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My Daughter In Law's Grandma is Dying-Ethic confussion


I love hospice. My daughter-in-law's Grandmother is dying. I got the news from her that it is a emergency because Grandma is having breathing difficulty. Details are of coarse not told.

The Granmother is old, has had some minor infractions with health - however I know when family is told there are breathing problems and family is contacted I know what it means.

I feel best to stay out of it and be as supportive as I can. I did tell my daughter in law although - she wants to see her grandmother and her own nmother advised against it and her own nother is too busy - I told her she is doing the right thing to visit. She just gotten the call that they need to come and no information given except Grandma is having some breathing difficulties.

My daughter in law has known this was going to happen and also like now encountered problems of her two dogs - no kennels open and ask me to care for them.

One dog is young and the other also young a needs to be thrown in the desert - but that is not my judgement. I will of coarse care for the dogs while I am also on call for cases and I know it should not be my burden to be nice and care for family - I need to make my moeny - so Thanks to God/my friends since I know I can't do everything.

I called myy own daughter to ask for help about this and she said in a nut shell she is too busy.

I admire people so much like my daughter - however this is realy making me angry in a way I don't want to feel. I will not comprimise of caorse my hospice beliefs and I will not seperate my family because I have feelings and issues.

I am just a little bit pee - ode that while my daughter in law asked me last from her family to care for her dogs-and I will/can even if I did not have friends I will do it and loose work over it -my own blood daughter when I know for a fact she has nothing to do just blanky lied to me.

I also do not want to correct their problems - I am just P---- ode.

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How did this end up panning out?

If I were the daughter, my mom would have flatly called me out on not being very busy, and would have shown up shortly thereafter with at least one of the dogs, lol.

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