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Thanks Christina Aguilara! This past week end I attended a holiday party and the discussion moved on from "what kind of car do you drive?" to "what do you do for a living?" . When I replied that I... Read More

  1. by   Still Riding
    People think that I look to young to have even graduated high school never mind a nursing student.
    I figure if people are sick enough they won't notice I look 12.
  2. by   laurakoko
    I don't really know what a nurse SHOULD look like, but I can tell a rather funny story. I applied at an out-patient facility recently, that 80% of the surgeries were plastic surgery. Did liposuctions, breasts, bellies, faces, noses, etc.. mostly for cosmetics, and not like reconstruction from cancer or whatever. Most of the patients were self pay also. The interviewer, told me these facts, and went on to include that they took pride in their "customer satisfaction". She then stated, in different words, that not only would I use my nursing skills to recover patients, (which NO part of my experience as a nurse, mattered much), it was part of my job to fetch coffee, give foot and back massages, cater to all the family members, and just be the paying customer's "slave". Pretty much, so they would tell their friends, or come back. THEN she continued to tell me I fit the profile, as they only hired nurses who "looked" a certain way, and didn't take lightly to the nurses NOT wearing makeup or having "unruly" hair. I could not believe what I was hearing! OK, I understand some of it, but isn't this outright DISCRIMINATION?!?!?!?!?! AND how does she know that I wasn't just kinda dressed up for my interview, cause only the lord knows I have gone to work looking like a frump most of the time...............I was in awe......
  3. by   Medic2RN
    I always thought that nurses never really had a "stereotype" kind of look. Those people are watching too much MTV.

    If people can accept women firefighters and women in the military I don't get why they can't accept men in nursing.
    BabyRN_06, I had to respond to your comment just because I have been in both fields. Women in the military are accepted much more readily than women firefighters - believe me. I guess any occupation that was traditionally held by one gender or the other will have to go through some "growing pains" when it comes to the public's acceptance. Personally, I don't give a flying hoot what people think!!

  4. by   manna
    Well, I have no idea why, but...

    in the "older students" club I'm VP of, whenever we go around or introduce ourselves to a new member and tell our major, people always tell me, "oh, you look like a nurse."

    Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
  5. by   Jay Levan
    Quote from Haunted
    Thanks Christina Aguilara! This past week end I attended a holiday party and the discussion moved on from "what kind of car do you drive?" to "what do you do for a living?" . When I replied that I was a Registered Nurse I was met with gasps, a few snickers and some lewd comments, along with "funny, you don't look like a nurse!". Now folks, I am not some blond bombshell busting out of my scrub top, teeting on 6 inch Manolos while applying lip gloss. I present a clean appearance and a conservative outward appearance.

    This leads me to ask....what the heck does a nurse look like anyway? Anyone else get a goofy reaction like mine?
    If you were to see me, I am going to be sixty in 3 weeks, have been at this profession for over 31 years and have had every coceivable epithet and inuendo hurled in my direction. I am married to a wonderful, loving ,and caring wife, and when I come home from work everything negative that has happened that day, just simply mealts away. Also when you consider the behavior of those people who may be putting you down, just remember from your psych training that people often,use transference to relieve there own miserable existances, to make themselves feel smarter, more good looking, better qualified to judge others etc. etc. Let nothing desuade you in your honorable attempt to help those in need. Jay Levan
  6. by   hypnotic_nurse
    I think nurses just look unflappable, what ever their physical characteristics are -- it's a way we carry ourselves, no wasted motion, fast pace, READY for whatever happens. We tend to be the ones who are prepared for life's little weirdnesses. We may gripe but we're fairly hard to shock or surprise when we're in "nurse mode".

    My best friend is a nurse who also did a little modelling on the side -- the only three ads she was ever chosen for were all ones in which she portrayed nurses (and NOT the Christina Aguilera kind!).
  7. by   CCU NRS
    that certain dazed look in the eye like i should be doing 8 other things right now
    The inability to sit for meals
    The good shoes
    the lack of perfume or colonge
    that fresh clean look like you just stepped out of the shower
    several pens in your pocket
    a good wacth

  8. by   prmenrs
    And at least 3 of the several pens in our possession have a drug company ad on them--that's a really big clue!!!
  9. by   angel337
    i know i look professional when i go to work. i am always neat, pressed and clean, but some way some how a patient is surprised that i am a nurse. "oh, YOU are the RN, i thought you were the doctor" now,i know most people will take that as a compliment, but i really get tired of patients telling me " you are so smart, why don't you be a doctor instead". it's almost like saying nurses can't be smart. these comments give me the opportunity to educate patients about nurses level of knowledge and training, but for some reason i feel they still will never understand. oh, well...what can you do.
  10. by   LPN1974
    Quote from Headhurt
    How you can tell a nurse...

    1. Cracked, dry hands from the constant handwashing with soap that's one step short of being used for battery acid.
    2. Frown lines from having to deal with the new residents, belligerent patients, and offhand comments from Dr. Phil.
    3. They are the ones who are talking about necrotizing something-or-other at the dinner table. All the others at the table are green, unless they are nurses as well.
    4. Dark circles under their eyes (usually on the night-shift nurses).
    5. They lament that they have never had a hot meal while on the clock.
    6. Strong arms and shoulders from all that lifting!
    7. They have a dozen alcohol wipes in their pocket at any given time.
    8. Calves that would make a runner proud.

    I'm sure there are others...anyone know what they are?
    I have three characteristics:

    9: Hair tied up with a ponytail holder to keep it out of her face as she works.
    10: Has on scrubs splattered with MOM, Gaviscon or some such other liquid
    11: She/he also carries ink pens, flashlights, notepads and 2 or 3 pair of gloves in her/his pockets all the time.
  11. by   ERNurse752
    When shaking someone's hand, you automatically start feeling up their veins...
  12. by   obillyboy
    Although I have heard the comment a time or two myself, I laugh at it on the inside now and think..............It is what is in your heart that makes you a Nurse.

    Much Peace

  13. by   RN4NICU
    I am glad you guys always have pens in your pockets - my pens all seem to grow cute little legs while I am at work and use them to jump into the pockets of RTs, STs, PTs, MDs, or anyone else passing by. More recently however, with the shift to computer charting, I find I do not need them so much, so I leave them in my purse where they can't escape. HA!