Difficult DON

  1. Does anyone else have a "difficult" DON? Mine is deeply involved in the rumor mill, backstabs constantly, and NONE of her meetings or decisions have anything to do with what is best for the patients. (This is a LTC facility.) I get along by doing whatever she says and keeping my mouth shut. Sounds lazy, but she has managed to get rid of the fine nurses that attempted to go over her head to Admin. State has been in the facility twice very recently to investigate claims of abuse by one particular CNA. The DON claims to have done her own "investigation" and determined that other staff (including mentioned DON) likes this particular CNA. Thus, she is still here and the DON actually told facility nurses her bizarre rationale for keeping her. We are down to few facility nurses and full to the gills with agency. Here's my question: Do I wait for her to self destruct? (If there is a God in this universe, she has to.) Or do I salvage what's left of my dignity and move on?
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  3. by   live4today
    Me personally??? I would NOt work for someone like that, and would be gone in a heart beat UNLESS you can get someone over her to take notice of her behavior, and fire her instead.
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    DON's in the LTC are like waves of the ocean. Wait it out.
    My advice is to keep to your job and go by the book. Follow policy and don't give them a reason to get on your case.
    She will be gone soon.
  5. by   RoadRunner
    Sorry for being an outsider but........
    what's a DON??????
    (My Anglisch is vairy gooud, tank u)

  6. by   ceecel.dee
    I could not work for her.

    So many jobs out there now, why stay where you are unhappy?
  7. by   night owl
    Director of Nursing...
  8. by   nursegoodguy
    I have to agree with Russell! I had a don just like what you are talking about and it did happen, she is gone! Thank God! I also thought about looking elsewhere but the bottom line in this business is you'll run into more like her wherever you go. I just couldn't stand to leave my patients, they are like my family and the time Not to leave is when things are going bad and you have a bunch of temp help who don't really know the patients and are not going to be there more than a shift or two... I'd say if you have been there any length of time, I'd follow Russell's advice!
  9. by   bandaidexpert
    What comes around....goes around, this one will hang herself. The shy one is correct, wait it out.
  10. by   h2ogoddess
    Not only the DON, but we also have a ADON, who is worse!!
  11. by   KlareRN
    I agree with everyone else here. Wait it out. The tenure for a DON in LTC is about 18 months- many times much shorter. The problem is that if you leave- odds are pretty good that you will end up working with her again anyway. I have learned that the LTC circle is a small world. Everyone seems to just rotate around to different facilities. Here today....down the street and around the corner tomorrow. Fortunately most DONs do not return to a facility they were already DON ...so stay where you are and let her rotate herself out...hopefully she will not be back!! I know of some horror stories where nurses have left facilities to work at another one because the DON is unbearable....then the DON of the new facility leaves...and guess who the "new" replacement DON is?? Yup!! 'Ole girl you left the prev. facility because of!!! Never a dull moment!!!
    Good Luck!
  12. by   patadney
    If you personally know of any abuse,you are required by law to report it.Just keep your own records and watch your CNA's. I agree that it is best to stay.I worked in LTC for a few years and found that the people who did not like me were soon gone,so I don't worry about it.Presently I am working in situations where everyone gets along well. It will happen for you. And don't burn bridges when you do leave-you don't need more enemies.