family Comments that Leave You Speechless

    I had a private care patient and while I escorted her to visit a GI specialist - she said: "Doctor I never felt sick until I visited you." He simple replied: "Your are the first sick patient I have ever had."
  3. texastaz

    Nursing Shortage? Not Here!

    I live in San Antonio and there are jobs here - I don't know about Austin, I have heard that Houston there are many but mostly through Agency, PRN and Pool.
  4. texastaz

    TBI Facility - Too Much False Hope

    One of my recent assignments has been at a TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury facility. It is very nice, the staff is fantastic and the patient ratio is 3-4 patients. The majority of patients were injured during car accidents - by others or being a passenger - being a victim of DWI. Others have simply had sports accidents and so forth. The facility functions completley on donations. It promotes how better care also promotes the possibility of recovery. The possibilities are so slim - although there have been some success stories of not complete recovery - but truley it has changed the lives of a few. I love working at this facility - and I love working with the patients but I feel like the facility provides false hope to so many people. I also feel that even if it is only one out of thausand that it is a success it is worth it. It breaks my heart. Does anyone-else feel like this hopeing-holding on to the possibility of hope for improvement with long term patients that have basicly been written off that there is actualy no help left. I know the chances are just about zero yet, but I do feel enviorment and great care can make a difference - still I feel torn. I tell myself the few are worth it - however I feel torn and heart broken that false hope is given. How do I dismiss these feelings - and have a better outlook? This is not my first time working in such a facility - I just feel like it is too heartbreaking-the false hope makes me angry and I hate to admit I think my attitude makes me not cut out for it.
  5. texastaz

    How to tell you've worked too many shifts in a row

    When I start smashing my food with a fork. :chuckle
  6. texastaz

    Family member issue......

    This is were the land mines start about incognent patients. All patients are different and of coarse - while each patient "Should Be" checked regular - meticulous (SP?) family members can easily go into the direction that Their loved one is not being properly attended ot. I do know that when CNAs have the same patients regular and there is good communication accidents/prime time for BM and so forth are known. I would still be very cautious about addressing this to the daughter because while you have more than one patient to attend to - One of Thoose Days even when you have do your best - there may be one patient that has A Big Episode be it the flue or whatever and you just may not be available to the other patient when they do the U/BM blow. There are so many different types of senerios and the bottom line is - all patients even with the best care and are in facilites with low patient ratios - these things happen/it happens with one on one care in Home Health also. A social worker may be needed for the daughter - otherwise keep the distance on this issue because it can blow up in your face with all well meaning attempts made on your part if you don't let the staff and higher up deal with the daughter.
  7. I love hospice. My daughter-in-law's Grandmother is dying. I got the news from her that it is a emergency because Grandma is having breathing difficulty. Details are of coarse not told. The Granmother is old, has had some minor infractions with health - however I know when family is told there are breathing problems and family is contacted I know what it means. I feel best to stay out of it and be as supportive as I can. I did tell my daughter in law although - she wants to see her grandmother and her own nmother advised against it and her own nother is too busy - I told her she is doing the right thing to visit. She just gotten the call that they need to come and no information given except Grandma is having some breathing difficulties. My daughter in law has known this was going to happen and also like now encountered problems of her two dogs - no kennels open and ask me to care for them. One dog is young and the other also young a needs to be thrown in the desert - but that is not my judgement. I will of coarse care for the dogs while I am also on call for cases and I know it should not be my burden to be nice and care for family - I need to make my moeny - so Thanks to God/my friends since I know I can't do everything. I called myy own daughter to ask for help about this and she said in a nut shell she is too busy. I admire people so much like my daughter - however this is realy making me angry in a way I don't want to feel. I will not comprimise of caorse my hospice beliefs and I will not seperate my family because I have feelings and issues. I am just a little bit pee - ode that while my daughter in law asked me last from her family to care for her dogs-and I will/can even if I did not have friends I will do it and loose work over it -my own blood daughter when I know for a fact she has nothing to do just blanky lied to me. I also do not want to correct their problems - I am just P---- ode.
  8. texastaz

