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I work on a very busy med/surg floor. Docs start making rounds at about 0730, and as the morning goes we are getting discharges and admits fairly close together. Of course, as any med/surg nurse... Read More

  1. by   amk1964
    this is the one forum i can really identify with. i guess things are pretty much the same all over. but have any of you experienced this: pt is officially discharged, but has no way home, or are awaiting ems transport to a nh, or maybe the daughter is at work and won't be able to p/u mom until 5 or 6 pm...then the hospital supervisor or what we called "bed control" poeple were calling and coming up to your floor every half hour demanding to know why the pt wasn't out of there. very stress producing situation. i was even told a couple of times to place the pt in the lobby so an er or icu pt could be transferred in.
    anyhow...i now work in a small er
  2. by   bklynborn
    Our hospital is considering starting a new position in which a nurse would be hired to do only admits and discharges on our busier floors...............will let you know how and if that happens