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I have to admit that I am finding these message boards becoming addictive. The funny thing about it is my significant other and I have had many conversations about the fact that he would stay up... Read More

  1. by   angelbear
    I think my internet service should be tax deductible. After all this is a BB related to my profession and I do spend alot of time here and I do use quite a bit of the info gleened from here at work. Gee I will have to talk to my tax guy I may be onto something here.
  2. by   Tweety
    I check in every two usually twice a day. More on days off when there's nothing to do, or I'm avoiding housework. During times when I have a topic I'm following with interest, or I want to check responses to a post I've made, or there's a juicy flame war going on I check often.

    But NO I'M NOT ADDICTED. 2000+ posts in six months does not an addict make.
  3. by   altomga
    I've been home all of 15min and already on here. Always check it before I leave to go to work at night...
    And yes, I try to grab a peek while I am at work also!!!
    Addicted?????? NOT ME

    Everytime my husband walks by while I'm on the puter he says...."are u a little addicted there??" I keep saying NOOOOOOOO

    Ok OK ...maybe a little...I love coming here...I also tell all my nurse friends about it...

    And yes..maybe we do all need AA as suggested

    See you around
  4. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Yes.. Back again and again.....addicted I are!!!
  5. by   miss_sheesh
    Oh yeah!! Totally addicted!! Boyfriend (jokingly) accused me of constantly logging on to a "dirty" website and using this board as a "cover up" anytime he passes by. Told him this board stimulates me way more than any "dirty" website. After telling me he wanted to check his email, I kissed him on the forehead and then.........sent him to bed. I wasn't ready to get off the computer!! What addict do you know wants to share the source of his/her "high"?l
  6. by   Noney
    I don't watch tv, read the newspaper,clean the house......

    But I spend a lot of time at
  7. by   geekgolightly
    Originally posted by Noney
    I don't watch tv, read the newspaper,clean the house......

    But I spend a lot of time at
    you sound like me!