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I am sorry if you are unhappy with your tour of duty with the CTS surgeons here on our little PCU. I'm sorry if you hate taking call. You are a resident. This is a teaching hospital. It is... Read More

  1. by   climberrn
    I thought your vent was pretty funny. I used to tease the docs on our floor if they were being snippy: "Be nice to me or you're gonna get a 3am tylenol call...." *winks*
    Had some pretty bad docs but none to the point of the one of 40/palp wait til morning rounds. Skeery!
  2. by   kcalohagirl
    We do joke with our PAs about the 3am call for PRN benadryl for sleep. We're also very fortunate in that we have an outstanding set of standing orders that covers the normal stuff. (sleeplessness, nausea, constipation, pain) So when we do call them, it's generally for something a little more serious. Low urine output, low pressures, changes in rhythm, respiratory distress.
  3. by   GrnHonu99
    I work in a teaching hospital, we have someone around all the time, be it residents, attendings (very rarely, I work nocs), etc. We also have intensivists...however we have to check with our clincial lead (charge nurse) before calling them. If a doc gets mad at me for calling-oh well, it's my job and last time I checked-his/hers too, don't like it-find a new job. It is NOT my job to take abuse from a co-worker, won't do it. That said, ive really haven't been treated badly except for the occasional bad mood.
  4. by   ShayRN
    I have been there, as well. Ever notice the ones who are the worst offenders tend to be the WORST clinicians? Had one idiot tell me to go ahead and feed a patient that had flunked his swallow study, just "to see how it goes." I said, I know how its going to go, he is going to aspirate Called the attending to get the NPO order. He wasn't impressed with his student
  5. by   justme1972
    ...on a positive note...

    I am working at a call center right now part-time while in school taking calls for people who have questions about their auto-insurance.

    I got a call yesterday from a guy in medical school (4th year) and the "password" on his account was a fraternity that was the same as my husband's...we'll, I casually teased him about it, and I mentioned I was starting nursing school this Fall, and he congratulated me on my entrance and he said, "I hear it's more competitive than medical school because there are fewer slots for you folks"...I told him I wasn't sure, then I congratulated him on his venture as well.

    I joked with him during the call and said, "Just when you graduate and get the title of M.D. after your name, don't succomb to the peer pressure and be nice to nurses." We had a good laugh.

    Then he said, "Are you kidding me? I have all the respect for nurses in the world and I know I couldn't do my job without them. My Mom was a nurse, and when I have witnessed other doctors do that in the hospital, all I can think of, is someone talking to my mother that way. We all have a hard job and being nasty doesn't make it better for anyone...and they REMINDED us in medical school that the nurses don't work FOR us, they work WITH us."

    I told him, "You are going to be a great doctor!"

    I thought it was great to hear a med-student with such a great attitude.
  6. by   Tweety
    Quote from TazziRN
    So what if docs read this? Maybe if one takes this back to their board and complains about how we talk about them, the others will set him straight.

    It's not that they care that we're complaining about them, it was the payback that bothered me. I do not care what they think and that they are reading our board.

    I also know for a fact nurses read their board too.
  7. by   kcalohagirl
    Tweety, I'm sorry if I offended you. My post was meant to be exactly what it was labeled: a vent. Nothing more, nothing less.
  8. by   mamason
    Quote from kcalohagirl
    I am sorry if you are unhappy with your tour of duty with the CTS surgeons here on our little PCU.

    I'm sorry if you hate taking call. You are a resident. This is a teaching hospital. It is your job.

    I'm sorry that you think that my patient's dropping blood pressures and non-existant Urinary Output were a crappy reason to wake you up at 4 in the morning.

    I'm sorry you don't feel like you need to write orders for my patient.

    I'm sorry you feel the need to be a rude a*****e when you are on the phone with me.

    I'm sorry you feel so incompetent at your job that you apparently don't know which orders to write.

