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Perhaps many of you, like me, are forced.. er, I mean, encouraged to attend this mandatory 4 hour torture, er, I mean, inservice that hospitals and major employers require their employees to endure,... Read More

  1. by   imenid37
    topics like this make me wish i could learn to hypnotize myself. you know i'd be in a state of deep, peaceful sleep while i appeared to be attentive to subjects such as this. i could emerge from my state feeling relaxed and refreshed w/o the annoyance and boredom of having to attempt to stay awake while listening to 101 ways to kis a$$ and love it!

    in life and death situations, try to remember maslow's hierarchy of needs. hence, the need for administration's rear end to be wiped is way down there on the food chain when it comes to survival, now isn't it?
  2. by   Youda
    The thing that I object to the most about these "customer service" and "consumer" language is that it is starting to sound like a Walmart instead of healthcare. We are being "trained" to be sales clerks instead of nurses. I wonder . . . alot of sales clerks get commissions, maybe we should start demanding a percentage of the "sales" we make. If admin wants to sound like we are selling new refrigerators, maybe we should demand the benefits that others get in the "consumer" industry!
  3. by   donmurray
    A friend has a framed "Certificate of Attendance" to an "Excellence" seminar. He had it framed, and loves it dearly, because he never attended!
  4. by   azgirl
    Youda, I quite agree. I overheard some people talking about the "great service" they got with the last stay at the hospital. Now is that what we want to be known for?

    I like your idea of the commissions.
  5. by   spineCNOR
    Pappy-you are a genius! I want to be one of those "meeting nurses"- then I can get my studying for school done during all the meetings!

    And how about us?? If we are subjected to verbal abuse from a doctor, then we should get a gift basket!!
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Originally posted by spineCNOR
    And how about us?? If we are subjected to verbal abuse from a doctor, then we should get a gift basket!!
    BEST IDEA I heard yet. Will mention this at my next service excellence meeting. Should be doable.
  7. by   JonRN
    How 'bout a basket full of nuts from nutty Doctors? Very appropriate I think. Also I'm glad my genius has finally been recognized on this board. It's about time!!! Sadly however, I can think of at least 1000 people who would disagree with this assessment of my mental abilities.

  8. by   sjoe
    "We also have a "service recovery" program where we are giving gift baskets to patients who complain. "

    Behavior that is rewarded tends to be repeated. I'd leave with a whole bunch of baskets, and give one to each of the nurses on my way out. Along with the occasional piece of cold pizza they get from admin in appreciation, they could have some fruit!
  9. by   rebelwaclause
    Hello, Customer Service Advice Expert #223,

    (Ehemm). I was wondering. I was on the phone with a customer service representative and the business at hand had been completed, all thank you's and goodbye's had been exchanged. The representative began to ask me if I was interested in subscribing to more services. So....Since I didn't ask for any services...Can I just hang up the phone or is there another way to handle this challenging customer service dilemma?