Did I do the wrong thing?

  1. Ok. I am a CNA, I've been working at a little hospital for 6 months now. I have one co-worker that really takes advantage of everyone. I guess she's been working there for about a year and a half. This is what she does. (no offense to smokers!!) We start working a 2p. About 10 after 2 she takes a 30 min smoke break, comes back for about 45 mins, then takes a 15-20 min smoke break, always makes sure the gets the equipment to get her work done first, we serve dinner at 5p. She almost always takes her 30 min break first, at 6p, takes 45 instead of 30, the comes back leaving me about 10 mins to get down to the cafatera that closes at 7p. I have to hurry up and get my food, that is usually cold, and then I get back to the floor after 7p and have to catch up on my turns and bed checks, because she hasn't done anything with my pts. Then she takes a smoke break before 8p, another 15-20 mins, gets her vitals, goes out for another smoke break, and at the end of the shift, I always have to fill the linen carts, and blanket warmers, because she won't do it. When I ask her if she checked, them she say's I didn't use them. She stands at the nurse's station, hears a light go off, looks down the hall to see if it is her pt, and if it isn't she doesn't answer it. I rarely get a break, because I have to take care of my group and pick up the slack for her. I finally got so ate up inside that I said something to her. She went to the house sup, then I went to the sup, and she acted like it was all my fault. She told me that I just didn't like smokers, and that I needed to sit down and talk this out. Now, because she has been there longer, I feel like I am going to get really crapped on. I don't know what to do, other then looking for a new job. It's a shame too, I love were I am right now, I like helping everyone, and working like a team.

    Sorry so long, I guess I just needed to get this off of my chest.


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    Almost sounds like this coworker and the supervisor are smoke buddies. This is a difficult one, and I have been in a similar situation. Try talking to the Director of Nursing about it. If the problem isn't resolved then this might not be the right facility for you, and you might want to consider looking for a place where the staff (or at least management) share your work ethic.
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    The only way I know of to handle a bully is to stand your ground. If you leave your job now she will be more convinced than ever that it is ok to treat other people with total disrespect. It may be difficult, but I say stand your ground.
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    I like all the responses so far but have something to add...For about a 2-3 week period, write down everything you observe about what she's doing and these smoke breaks...Then go over the sup's head if need be....
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    Originally posted by ZORYA
    I like all the responses so far but have something to add...For about a 2-3 week period, write down everything you observe about what she's doing and these smoke breaks...Then go over the sup's head if need be....

    (from a smoker who always volenteers for last breaks...and times them to the minute)
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    Where I work, we get a 15 minute break, and a 30 minute lunch/supper break. No more no less, because if you leave the floor on an unauthorized break, you are risking your pt's safety, and breaking the rules What is your hospital's policy on scheduled break times? I doubt all the breaks this nurse takes are scheduled in his/her shift. Find this out and take it to the sup.
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    I agree with writing down her break times, the facility won't be happy with paying someone for time that they didn't work. Just keep track and pass it in and try to leave her work for HER to do.
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    The others are right. If you don't write it down , it never happend. If you write it down, it is not just your memory you are relying on. If she takes a lot of smoke breaks (which should only be 5 to 10 minutes), you are not responsible for her work. As for filling the linen carts, if she never uses them all day, what work is she doing that needs no laundry changes at all. You should have a nurse in charge of her section as well as a charge nurse, bring it to their attention. But always write everything down. as the old saying goes, CYA, if you don't, no-one else will. Good Luck......................Niall
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    Thank you all!
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    Keep copies of the things you write down and turn in and document when/who you turn those things in so that if no problems are resolved on the first level you can notify the higher ups of slacking by both your co-worker and your supervisor. I'm not a nurse yet, but I work in the gov. and it is like that around here to(just not on the same level as nursing).
    Good Luck :-)
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    I kept a log of all the times a smoker was off the floor then showed it to her at end of shift. She acted surprised that so much time was involved! She agreed to be more compliant with policy about break times. When she got lax, I started another log, only this time I gave it to my supervisor. 2 1/2 hours total on one shift!!! She was in nursing school, quit, became RT, quit when they got on to her about smoke breaks. Seems the smoking was the MOST impt. thing in her life. Such a waste.
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    Exactly. Document every break she takes. Also document yours to show the inequities.