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My name is OnlybyhisgraceRN and I am a job hopper. Sigh. I started working at the age of 14 years old, I've had probably 20 different jobs over the past 10 years. My job history goes as follows: ... Read More

  1. by   ThePrincessBride
    Quote from Wrench Party
    Sounds fine to me- high school and college jobs don't really count (I literally had 20 of those), and you had a few since
    your nursing career started a few years back. You're allowed to try things out and make mistakes- remind yourself that you
    are only 24. Most of the nurses entering the profession these days are in their 30s and 40s (at least where I live).
    I disagree. Three of my jobs have been related to health (one sitter job at a hospital and 2 PCA jobs that I currently work) and these have all been in college. I even think it is important to include Mickey D jobs to show how far the worker has come.

    If anything, an employer can look at those jobs and see a consistent work ethic, the ability to keep and maintain a job, to be responsibile as well as upwards mobility in said jobs.
  2. by   OCRN3
    I wouldn't feel so bad, some people like myself stay at a job for 12 years and then get so used to it they can never leave. Keep up the good work and at least at the nursing jobs you stay mostly a year! You will eventually find what you want.

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  3. by   tree73
    my friend, that is nothing and this is coming from a 50 year old nurse aide.... over the past three years I have had countless of can jobs, fast food jobs, sitter/caregiver jobs, etc. but at least I have been the most stable being a can or a caregiver. but I was totally burned out of it all. jobhopper would definitely be me. you have to live with you. I get burned out so easilty but been a can/nurse aide will do it to you. so I did a totally 180 degree turn which has worked for me the past several months. I like being a can so I work one weekend night/Saturday night from 11 to seven am. being a nurse aide to keep my license. and during the week I work as a server for a restaurant in the early afternoon to early evening and a couple mornings from 6 am to 10 or 11 am working at a fast food restaurant. so I work three part-time jobs/make sure the time does not run in with the other. which does not burn me out at all except keeping my schedule straight. and the hours are long enough to keep me going but short enough so I do not burn out. when I was a nurse aide I would get crazy shifts/different halls all the time not time mention I would have to work in the dinning room/serve the food, clean up which is not what I consider part of my job as well as unplug toilets and listen to all this nonsense they preach and as for being employee of the month would always go to the same person/persons. the nurse who is a prn and comes in on a Saturday for four hours between lunch and dinner. you know the one who is an actress and will wear long earings which is a definite no/no but she will give these dumb speeches how her job is so rewarding which is a bunch of garbage because you the nurse aide do all the work and still get treated like crap and are underpaid. breaking my back because some overweight diabetic wants me to strain my back because she is to fat/lazy to start walking herself and refuses a gait belt or it does not fit her. I work with this caregiver who will not use gloves and I will always wear mine and she will leave a pile of dirty baby wipes and expect me to pick up after I got rid of my gloves and stated that is your mess if you fail to wear gloves and put it in the trash bag and expect me to pick up your contaminated mess after mine is in the trash and I wore my gloves and the gloves are in the trash your mess is on you. if you think I am going to spend more time looking for gloves after I am done with mine because you decided not to put the dirty wipes in the trash and do not wear gloves well you can pick up your own mess. you made it you clean it up.....
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    I have job hopped a lot. I can't even count the number of nursing positions I've had in the past 4 years. Number of LTCs, prisons, jails & pedi PDN. I was about to be at a job for a year when I go into an accident. I have a job now that I'm hoping I'll stay at for awhile.
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    although this may seem obvious, have u considered being part of a facility's "flex/float pool"team? if u have enough certifications, acls, pals, nrp, chemo, sedation protocols, you could have some varied and interesting shifts.
    or you could work agency and maybe go to a different place everyday or 3 month stints in certain units, etc. have u considered this?
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    Quote from OnlybyHisgraceRN
    Thanks for all the encouragement. I have to admit. I'm not overly excited with starting in the ED next week, however I have to work somewhere to keep my skills up.
    This too shall pass. I'll do my very, very best. Although, I know it won't be easy.

    This comment is alarming. You sound like you are going into this new position with a feeling of resignation. Why did you accept a job in the ED if it's not something that interests you? I know you want to keep your skills up, but if you don't have a modicum of interest in where you're working, it's destined to be yet another one of those short stints to list on your resume.
  7. by   CrossCountryRN2008
    I have job hopped over schedule and pay issues. Now I love the hospital but the unit is getting to be ridiculous with how it is run. I am hoping to get my year in so I can try for OR or mother baby training
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    Quote from ThePrincessBride
    My first job was at McDonald's too. I lasted three months before quitting.I too am a job. I have had seven jobs in the last three and half years and I just started a new job nineteen days ago. I hope to stick around for about a year before finding something new.Always have a new job before quitting an old one.

    And guess what? I'm not longer at ^ job either. Lasted there for 9 months, transferred, and now I've been in this new job for 2 months and 8 days.

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    Quote from ThePrincessBride
    And guess what? I'm not longer at ^ job either. Lasted there for 9 months, transferred, and now I've been in this new job for 2 months and 8 days.

    Only time will tell but I'd be surprised if this behavior doesn't come back to bite you in the butt someday.
  10. by   mclennan
    Job hopping is pretty common in nursing. Especially these days, when the stress levels are higher than ever, the regulatory requirements for education & certification are more and more demanding every day, and an almost complete lack of consistency with regards to technology and pay from job to job.

    Add in a huge generational shift and policy issues affecting the health care system and I don't blame nurses for hopping around at all.

    As much as I hated my scholarship contract job after I graduated (PHN for a federal agency for 4 years) it taught me a lot and I have a good solid chunk of time at one job on my rsum. Then I tried clinic nursing in a big fancy Magnet hospital and lasted less than a year, it was so awful. Then I tried HH nursing for about 4 months and quit that too. Now I've been a case manager for 1.5 years and it's a good job. But I know I could make more money and despite the little voice in my head saying "stay put," I'm always checking the jobs boards and networking because you just never know.

    That all being said, OP, I would try and stay at one place at least for a few years if I were you, just to show you can. Not all hiring managers are sympathetic to the reasons why so many of us hop around.
  11. by   Lev <3
    Hmmmm lets see. 3 RN jobs at one facility in 10 months?
  12. by   ThePrincessBride
    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    Only time will tell but I'd be surprised if this behavior doesn't come back to bite you in the butt someday.
    Not really as this is within the same company and one of those two transfers was actually a promotion with the first job lasting fifteen months and one day. My other job I have been at since May 2012. Still there after almost 19 months.

    That being said, if I did get my dream job in a nicu or nursery, I would stay there until the day I died.
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    And I should also add that these are either low wage or student jobs. Most college students job hop and I've never quit a job before getting a new one.