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Ok. I am a CNA, I've been working at a little hospital for 6 months now. I have one co-worker that really takes advantage of everyone. I guess she's been working there for about a year and a half.... Read More

  1. by   ava'smomRN
    All I can say is hang i there. Good luck! The other posters gave great advice!
  2. by   BadBird
    Start a log, document the time she leaves the floor and time she returns, keep it for a week then go to your nurse manager. Chances are if she is annoying you then she is doing the same to other people, the problem is management is stuck with her without proper documentation. You could also fill out a unsafe working condition notice, due to her excessive absences from the floor. I know you feel you must pick up her slack but just STOP it, let her answer her own call bells when she returns, I know you feel that her patient care is suffering and it is, but you need to stand firm and take care of yourself too. Of course, you could always overhead page her to return to the floor a few times, if you are busy in your rooms and her call lights are going off, and remember document, document.
  3. by   mystc42
    I like the documentation idea, great suggestion. Just be sure to keep a copy for yourself and have some witnesses sign it so it isn't your word against theirs. Good luck with all
  4. by   redshiloh
    The log idea is great, but be careful of a backlash from her buddies and other smokers. The right to kill lung cells is something that is fought viciously over.
    And keep copies of EVERYTHING.
  5. by   kookyscientist
    Why don't you just tell "Look, I'm going to take my break for dinner (or breakfast... whatever) first today, then go...And by the way you should be alternating who goes first anyhow. You shouldn't have to eat cold leftovers everytime you work with her. If she has a problem with it just tell your charge nurse, who should be doing things fairly anyway, don't you check with her before you take a break? I speak from experience as this same story (plus a lot more crap) happened to me when I first got a job as a nurse assistant. I established taking turns for dinner breaks but she was still lazy at whatever she could get away with on the floor but at least I wasn't eatting cold leftovers rushing back up to finish my work. I don't work there anymore by the way. Good luck to you!
  6. by   suehp

    I agree with all the other posts - write everything down. Then go to your Sup with your evidence. I am a Manager (and a Smoker!) and if one of my staff came to me with evidence of that sort of behaviour I wouldnt hesitate to sort it out. It depends on how your Sup will deal with it, but if he/she is doing there job correctly then he/she will sort it out for you.

    Try and stand your ground with this person - a Bully does not like to be confronted. At the moment she is taking advantage of your good nature.

    I am a smoker but I never take advantage of it(even if I am the Manager).

    One other thing - if you like where you work - why should you leave because of someone else's behaviour???? If you enjoy where you work then stick with it (if you can). I am sure it is hard going to work every day to face someone like that - but believe me - if you are strong enough to confront this situation head on you will be the winner.

    Let us know how you get on,

  7. by   EricTAMUCC-BSN
    gotta love floor nursing...
  8. by   ceecel.dee
    Tomorrow, tell her you've decided to take up smoking! Say, "I've come to the conclusion that any employee around here would be crazy not to "need" the smoking breaks!", then say, "Just let me know as soon as you get back each time, so that I'll know when I'll get to go". (be sure you say this in front of witnesses!)
    She'll get the picture!
  9. by   charissa
    I had this problem, and the managers of our hospital had to step in, people are entitled to their 30 and 15, or what you policy is, and no more even if they puff
  10. by   udontwannabme
    Again I thank everyone that has given such great advice. I went to the med/surg manager yesterday and asked to have a meeting, the three of us. The aide told me I was lying, that I was seeing things and that I had a problem. I could believe it. I actually expected it. The only thing is, she made a total butt of her self. She wouldn't let me speak, tried to walk out of the room a couple times, and told the manager that she would quit if she had to start signing in and out of breaks. I didn't get to say a whole lot, but she said more than a mouth full. I also brought to her the paper that I had been keeping of her time that she had been on break, she accused of watching her every move, and she told me that I had done the same thing. I asked her to tell me when and she couldn't. I know this is not over, she is going to hold this against me, but she seems to know deep down that I am telling the truth.
  11. by   flashpoint
    Even though the idea of writing down when she goes on and off break is a logical one, it would never work here. Some of us tried it a few years ago and we were simply asked, "Who was caring for your patients while you were watching Sandy?" Nurse managers felt that we were spending as much time keeping track of what Sandy was and was not doing as Sandy was taking smoking...sigh.
  12. by   mattsmom81
    I feel for ya. The other night I worked with a nurse who had to smoke every hour. His time off the unit far exceeds the 30 minutes and two 15's allowed.

    The other nurses on duty refused to help him at the end of shift when he claimed he was 'way behind' and needed our help. Another coworker rightfully said "If you didn't have to smoke every hour you wouldn't be behind..."

    Good luck, I hope you can make this situation work for everybody's benefit. Seems like theres one of these everywhere and it's aggravating to deal with.