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  1. Hi there. Been a while since I posted here since I'm so busy with work kids etc. I am in a dilema right now and need some advice. Background: I am pregnant with our 6th child and this is the 1st one I'm working as a nurse. Our youngest is 5 yrs old. Working now for a couple of yrs and have always always been more than accommodating to work with staffing and will swing shifts irregularly working a day shift here then a night then 2 days and then a night etc without recovery time between and not complaining about it. I work whenever needed and I am the only one who will bend over backwards to help out. My husband and I both need to work and we make things work at home. Sleep has always been a challenge for me with this "flip-flopping" but I deal with it. Now: I am 33 weeks pregnant and my dr (and I) both agree that keeping my shifts more regular (ie either days or nights) will make things easier on me and my body to get needed sleep. Getting bigger and working these unregular shifts if making it very difficult to get rest. 3 wks ago he wrote a Dr. note stating that I need to be on "regular shifts". The note wasn't specific to days or nights, but was obvious that was either/or. HR and my nursing manager are both stating that it is not specific enough and my dr says that he cannot tell them what shift to keep me on. (my dr has talked to my nursing manager personally) My nursing manager won't budge and I feel that I am in the middle of this mess because my dr doesn't want to tick off my nursing manager because he has to work with her too. I also feel that no one is looking at the stress it is causing me. HR is not helping and I feel just stuck. Luckily, I have had no pregnancy problems aside from the fact that I have braxton hicks for 3-4 days straight when I get over tired. My dr nor I understand why this is such a problem as in the past with other employees who are pregnant they are pretty accomodating to keeping regular shifts for those employees. What do or can I do??
  2. RNmom08

    getting weights - scales

    Hi there. I have a question for those on peds units. Tell me about your standing scales that you use for weighing kids. When we admit kids, we have our standing scale that we move on wheels down the hall to the room they are admitted to and weigh them there when they get into their gown. I have always questioned the calibration of the scale and accuracy since it's moved around so much. Last noc, I weighed myself 4 different times and got 4 different weights. not just 1/2-1 lbs difference. I'm talking 6-8 lb difference. So tell me, when you admit you patient to the unit, is your scale right inside the door, do you bring it with you like we do, or something different. Pts that come from ER sometimes get weighed & sometimes not. Sometimes they just estimate, fully clothed, etc. So those weights aren't very reliable. Just trying to find the best way to do it here and I want ideas before I bring up the idea of change to my unit. Thanks!
  3. RNmom08

    Do you experience jealousy from friends/family members?

    Yes, definitely. In fact, I'm quite hurt by it - but I have to ignore it. I used to cry all the time because of this particular family members antics. We used to talk ALL the time. Do things together, talk about things, etc. This person turned vile toward me about a semester before I graduated. Then 6 months after I got a job, we bought a house and it got even worse. To the point that she went to my mom's house, tried to prove to mom on paper that we couldn't afford to buy a house (even though she has no clue what our monthly bills are), and then proceeded to tell my mom that I shouldn't bother to have any holiday's for the family at my new house because no one would show up. She is a very jealous person who says some very mean things about people behind their backs and then is very nicey nice to their face. In the end, I'm glad this happened because now I know what she is really like - her true colors have shown. I do miss what I thought we once had and am still hurt by how things have ended up. It's been a yr and 1/2 now. Point is, there is just some people who cannot be happy for other. I really think she might have some mental problems - but I'm only a nurse, I don't know anything. (according to her) **sigh**
  4. RNmom08

    Name your poison

    cookie crisp and hot tamales - seperately, of coarse.
  5. RNmom08

    bicarb to declot lines

    BinkieRN: Have you found that it works better or about the same as t-PA?
  6. RNmom08

    bicarb to declot lines

    I have heard that using bicarb is a way that one of our docs prefer to declot central lines. Can anyone tell me or direct me to some articles about this and the safety of using this? Our hospital has no policy on using bicarb for this.
  7. RNmom08

    Preemies and Knitted/Crocheted Hats

    at our hospital ALL babies get one of these caps. I even have one for each one of my kids. We have church ladies or shut-ins who just love to make these hats for us. And we greatly appreciate it!
  8. RNmom08

    Just sick over mistake

    Maybe I'm just being paranoid and hashing it over in my head to much. Ruminating is bad for me right now... I don't want to think the worst but it's so hard not to as a new nurse. I'm in a unit with all but a couple seasoned nurses. 2 of the nurses have one year experience. But ALL of them grill me during report on everything - why didn't you do this, I would have done this, Next time you should do this, don't do this, did you do that, and on and on... One time it was so bad that one of them (a nurse for 20 yrs) started making me think that a humerus was in the leg when she asked me (about a broken humerus) have you initiated PT to do crutch therapy with the pt yet? I just sat there dumbfounded, second-guessing myself about what I had done all night with the patient and said "No. I didn't. I didn't think I should." She rolled her eyes at me and said why not? I replied very sheepishly - "Because I didn't think it would help her arm." I am 8 months into nursing and this is the first time I have started crying about my shift and really truly questioned my ability. I'm scared to even go back now.
  9. RNmom08

