Did anyone tell you, you couldn't do it?

  1. I want to be a nurse and one day I hope I will be. But sometimes it can be so discouraging when you have people telling you, you can't do it. They say you're dumb, unfocused and just doesn't have what it takes to be a nurse. I just don't get how cruel people can be sometimes. So I was wondering if any of you had people put you down and and discourage you from doing something?
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  3. by   proud nurse
    I had some difficulty in my 3rd semester of my LPN to RN program, had to sit out for a semester. The assistant dean told me, "there's nothing wrong with staying an LPN. The world can still use LPN's." My husband told me it was reverse psychology. Whatever the case, it worked because I came back to school on a mission.

    Also had an instructor tell me I read too much into test questions, and that I will not be successful on the NCLEX. Passed with 75 questions first time.

    IN YO' FACE!!!

    Feels good to prove people wrong...
  4. by   Blindsided
    Yeah, think I posted this before, but I once had a professor say to me, "I don't even know how you got in this class." That was three degrees, and a long nursing career ago. I want to wish you the very best of luck. Just take one step at a time.
  5. by   Mom2boysRN
    Yes. When I was a senior in highschool visiting a college a counsilor looked at my transcript and told me I wasn't smart enough to get into the program I wanted (nursing). I went to another school and when I wasn't succeeding in my prereqs I heard his voice and rather than buckling down and studying harder I switched majors. I took my poor grades as a sign he was right rather than a sign that I wasn't working hard enough. I switched my major to something much easier. Fast forward many years and I went back to school. It wasn't easy, but as an adult I knew if I worked hard I could do it and I did. I wish I knew the name of that counsilor I spoke with so that I could tell him how wrong he was, not only about me, but also to discourage someone the way he did.
  6. by   LoveNeverDies
    Yes, my parents. They always say something, I'm too small to lift the patients, i'm not focused enough. Well I'm paying for my degree myself and I'm doing well and actually got a scholarship. I have a supportive boyfriend and sister, without them I probably couldn't have done it.
  7. by   Ruas61
    The inorganic chemistry professor who said 'not all of us can make the grade' in reference to my D. I snapped an A in his face 5 years later.
  8. by   Dtermnd2Bgreat
    Thanks for the replies everyone.
  9. by   Morainey
    I had a resident at the nursing home where I working during nursing school ask if I liked what I did (just to paint the picture here, I had helped her get in the bathroom while she had been having diarrhea). I said (tired, no social filter), it's ok, it's a job while I'm in nursing school. She said, oh honey, if you don't like the nursing home you won't make it as a nurse.

    ETA: The patient was a retired nurse.
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  10. by   s0ad
    Yes! One nursing instructor said I wouldn't be a good nurse - she was a pompous jerk who on our clinicals sat at the front desk gossiping about being in a hot tub with some guy! Now we work at the same facility and she just smiles and asks me how I am like she doesn't remember saying this to me! I was the only new graduate hired on days on my floor and have been told by numerous nurses that I am a good nurse (which honestly I don't feel most times ha) and I am a good fit.

    No idea why people feel the need to assert their opinions everywhere. Don't have something nice to say? Don't say anything.
  11. by   akulahawkRN
    I have also had people say that I couldn't do it, but that was not in regard to my studies for my grades for how I get in clinicals or anything like that. Rather, I had people say that I wasn't going to be able to get into nursing because I had not been selected after many years of applying to nursing school. It was one of those "you're not going to be paid because you have never been picked" type of things. Well, the one person that kept saying that was probably a lot more discouraged about it than I was at the time, but she also gets to see how well I do in school and is probably one of the first people I tell about my grades and how I do things. She is my wife, sometimes I think she has more invested in this emotionally than I do, but that's kind of how she is. In a way, that kind of discouragement has only been fuel for me to go at it with a much greater intensity than I might otherwise have. Although she does not know it, she's probably a very good master at reverse psychology!
  12. by   applewhitern
    Start right now to develop a thicker skin. If what other people say bothers you now, then yes, you might have a problem reaching your goal. Nursing is hard work, but if this is what you choose to do, then why are you concerned with what other's think? You will need a thick skin in both nursing school and in the workplace. Don't let anyone else take away your dream.
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  13. by   lmccrn62
    I was told when I was in high school guidance counselor that I wasn't smart enough to bra doctor. So senior year when I got a new counselor she wanted to know why I had no post graduation plans. I told her what happened and she said" you can be whatever you want to be its up to you the route you choose to get there. There is no straight path anywhere". She asked if I considered being a nurse. I told her no but I would research it. That was 34 yrs ago. Today my one counselor was partially right . The truth is I made a much better nurse. The path was long and I worked hard even having to take my boards 3 times. I initially graduated with my Associates. Then over the last 30 yrs I achieved my BSN, MSN and a post masters NP. I have 3 national certifications, written a book and published my research study.
    So what I am saying its up to you and you are the director of your future. If you want to be a nurse go for it. Get feedback and learn from it to better yourself. Good luck in your career goals!
  14. by   weemsp
    Growing up, I had a step-mother that would routinely say ( to my sister and I) " You girls will never amount to anything!"

    I am an RN/BN, EMT-P, an Instructor of Advanced paramedic Clinical skills, and currently in Libya with the Red Cross.
    My sister is CFO of a major property management firm.

    Never allow anyone to define you. You know what you want, what motivates and inspires you, and the hard work you are willing to invest to get there!!! Perseverance, commitment and dedication will get you there!! ( and a little motivation to prove them wrong, never hurts!!)

    Incidentily, her biological kids ( the " Golden ones") have done nothing...one is an unemployed, pot smoking hobo...and the other in the " clink" for drug charges.