Day 7: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

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  2. With both the patient and the nurse having shocked looks on their faces, it's a hilarious mystery behind what's going on in today's photo. Provide a caption for this National Nurses Week photo and you'll be entered to win a $250 Gift Card from!

    Winner will be announced May 13, 2016

    National Nurses Week - 7 Days of Giveaways

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  4. by   Toastedpeanut
    "I thought it was another flatus!"
  5. by   Guttercat
    "It's a girl!"
  6. by   jadelpn
    Viagra DOES work!!
  7. by   Davey Do
    Oh no!
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  8. by   Davey Do
    Let's try that again:
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  9. by   Davey Do
    Maybe the Patient and Nurse are on the Psych side of the Hospital:
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  10. by   Davey Do
    Looks like Group started, in spite of Chester not giving up his blankie:
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  11. by   Davey Do
    That Nurse is really showing a lot of fortitude and devotion in running her group!
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  12. by   Davey Do
    Looks like group's over and it's time for bed:
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  13. by   pq32u
    An erection is an unexpected finding during a suppository insertion.
  14. by   dianadRN
    Nurse: "I am SO SORRY, I thought there was fecal matter stuck to your leg and it was actually a mole!"
    Patient: "I want a new nurse!!"
  15. by   sbromley40
    Oh my God did you mess up my clean sheets.. Pt.. I can't stop going..