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Hi all, I'm new to this site :-) I was wondering if anyone can help me because google hasn't been much help:scrying: next week i have to present to my clinical group what diseases are common to us... Read More

  1. by   NICU_nurse2b
    I was told by my instructors that TB is pretty common.
  2. by   Lacie
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome according to research is being linked to a great number of Nurses also. The mystery disease so to speak seems to affect nurses more than most other professions.
  3. by   welnet66
    The most common diseases I've seen nurses suffer from over the years are back injury and depression. Cardiovascular disease is hereditary and/or lifestyle, and not necessarily caused by stress. Otherwise, we'd have all had strokes or MI's within the first year!
  4. by   Lacie
    Quote from NICU_nurse2b
    I was told by my instructors that TB is pretty common.
    Should have mentioned in my last post I have to agree with this. I'm not orginally from Kentucky but after working approximately 2 years there I ended up having positive PPD's and had to undergo prophylactic treatment for same. My oldest son also turned positive. TB is very common in some areas of the country. I'm in Florida now and it's doesnt seem to be a big deal here as neither me nor my sons in school have been asked for routine TB testing as we had to in KY. There we were required in the schools and jobs to be tested yearly.
  5. by   Nursesdh
    Also in the latex family are mangos and some say papaya. No fun, I am now living in East Africa where all of the above are common and they all bother me! Although, I am finding that the longer I am away from routine latex contact, the less severe my reaction is when I sneak a bite of my son's fruit!
    PS This is the nurse with a latex allergy, not the dh!
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  6. by   MaryAnn_RN
    Osteoarthritis is quite common where I work
  7. by   Keepstanding
    Plantar Faccitis. From being on your feel too long.
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