    CNA pre-req class- really unsure about it

    CNAs work in just about all settings except ICU one on one care/or as many nurses know depending it can also be 4:1 care. In that type of setting a CNA my be requested to help transport a person and that is just about it. So - frankly - it isn't just the setting - or the desease - CNA is healthcare and it is a broad field.
  9. texastaz

    How to tell you've worked too many shifts in a row

    OK now you have me LOL. What was it you were trying to put in your pocket?
  10. Please forgive me for not being up on the latest thing with law and hiring practices. I do know things change all the time, the definition and the criteria and state vs federal law. Burden of proof is the most difficult is cases such as this. -------- My time, gas and hope- plus having being taken for? Well - to each their own I know I don't like getting burned. Bad questions are Red Flag and need to be dealt with wisely. Best wishes.
  11. texastaz

    A Jacked Up Situation

    Long story - and thanks for sharing. I work Agency so I have been to more Nursing Homes than I can count. I have noticed that the ones that have poor work ethics, bullies, CNAs not working together as a team when needed, negative cliques, bad attitudes also have high turn-over rates. Homes where these problems do not exist or are very minimal and they are cleaner, more organized, patients get a higher level of quality care. The patient ratios have been the about the same in all homes however the work load seems to be so much easier when working with people that don't have issues. Naturaly homes where the nurses and cna's have a good working ralationship - they seldom call agency. Go figure that is also why they seldom have job openings as well.
  12. I have have been asked some of the same type questions such as marriage, children and ages during some interviews, I felt offended. I also thought being a single mother with older children to support would actualy be a positive thing - "like I realy need the money impression and have responsibilities" - not. I discovered often it is who you know and not what you know. The interviewer already knows who they are going to hire before your interview was scheduled and they are just fallowing company policy to interview X number of people prior to selection. :angryfire:angryfire The only jobs that I have had - these questions were not asked. Good Luck with your search!
  13. texastaz

    The one with the never-ending problems

    [quote=evilolive;3625004 He's known in the community as a chronic pill seeker. I don't know half the time if he is lying to me or not, I usually just give him his PRN meds when due and go along with my night. Sometimes he complains about "twitching," or intense jerking of the body, for which he has Valium PRN. He's on a 2000ml/day fluid restriction currently, as well. Personally I think he's a closet perv who probably just wanted a hand on his junk, but that's just my opinion. I could be WAY off. I just don't want the **** to hit the fan today. Sigh. This fits the profile of a PT I use to care for. He was a young LTC psych patient, had been a addict, total care PT also had been a convicted violent sex offender. However - his goal was to get the fix. The facility had several other pervs and they would go straight for the perv fix without seeking additional medication. Just my experience & - but nothing amazes me anymore. Trust your intution and "Yes" and a scanner would be great. Good Luck!
  14. My Agency has a policy to arrive 15 min prior to shift and I know this has been the policy of most companies they are contracted with for the reason of briefing and so forth. This past week I went to a Home Hospice assignment and during my shift I was reading the Home Hospice company policies that the patient was under, it said shift is to begin 5 minutes prior for briefing. I had done several cases for this same company about 18 months ago and the policy use to be 15 minutes. I feel this policy is another penny pitching method. I do know if the patient were a repeat perhaps 5 minutes would be enought time, and I also don't want to use the "I am Agency" excuse should there be a conflict. I will rebuttal that my company policy is 15 minutes should a issue arrise. It just irritates me and I could beat a dead hoarse with my thoughts on this. My question is - has anyone-else seen this? What are your thoughts?
  15. texastaz

    Family member issue......

    It is a skill you learn - not to take things personal. The problem is not about you. The daughter could make a Accident - clothing change bag as well, but of coarse in reflection having know such famility members there is the strong possibility that such a suggestion would explode in a mine field. Sometimes it is best just to let family members figure out their own problems rather than make a suggestion to them that could fuel thier fire. Part of the occupational hazard. Just keep things simple.