Dang Dry Hands

  1. I know this has probably been posted a thousand times.. but.. i usually use some really great lotion that helps before my hands get dried out.

    But, i had a bad wkend, fights with bf and all that crap we all go thru.. i have ripped off my pretty nails, and now have ******* hangnails all around my cuticles. what do i do now? i cut the skin short, so its not catching on anything. i have clin for the next 2 days, so more and more great foam and soap to help dry.. any ideas? i guess i could get that band-aid liquid stuff, but doesnt stay on long.. just dont wanna get anything. i do use universal precautions, but its like 4 of my fingers.. like i said.. bad wkend and stuff.

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  3. by   Medic/Nurse

    Taking CARE of yourself has to be Job #1.

    But, it the short term - (until you are convinced that all the little owies are transmission portals for the BAD stuff) - here goes!

    Liquid BandAid stuff is a start - but comes off with all stuff oily.

    Good moisturizing cream is essential. Arbonne make the best IMHO. It is in a green/tan tube. Not overly oily at all and free of fragrance.

    Gloves are essential. Never forget. Waterproof band-aids are a good idea for the really bad spots.

    Protect yourself.

  4. by   RNfaster
    I like Moisturel best as it has a good amount of dimethicone. You might try jojoba oil for your hangnails.
  5. by   bethin
    I buy lotion for feet - it seems to be thicker. I lather that on before going to bed then put on gloves. I can go to bed with cracked, bleeding hands and wake up with hands as soft as a baby's butt.
  6. by   RNontheroad
    My very favorite trick is Bath & Body Works body butter and then gloves or socks on my hands (and feet) overnight, like Bethin said.
    In a pinch, a heavy layer of Crisco will do the trick too. Doesnt smell nearly as nice but sure moisturizes well.
    Also try using warm water instead of scalding hot when you wash. It is the friction and the soap that kills the germs, not the temperature of the water. It may help cut down on some of the irritation.
  7. by   CoffeeRTC
    Regular old vasaline or A & D at night. I've also used lanolin. You can get lanolin in the breast feeding supplies section. Those are the cheaper things. Then there are tons of lotions.....
  8. by   graceomalleyRN
    Since childhood my cuticles have gotten so dry that they crack and bleed all over. I tried EVERYTHING (Arbonne, Sally Hansen, Pro10, Miracle Nail, DeLore Nail Oil etc.), and finally found Amera's Cuticle Mousse which was developed by a female dentist whose frequent handwashing left her hands very dry.

    It's very hard to find but you put it on after bathing and before bed and it works wonders. I am out of it right now and my cuticles cracked and bled all over my classroom yesterday when I hit my hand on the table. Google Amera Cuticle Mousse and you will find it someplace. I guarantee this stuff.
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  10. by   Agnes Anne
    the very best stuff i've ever had is pure whipped shea butter and shea oil from http://www.soaps-and-potions.com

    there is nothign in it to contribute to the drying out process that makes you reach for more and more. so many of the other lotions i've tried have alcohol and stuff that makes your hands dry out in a vicious cycle.

    i think it's even strengthening nails. they get brittle from all the washing washing washing and peel off.

    even my dh who works on cars all day long likes it.
  11. by   Do-over
    I actually use super glue or krazy glue to close up the split skin and hangnails on my hands. Works GREAT - just be careful not to glue any fingers together...:spin:

    I also like Arbonne lotions. Used to use something called Corn Husker's Lotion but haven't seen that around in awhile...