Disturb you to see a tongue pierced?

  1. Do you think it's okay to wear a tongue-ring to work as a nurse, or other direct patient services aspect?
  2. Poll: Is it okay to wear a tongue-ring at work?

    • No, under no circumstance at work

      51.64% 252
    • Yes, but only if you have no direct patient contact

      10.04% 49
    • Yes, it's okay

      38.32% 187
    488 Votes
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  4. by   Gator,SN
    Yes, I think that it is OK. I work with a girl who has hers peirced and I didn't notice it for at least 6 months. As long it is the kind of peircing that I am thinking of and not some huge barbell hanging out of the mouth, then why not.

  5. by   tattooednursie
    IMHO, it is their body, and if the patients don't like it, they will just have to accept that. Nurses are human too, and may have a "wild side."

    I myself am considering a nose ring.

    I wouldn't recommend that all nurses should get their toungs peirced because elderly people probably think, what a punk. lol.

    To me, appearance does not say a thing about how well a peron nurses. I know some really good nurses with tounges peirced.

    So, alltogether my answer is, Its not very professional, but if nurses have the need to express their wild side, go for it!
  6. by   gwenith
    Sorry I know it is just me but I keep focusing on the ring and not the persons face when they are talking to me distracting to say the least - sorry can't help it.
  7. by   adrienurse
    Umprofessional and dangerous IMHO. Do you know how easy it is to permanently damage nerves in the tongue by piercing? You could lose the ability to talk, swallow, prevent yourself from drooling. Well you asked for my opinion.
  8. by   2ndCareerRN
    As long as they don't spend all day putting it between their teeth and running on their lips, pretty nasty IMO when they do that.

    I have also seen some really cool infections, swollen tongues, and the inability to speak after a tongue piercing. And let's not forget the delay in intubating so you can remove the jewerly. But if they have their tongues pierced, what is a few more brain cells giving up the ghost due to hypoxia? Other than the fact they may already be a tad short on them!!

    A recent article in the British Dental Journal reported a case of Ludwig's angina, a rapidly spreading cellulitis involving the submandibular, sublingual and submental fascial spaces bilaterally, that manifested four days after the 25-year-old patient had her tongue pierced. Intubation was necessary to secure the airway. When antibiotic therapy failed to resolve the condition, surgical intervention was required to remove the barbell-shaped jewelry and decompress the swelling in the floor of the mouth

    Do a quick google on perioral piercings and intubation, you ma want to rethink the whole process.

    As a personal note, nose rings, eewwwwww. I wouldn't look twice at a woman with a nose piercing or ring. But, that is my personal feelings.

  9. by   gwenith
    I now cannot think about tongue piercig without thinking of the Mocheal Parkinson/Robin Williams interview.

    Robin - Met a girl who had her tongue pierced and I asked her why she did that she said "ITsshhh Increashheshhesh Shexshual shstimulashion," - Hilarious!
  10. by   fergus51
    I think it's unprofessional looking, but it isn't forbidden in my hospital.
  11. by   Caveman
    My rational side says,"If that is how someone wants to express themselves, who am I to criticize?" (Although I often wonder what exactly they are trying to express.)

    As far as wearing piercings to work in a patient care setting where one deals with a wide cross-section of people - it strikes me a looking unprofessional. As has been mentioned earlier, older or conservative/traditional folks might question your competence. (Or your sanity.)

    On a purely gut level, if I saw a nurse (or anyone) with a face full of sharp objects coming at me, my reaction might be, "If they like doing that to themselves, what might they do to ME????"
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  12. by   Shamrock
    I think it is gross and have also seen some pretty awesome GIGANTIC
    tongues from infection!! I'm with
    jnette, all I can focus on is the decoration. Sort of like Andy Rooney's eyebrows.
  13. by   jnette
    Originally posted by Shamrock
    I'm with jnette, all I can focus on is the decoration. Sort of like Andy Rooney's eyebrows.
    uhhhh.. I think you meant Gwenith?

    At any rate, I agree with the Andy Rooney remark !!! And I LOVE Caveman's little doozey !

    "On a purely gut level, if I saw a nurse (or anyone) with a face full of sharp objects coming at me, my reaction might be, "If they like doing that to themselves, WTF might they do to ME????"
  14. by   altomga
    Doesn't bother me...depending on what type of tongue ring they have in, sometimes I don't even notice them myself.

    tattoo's and piercings are a form of self expression (yes I have tattoo's..4 to be exact

    Why should nurses be discrimanated against b/c they are A NURSE?
    I don't disagree though that offensive, racial, or vulgar tattoo's and/or piercings should not show at work.....
    That is being disrespectful to the patient....
    We go into this business knowing that we will be treating all types of people and must respect the differences..be in color, race, or creed!

    I'm not completely stupid...YET:imbar
  15. by   Shamrock
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by jnette
    [B]uhhhh.. I think you meant Gwenith?

    Whoooops, yes I did mean Gwenith, sorry. And Altomga, I think
    it's gross on anyone, not just nurses.