Christmas Schedule

  1. Hey! just wondered how your Christmas schedule looks? I dont have a Christmas this year. It totally isnt fair! My NM has me working Dec. 23,24,25. I am transferring to O.B. soon, so i guess i will just grin and bear it!
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  3. by   cactus wren
    I have Christmas off, but then I`m working turkey day, and New years eve and day, so it evens out....
  4. by   New CCU RN
    I have the 18th-23rd off ....on 24, 25 off for two after then off also for new years eve and day....also off for five days around turkey time....yes, sounds like are getting what call when the schedule sucks "bent". oh ...and i am new..... so its not like i had any seniority to make the schedule in my favor
  5. by   Tweety
    I'm working 24th and 25th 7pm to 7am. Xmas is a nonevent for me this year. Only one other person is working both days along with me. Others are working one or the other and planning their lives around their schedule. I volunteered to work those hours, because Xmas has never been a big deal to me, and there isn't much tradition or no children around. The other charge capable nurses all have kids.
    I work Thanksgiving and the day after, 7a-7p. But then I'm off for both Christmas and New Year's holidays!

    I know, I suck

  7. by   nursedawn67
    I work I have to work Christmas Eve, so when I get home christmas morning I'm going right to bed, and when I get up the kids will have everything set up for "Christmas Morning".
  8. by   mintyRN
    I feel for you!!! I am on Thanksgiving night (no big deal) Christmas night and New Years Eve. I requested Christmas eve off and I did get that so I'm not gonna whine. Maybe you and your family can have a special day together on the 26th?
  9. by   Y2KRN
    Don't even have the Christmas schedule yet!!!! Ugh!!
  10. by   suzannasue
    Christmas schedule this year is sorta...well, ok...I aint the working my usual weekend that encompasses, Dec 21,22,23..then am scheduled 7p- 1a on the 24th...I guess I will have to get ALL of my cooking done the week before and pack my freezer...My DH does not have to work the 24th or the 25th which pizzes me off to the hilt... ...perhaps I should be happy that SOMEONE has both days off...but NO...I am not happy with this knowledge... :stone
    His children are in Michigan...we are 3 daughters are coming home for the "festivities" ...and as usual, I will be in a semi-coma...
    DH just got back into nursing...I could just have a hissy fit...his biggest deal wil be trying to get me to visit his parents and I shall not waiver in my decision of 2 1/2 years ago to stay away from these 2 toxic people...they are EVIL, EVIL, EVIL...
  11. by   zudy
    Off Thanksgiving, the Friday after , Christmas eve, day New Years day ALL WITH PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heather, you just think you suck!!!!
  12. by   New CCU RN
    geez, how did u manage that zudy
  13. by   zudy
    I told you I suck!! Just kidding! Work for a state run hospital, in a clinic that will be closed. We are paid for all holidays. Love it !!!
  14. by   bagladyrn
    Working Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and New Year's Day night this year. (I volunteered for this as I'm a traveler, no small kids, and don't really want to go out on New Years) (hoping for a New Year baby on our unit - that's fun!). Besides building up good will for when I want off, I'll have all that holiday pay for the after Christmas sales!