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Im asking myself if I really want to spend my whole career life encountering blood, needles and vomit on a daily basis.I have the desire to help people , but I just cant help feeling icky when I see... Read More

  1. by   RNmom08
    Dentures don't make me queasy, but they do scare me. I'm afraid I'm gonna get bit. I don't know how dentists do it...
  2. by   Cartman1532
    No, blood does not bother me, nor does vomit, internal organs or feces unless the patient is on Golytely--lol. You will get used to it dont worry.
  3. by   BeccaznRN
    I used to be deathly afraid of getting my blood drawn - so much that I had more than one family member/friend laugh his or her you-know-what off at me when I announced that I was going to nursing school.

    You get over it VERY quickly, I'm happy to say. 'Tis better to give than to receive!
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  4. by   p_hawk
    Quote from struglinstudnt
    ... even at a young age was helping with the laboring and pulling of pigs.... ...I also worked them over which consisted of giving shots and clipping teeth... only now, it's on people instead of animals! ;-)

  5. by   KJB_65
    sputum is my thing. I'd rather chop off my right hand than deal with a trach and God help me if Pseudomonas is involved. I literally suctioned a pt, went to the bathroom and vomited then went back in to finish. Uuugghhh.
  6. by   RNmom08
    Quote from pmamajama

  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Guess whose 6 year old son woke up at midnight and vomited a huge amount of chunky emesis? And continued all night long. And just did the same thing at noon when we tried to see if he could tolerate chicken soup?

  8. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from stevielynn
    Guess whose 6 year old son woke up at midnight and vomited a huge amount of chunky emesis? And continued all night long. And just did the same thing at noon when we tried to see if he could tolerate chicken soup?

    Awwww poor little guy, I hope he feels better soon!
  9. by   CaLLaCoDe
    i can remember as a child (third grade) on a field trip to the school of medicine (usc) and seeing all these various procedures on tv screens, having an md pull out a healthy and unhealthy lung out of a jar filled with formaldehyde and his explaining the bleak ramfications of smoking; i can remember having to excuse myself and wait outside, the nausea was unbearable.

    i can remember being at the oakland children's hospital after my 3 year old daughter had had a febrile siezure; how steril the place looked with babies crying and nurses commanding us to leave the room while they drew blood and having my wife in a state of dread not allowed to be there for her daughter who screamed over and over for her mommy. now this was in progressive oakland ca mind you!

    so i became a nurse and i no longer have feelings of nausea. excuse me, i'll take that back. sputum, lots of it oozing out of a mouth or trache causes me nausea! and so does having to get a stool sample; it's just gross dealing with it. i've found ways to deal! like concentrating on doing the dirty task quick and efficiently less time will be spent recovering. taking big breaths of fresh air and holding my breath while in a stinky room to gather quick facts, like the level of the foley (urine output) bag. and breathing through my mouth not my nose has definitely cured me of gagging in the presence of my patients.

    good luck to you; hope you make the right choice! if i had it all to do over again, i would still have chose nursing. it's just to cool a field of endeavor to trash for a little nausea now and then again!

    ps, i only once had a patient's family member leave the room. ok more than once for dressing changes lol and new admit assessments. for the most part families are your best support as the nurse. they'll back you up if you are teaching something to the patient that the patient is reluctant to hear.
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  10. by   frodo
    I can take pretty much anything, but when manipulating a quadriplegics leg to take photos of a massive bedsores, his leg made a noise, and i was scared that it was going to come off in my hand that and the smell from the necrotic pusy bedsores, did it for me, had to leave the room get a duck mask on and go back and finish, needless to say, ididn't eat anything that night.
  11. by   leslie :-D
    i'm like you, frodo.
    nothing bothers me visually.
    but to this day, i've never adjusted to certain smells and sounds.

  12. by   ElvishDNP
    Most things don't bother me.
    Blood is not a biggie, no matter how much nor how big a clot. (I work postpartum.)
    Vomit isn't a biggie.
    I can do T-tubes, poop, and a host of other things.
    But give me just one loogie, and I have a hard time. Ditto for ear wax.
  13. by   p_hawk
    fluids don't really bother me. i've always attested it to the fact that after four kids i've had nearly every fluid imaginable somewhere on me already! (sometimes more than one at once.. you moms out there know, right?! )

    what bothers me is.. eyeballs. seriously. any of you guys ever watch "surgery" shows? on the discovery network channels or whatever... i love stuff like that. but if they get near an eyeball..

    just thinking about a needle near an eyeball right now is getting me all jibbly! lol!!

    and feet... but it's just a strong dislike. not a total freak out like with eyeballs. *shrug*