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graceomalleyRN has 8 years experience and specializes in Triage, MedSurg, MomBaby, Peds, HH.

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  1. graceomalleyRN

    Agism as New Psych NP?

    Hello, I am seriously considering starting a 36 month Psych NP program at the age of 54. My projected retirement age is 67. Additionally, if my current employer goes belly up, I would end up going full time and finish sooner. My question is really my husband’s: is it difficult for a 57 year old new grad to get hired? My area (Colorado) constantly has openings for Psych NP’s, but his concern is that I would not be hired due to agism. Can anyone speak to this? Thank you in advance.
  2. graceomalleyRN

    HealthOne hospitals-What are they like

    Swedish is a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, Health One pays their RNs considerably less per hour than the Exempla or Centura hospital systems or DH. However, they have an excellent benefits package. I worked at Swedish briefly after leaving an Exempla hospital; the improved working conditions and IMO better management were worth the pay cut for me.
  3. graceomalleyRN

    Salary for home healthcare nursing

    I start with a hospital system-based Home Health company as an RN next week. Training is $30.67 an hour, $.50 per mile reimbursement (but you go on a waiting list to get a company issued Nissan Rogue). Once off orientation, the current pay structure is a PPV model but they will be transitioning to per hour eventually.
  4. graceomalleyRN

    Nursing listed as 4th on a list of fun jobs.

    Unfortunately, I was reading this while sipping my morning java and burnt the soft palate of my mouth.
  5. graceomalleyRN

    From Med Surg to Dialysis?

    Hi all, I have been an RN for 1.5 years on, according to the CNS who observed our floor yesterday, the busiest floor in our inner city charity hospital, and I'm burnt out. One of the two job options I'm considering is in-clinic hemodialysis, and I'd really enjoy hearing from one of you about what your daily schedule entails. Thank you for any and all replies.
  6. graceomalleyRN

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    To my CNAs: I'm getting ready to hang blood on Patient A. Patient B has a bed full of poop and needs to have a bed change. Sorry to drag you away from Facebook or YouTube. Please don't argue with me, roll your eyes or pout. It's unbecoming. This is your job and you're being paid.
  7. graceomalleyRN

    straight A student, but positive i failed!

    Congratulations! I actually said a choice four letter word OUT LOUD and they record and videotape you after the first ELEVEN were SATA. I, too, would've bet my home on the belief I'd failed after the machine shut off after the 75th question. I cried all the way home. Yet got the good pop up when I tried! Welcome to nursing!
  8. graceomalleyRN

    Real or Fake friendly smile.

    To the OP: Your post really sounds as if you are NOT defensive, almost painfully so. My gut reaction here is that it has something to do with your language. That opinion was reinforced when I read when they fired you they mentioned that your second language may come in handy elsewhere in nursing and that they marked you for rehire. So it isn't a performance issue. My guess is that perhaps patients have complained that you are difficult to understand. Were you working with an older population? We have several ESL nurses on our floors and the patients complain to me frequently about not being able to understand them and why doesn't our hospital hire American nurses...these comments usually being from older people who have a hard time hearing any language, and a thick accent just makes it more difficult for them. Move on and be grateful that you were marked to be rehired as this is what your new employer will ask. I'm sorry you are going through this, it is a very painful thing to be let go, especially when they are possibly being less than forthcoming with you about the reasons why.
  9. graceomalleyRN

    Looking for Advice-New Grad, 8 patients?

    Eight patients, even at night?? On our Med-Surge floor we complain if we have five.
  10. graceomalleyRN

    Jobs after Platt College

    I've worked with two Platt alumni at my hospital. One has already gotten her master's and is teaching, the other is still on my unit. They're both excellent nurses.
  11. graceomalleyRN

    But what if I just don't LIKE it?

    You sound like me. If I had known before nursing school that I would end up working Med-Surge upon graduation, I never would have applied. Had less than zero interest in this kind of nursing. At all. However, new grad jobs being scarce I felt grateful to be employed in a Med-Surge unit about 8 weeks after NCLEX. I didn'tjust dislike it, I HATED it...hated the huge number of tasks I needed to remember how to do (TPN, PICC dressing changes, dropping NG tube, Foleys, rectal tube placement, IV's, etc.). I wanted to be a Mom-Baby nurse dammit! On the really rough nights, I drove home in a daze, too overwhelmed to cry. The first 6 to 8 months were excruciating. I made mistakes, was too busy to pee, the patients were difficult and I hated my life. Could not wait to escape. Then suddenly, around the 9 month mark...things got easier. Everything fell into place. I became really good at what I was doing and my assessments were complimented by MD's. Finally, I am actually liking what I do now and feel comfortable. Not like I know it all by ANY stretch of the imagination, but comfortable and familiar with my resources. It gets better. Plus, I know that with another couple of years in Med-Surge I can go anywhere. The boost to my confidence in defeating this beast has been invaluable. Wishing you all the luck in the world!
  12. graceomalleyRN

    IVPB Zofran?

    The dosage is fine (per Epocrates and Micromedex), it's just given more frequently than recommended (which is q8hr). Since she's in end stage cancer and vomiting uncontrollably, the dosing should be appropriate if that's what is required to keep her nausea-free. It sounds as if the supervisor's cohort has forgotten the purpose of medications and perhaps even the purpose of nursing itself. Seems as if she's too focused on numbers and procedure. That poor patient!
  13. graceomalleyRN

    Only 5 units of insulin per injection site??

    Most of my patients are diabetic and I've never heard of this. I'd ask your instructor, who should probably in turn speak with the facility's educator. This RN sounds as if she needs to be educated.
  14. graceomalleyRN

    shorter time, bigger debt...smaller debt, longer time

    About 6 months ago, my hospital let go of all of our LPNs. No one was grandfathered, nothing. It was something like a 3 or 4 week warning. All those who were LPNs could stay on as CNA's if they wished. One of them was 2 years from retirement and a great nurse. Welcome to the race to become Magnet.
  15. graceomalleyRN

    very general question...

    What she said. I can't tell you how many times I've received a patient from ED and in report I was told the patient had a foley but "low urine output." I get the patient, fiddle with the tubing and put it behind and, lo and behold! An extra 200 ml of urine or more. Some patients just have physiology that requires tubing to be between legs for an hourly manual adjustment to prevent backflow.
  16. graceomalleyRN

    I just had to share because I am so excited

    Hurray!! GOOD for you!!!