1. have YOU personally ever done it (on a patient, not annie)?
  2. Poll: CPR..have you ever had to do it?

    • yes

      75.00% 48
    • no

      25.00% 16
    • i dont remember...maybe

      0% 0
    • whats CPR?

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  4. by   micro
    not as many as some of our colleagues, but more than others as judging from this post..............
  5. by   pebbles
    More than once...

    the feeling of ribs breaking under the pressure of my own hands is still unsettling in my memory.
  6. by   kids
    eewww! hat the ribs crunching...

    you know you are doing it right when you can get a SpO2 of 80 on a guy with an airway obstruction in asystole...

    (I called the Fire Chief later and got him to sign a new CPR card for me since mine was expired)
  7. by   NurseDennie
    I've had to do it several times. In class, hospital, in in a restaurant, once on my own family room floor. That one wasn't successful.


  8. by   misti_z
    Several times..........and hate the sound/feel of ribs breaking.
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    I just did CPR on one of my ICU patients 8 days ago. Was not successful--got to put those ACLS skills to use also.
  10. by   kmchugh
    Several times. Another indicator that you are doing it right is a pulsitile pressure via art line in a patient in asystole. Size DOES have its advantages.

    Kevin McHugh
  11. by   nur20
    I'm a CPR instructor. Come on guys, lets try not to break any more ribs!!!!.I hope everyone has gotton certification for using the AED (automated external defibrillator) which will be located in lots of public places like airports. It is now incorporated into CPR training.
  12. by   neneRN
    Lots of times- My co workers joke that there always has to be a stool in my assigned room (I'm a shorty) because it will be put to use.
  13. by   CEN35
    at first i by-passed this thread a few times. i thought, what could they possibly ask?

    i assumed everyone who has been a nurse for at least 3 months has done it at some point? yes naive maybe? either that or a lack of thought on this subject. just figured everybody has at some point. i suppose that's just how i think, because for me it's a weekly thing.


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  14. by   RNforLongTime
    But what good is the AED if your pt is in PEA as was the case in my recent code? I mean you can't shock PEA?
  15. by   nursedawn67
    I had to do CPR on a real human...much different then on the mannequin. But it's funny everything just came to me and I did it. No time to think....just react!