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Every nurse has one area/specialty/floor that they think is the best and only place they would ever consider working. So brag a little about yours, what area do you work in, what do you love and... Read More

  1. by   adrienurse
    hey, maybe we're not as burnt out as we think we are!
  2. by   sandstormsdust
    "hey, maybe we're not as burnt out as we think we are"

    adrienurse I'm not there but all of you picked the nursing profession for a reason
  3. by   Kikumaru
    Read some pretty interesting responses. I have been in nursing most of my life. Started off as a CNA (before it was C). Became an LVN in my adult years and finally achieved my RN. Currently I am working on my masters. During this time I haved worked in the ambulatory setting, acute setting, long-term-care setting. Other areas have included case management, staff developer, UR, QM and continued to stay in the "patient care arena" doing registry. Currently, I am teaching nurses and haven't felt so rewarded in my life. By staying in registry on occassion and passing on the experience and knowledge, others may benefit!
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    I'm not burned out by any means, I'm just starting to believe that the hospital at which I am currently empolyed isn't the best place to be practicing Critical Care Nursing on noc shift!
  5. by   momrn50
    LTC is my choice. You fall in love with the residents and get so much love back from them. I had a traveling RN ask me once why I was wasting my nursing career in LTC...How rude was that?? It takes a special kind of person to do LTC...love it and will probably do it till I retire.
  6. by   andrewsgranny
    I agree with you "momRN50
    It does take a special person to work LTC and you are that special person. You and thousands others who find great reward in LTC. I/we can only hope to have a nurse like you when/if the time comes. I heard on the news this A.M. that nurses salary's are 55 thousand a year. Who is getting the rest of my salary?
  7. by   JeannieM
    Awesome Thread!!!! Well, I love my current job (community hospital CNS), loved my past job (ICU), loved med-surg, even loved LTC (except for a brief stint with a corrupt nursing home that later got shot down). I love having the chance to work with staff members, doing presentations, spot education, or just being asked to help out! I loved academia, so I'm thrilled that I'm going to get to help mentor new grads (they start this Friday!). The only time I don't love my job is when I leave feelng like I didn't do my best. In my next life, if I come back as a tadpole, I hope I'm a "nurse" tadpole!!
  8. by   mattsmom81
    I'm a critical care junkie...CCRN which means certified in critical care.

    Surgical ICU and cardiovascular in particular is my fave...but enjoy all critical care EXCEPT neuro (which I hate.)

    You have to assertive, detail oriented, good at prioritizing, and posess great instincts to be a good critical care nurse. You can't be afraid of docs to work critical care or they won't trust you with their sickest patients.

    And nowadays, you have to be strong willed and tough in today's short staffed hospitals...IMO you gotta be able to to say NO if you can't safely provide critical care. If I couldn't say NO to my supervisor or ER doc, my staff and I would have 1:4 ratios or higher every shift. And that is unsafe.

    But...they'll push us if we let them....
  9. by   ChristenLPN
    Thanks, shellybelly and andrewsgranny, and here's to office nurisng! I have always worked in offices, and love the continuity I get with my patients. Mosty I have worked OB-GYN and love that more than anything. Unfortunately that community in Albuquerque is shrinking (Mds leave b/c they have so much trouble getting paid- the nerve of them, not wanting to work for free!!) and the last office I was at tolerated absolutely abhorrent behavior from their MAs- not where I want to spend 5 days a week. But I love the experience of seeing a woman through her pregnancy, getting to know the family, and helping them prepare for this huge event. I love helping women understand their bodies and all the amazing functions lying within. It would make my day when a pt thanked me for the time and education I gave her, and told me what a difference it made in how she perceived herself. I think I will always want to go back to OB.

    No one has ever actually said anything in my presence about office nursing not being "real nursing" but you can't help but be aware that the feeling is out there. In any given work day at Urgent Care, I will run an EKG on a pt who has no idea he needs one, and organize an ambulance transport for him. I will start his IV and his O2, explain the necessity of testing for cardiac enzymes, calm his fears and often call a wife and explain the whole thing to her as well. I will see frantic parents with lacerated/burned/broken children and help them through the often painful and frightening process of getting the treatment they need. I will explain STDs to pts and try to help them see past the stigma and humilation they feel. I will console women who are miscarrying and convinced they are to blame. I will clean and dress wounds and teach pts to care for them at home. I will explain UTIs and draw pictures to help pts learn how they occur and why they need treatment. Working in offices, we may not see the worst of human misery, but the nursing care we provide is no less valuable.

    PS, andrewsgranny, where are you in Tennessee? If you are in a small town in NW Tennessee, you can't be far from Jackson, which is where I was raised and my family still lives. Am temporarily surviving in the desert here, but will be moving back to the Volunteer State within 2 years- hallelujah!!!
  10. by   sloddesol
    Been in the cathlab for the past 15 years with a critical care background enjoy both excel in cardiac procedures more time in grade than most of the docs working with me
  11. by   HRHNurse Carol
    I love ER and I really like working at a public hospital. The nursing staff (and docs) do not know the insurance status of a pt.- if the pt needs something they get it, regardless! A lot of the pts. here are working jobs that do not have insurance- busing tables, hair dressers, pushing brooms, etc. I like knowing that they have somewhere that they can go where they will get their needs met without being treated as less than anyone else. And, we're getting a new hospital in the next few months!! I've been over to tour it- it's beautiful!! I'm so excited!! As far as what I'm good at- well, I'm good at mediating, can negotiate fairly well. Hope to eventually be a good manager- only been in mangement 2 yrs- another thing I'm good at is working with families in bereavement. Jeez, hope I didn't jink myself saying that.... haven't had a death here in ER while I've been on in awhile, thankfully. As far as rural ERs go-(to respond to another post) I haven't heard of very many "sleepy" ones. There's some nasty farming accidents, MVA's etc in the rural areas. My brother worked at one in TN and the stories he could tell!! Waaaay better than my war stories!! Which reminds me- I also tend to have adventures... I go out to eat, someone falls down the stairs, driving home from work a car flips over at 50mph....things like that. I love riding the ambulance when I can, so it's like second nature to respond when I see something. Why things that I can respond to look for me I dunno.... Love this thread, hey, We are nurses and proud of it!!
  12. by   rdhdnrs
    Is there any other department than high-risk OB? I think it must be like the ER; addictive and impossible not to love for us adrenaline addicts!!
    The great thing about nursing: there are so many different areas to suit almost anyone who's willing to WORK!!!!
  13. by   Nurse Ratched
    Geriatrics and Hospice. No doubt about it. I will confess burnout on the death thing that took me away, but there isn't an inkling of doubt in my mind that I'll be back in it. Taking a little mental health break for now .