    Just sick over mistake

    Hi there. I'm a new nurse as of December. I had 3 months of orientation on my unit and have been on my own for a while. Lately I have been having some major anxiety over possibly making mistakes and yesterday - it happened. All day long we were trying to unclog a central line (we as in me and another nurse who is orienting to our unit - she has been a nurse for 5 yrs) Our unit is very small - sometimes there's no patients and we're closed and we're floated and during the summer "normal" patient census on the floor is approx 3 pts. Yesterday there were 2 patients. One of the patient's that came in was a new protocol pt that we had never had before. The protocol comes from a university hosp. This is a cancer patient. Started running a fever and came in. So, central line would flush but was unable to get blood return. Heperin per protocol was ordered - still did not work. t-PA was ordered. That was an issue as I wasn't familiar with it and the orientee had in the past been certified to do it but never actually done it and now it wasn't up to date for her. The nursing supervisor had never done it. Per policy someone certified was supposed to do it. We finally found someone who was certified but wasn't happy about coming in. She came in and then told us that that policy is outdated and she would insert the t-pa and then after 1/2 hr we were to see if it worked... She left and the orientee who had once been certified drew and was able to get slightly blood tinged saline. I notified doc and t-PA was ordered again this time to let it stay for 120mins. Orientee who was once certified in this administered the t-PA and then she said that she was done with her paperwork that she was doing so I could finish up and she left. I paged the nursing supervisor and he stated that he had never done it and didn't know how to do it. We got out the procedure book and learned how to finish and did it. It worked this time. I was then able to page the doc and let him know it was working. I asked him at this time about transfusing platelets to the patient (hgb was 7.9 and he ordered it in the a.m. - by the time we got blood return it was late afternoon) He said - & I quote - "No, no, no, we need to get a blood culture drawn on this patient. You are not to transfuse platelets." I repeated his order to me per telephone 2X and he said yes, that's right. I said even with 7.9hgb. He said, "Yes. We need to get the blood culture to find out what's going on with this pt." I said ok. I get a call this am (I'm not working today) about why the platelets weren't given and that I made a mistake by misunderstanding the doc. On top of that, I have been worried the whole time about me not being certified to use t-PA to declot a central line and feeling like I had to do it anyways. I want to get better at all of this and I want to learn the correct way to do everything. I hate the mistake I made with the order of platelets and I'm wondering if I should even be trusted to be a nurse at all. I'm just sick about this all. Do I talk to my nursing manager about more education but then will they feel they made a mistake in hiring me? Maybe they did... Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. Sorry this is so long...
  10. RNmom08

    Can an instructor do this???

    For whatever reason, after going through nursing school and knowing this. Instructors can do - Anything. They. Want. Really, it doesn't matter what it is, they will stick together and yes, even fabricate stories to make it look like they are in the right. While it didn't happen to me (thank god I laid below their radar) I watched it happen several times. Maybe they think they're doing us a favor by 'seasoning' us for working with difficult co-workers but I think some people truly like acting this way.
  11. RNmom08

    Best Lotion for cracked hands?

    Aquaphilic ointment. Buy at the pharmacy. One tube will last years. Hands down THE best... My Dr. told me about it years ago.
  12. RNmom08

    getting rid of an air bubble in an IV line

    When I do this, I am usually at least 2-3 feet above the trash can. I would NEVER EVER put the end of the tubing near the trash can. I cannot see how this would be a problem the way you make it sound. My aim is usually pretty good I guess...
  13. RNmom08

    What surprised you most in nursing school?

    I must agree with you there. With our instructors, the only one that seemed to care for us was ONE instructor who taught us for about a month in the last semester. By that time and all the struggles we had been through with instructors not caring about not only what we say and what we would like further instruction on but also about us as people we were fed up. Hellllloooooo. Just because we were students doesn't mean we aren't people too. I say to my mom all the time (jokingly of course) "You'd better watch how you treat me now because I might take care of you when you're old and I might not be nice to you if you're not nice to me!" ~~ I say to my old instructors now -- "Remember when you were mean to me and didn't care?? Well, I do!!" (not joking of course... hehehe) **kidding**
  14. RNmom08

    American Nurses Association

    Homework or something???
  15. RNmom08


    We use arm boards and occasionally have issues with the beeping. I'm afraid that goes with the territory for Peds. We have a way of taping that really really minimizes it though. THat's something that is very hard to put into words though. IT's much easier to show a person how to tape the IV whether it's to the hand, foot, scalp, etc. Let's just say... DO NOT BE AFRAID of tape! We had a child transfer to our smaller hospital from a well known one for the parents travel issues and we could not believe the inability of those people at the other facility to use tape. Mom said that they had to restart the IV 2X besides the initial start. NO WONDER! WHen we got the little one there was ONE piece of tape on it! I might add that we are also the lowest hopital wide for IV infections- probably due to the fact that organisms cannot find a way in! Also, our peds policy is different that the hospital wide policy that IV sites are changed every 72 hrs. We do not do that. We change the tubing Q72h but not the whole IV. Bags can only hang for 24h - seems like a lot of waste when some of our kids have only 30ml/hr running but that's the way it is. Other tips: Knowing what medication is ok to mix with juice is good to know. I do not put it in a bottle because I'm anal and don't want to risk them not taking the med. I will mix the med with a ratio of 1:3 med/juice mix and use a dropper so I can positively say they took their med. EX: 5ml of med in 15 mL of juice. Be careful of their NPO status though. Some docs will say Truly NPO while other say meds PO are ok but NPO on everything else If it's NPO status with only meds, I do not mix juice with it. Also for those on O2 NC, don't have the tubing running in the front of them. Put one piece of tape on each cheek, then with the tubing,go under the nose, over their ears, tape the tubing on top of the original tape (this prevents skin breakdown if you need a new peice of tape on the tubing, and then if you want tape an area in the back if you are worried about them strangling though that has not happened that I am aware of.
  16. RNmom08

    What do you want to tell Nursing Students?

    i need to clarify that the nurse is my coworker and is so not witchy to me... just students and the instructor - i don't understand why. i'm not nor do i condone such behavior, in fact - i make it a point to be "gentler" to students and the instructor even with this witchy nurse around. hopefully as i grow older i continue with this practice. unfortunately for students, dealing with these nurses has become part of the territory and i had to go through it, past students had to go through it and surely up and coming students will continue to go through it. sorry... what you go through will make you a stronger person.

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