    I'm sorry you have endured a month and a half in an assignment you obviously loathe.

    I"m sorry you feel the need to be rude to all the nurses on this unit (but especially us night-shifters since we interfere with your sleep schedule).


    I have a sinking feeling that the nights when you are on call will be riddled with calls every hour from all the nurses on this floor asking for orders for our patients. I have a feeling nurses will "forget" to inform each other that they are getting ready to call you and as soon as one hangs up another one will realize suddenly that only your expertise can save her patient from the brink.


    And it would have been so much easier just to be polite and do your job.
    Well, said, my dear. Well said.
  9. by   blueheaven
    Quote from miko014
    I have met a few like that...just wait until a nurse pulls his a** out of the fire sometime, or stops him from making some huge mistake. Then maybe he'll realize how important we are. I wish that they could take a step back and think about this - what would I do if there were no nurses?
    WE pull residents and interns butts out of the fire all the time!! If it wern't for us, I'm absolutely certain the M and M numbers would skyrocket! This nurse has NO PROBLEM going up the chain of command to the attending if need be.

    BTW...we had one surgical resident that was a complete and total a$$ to us female nurses. Would not respond to pages from the ICU, chewed us out for no good reason and was generally obnoxious. I recently had to give a deposition regarding a case where he ignored nursing staff and his patient bled out. The patient made it to the unit too late-I ended up calling the attending. He realized she was in trouble too late.
  10. by   reesern63
    Quote from Tweety
    Don't ever apologize to a doctor for doing your job.

    You last paragraph presents nurses as catty and the student doctors reading this forum will probably quote that in their forum. (And yes, they do read this forum.) LOL
    I agree. While it's tempting to want to respond this way, it only perpetuates the problem. Unfortunately, we (the nurses) have to be the grown-ups and act in the best interests of the pt., not retaliating just because someone's been a jerk.
  11. by   Kinjo
    I would like to read one of their boards too do you know one I can access. I am a new nurse who has encountered the SNOBBY senior resident and the old school Attending who thinks nurses have no brains.
  12. by   CRNI-ICU20
    kick it up a notch....
    I wouldn't lower myself to annoy a dr. because I could in the middle of the noc....
    I once had to call a dr. in the middle of the noc for a lasix order on a full blown CHF'er....he whined, "give the pt. 20 mg IV Lasix now, and don't call me again!"
    I wrote it just like he said it....
    In the am, he came storming in, angry that he had been woke up....started to snarl and growl at me.....and I handed him a cup of coffee and said, "your patient thanks you for your attention to his needs last night, he put out 1000 mls. of urine, and his breathing is easy and non labored....NSR....and BP is stable....."
    He was taken aback....then he saw the order that I wrote, and he started in again....
    I said, "I wrote it just like you said it, Doctor!"
    He couldn't argue with that....
    From then on...he was careful what he said to me....
    Sometimes it takes a few tries to teach a stubborn personality how to behave....some folks are naturally born with people skills, and some folks just suck at it.....
    He did drink his coffe by the way....and in the end, he thanked me....
    I like to keep it one on one....
    I am not any less than a person than him.....he isn't smarter than me...he just went to school doesn't give him a free pass to abuse or growl at me for a perfectly reasonable request...when a doctor bites me, I tell him "no" just like I would tell a dog that bites....I have learned that a soft answer can turn away wrath....and a stron boundary most often is respected....crni
  13. by   Cindy1008RN
    I don't pay attention to rude doctors. Now,*mind*you,*I**have*my*"ducks*in*a*row*before*I *call"*as*I*am*sure*
    we*all*do.*"****If they get mad, they get mad. *They will eventually get the clue that we are their eyes and ears so that they can get thier sleep. *

    We are the patient's advocate first. *If that means they get calls in the middle of the night, so be it. *If they want a 8-5 job, they picked the wrong profession.

    And yes, ranting is just that, blowing off steam. *Been there done that.