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Hey! just wondered how your Christmas schedule looks? I dont have a Christmas this year. It totally isnt fair! My NM has me working Dec. 23,24,25. I am transferring to O.B. soon, so i guess i will... Read More

  1. by   fab4fan
    When I said I would spend the time contemplating my NAVEL (not NAVAL...that would be some maritime object, I believe), I meant that time off is precious to everyone, kids, spouse, no kids, no spouse. We who are unmarried/no children should not have to come up with a resonable excuse for wanting to take a holiday day OWED to us.

    And I don't buy it that someone goes into nursing thinking he/she would not have to work holidays, major or minor. To throw a "Hillary" at me, when you state you dislike everything else about her is pretty convenient.

    Let's talk about G & D of children... a 4y old is not going to be irreparably traumatized because Mommy wasn't home for X-mas that year. Even if someone were so misguided as to believe that nurses didn't have to work holidays, you know that when you have children, you have to make sacrifices. So if you have a problem working holidays, find a job where that is not an issue, but please, do not blast me in one post, stating that what I planned to do on a holiday was less important than your plans, then in another post say you did no such thing. I think it more boils down to your wanting to be with your child on the holiday...perfectly normal, but you should still do your share of holidays, etc. God only knows that people with children get extra consideration at the workplace as it is.

    I have to say I really resent this attitude of need to sacrifice for my child. Tell me, for who's child shall I work New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor would never stop. What will you do to go out of your way for a single, childless person?

    Do your holidays you're assigned. If you can talk someone into working for you, fine. But please, don't condescend from Mt. Parenthood and tell me my time is of less value, which is what you did. These are the attitudes that made me stop working all the holidays...when I needed a scheduling favor, the dayshift people with kids would scatter like cockroaches when a light is turned on.

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  2. by   Mattigan
    Fab4fan- i am in agreement with you.

    What really bothers me is when says "Oh, I can't work- my husband will have a fit". or "Well, I'll have to ask my husband if I can work that holiday." They get scheduled anyway and then on that day the husband calls and says she won't be there. Has happened to me alot !

    Please. My cats love me and want me home, too. I have family that are people. What is this "I have to ask my husband" thing about ??
  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Well, I'm the new kid on the block, so to speak, having recently changed jobs and I have a totally nasty Christmas schedule. I work 7a-7p on the 21st, 7p-7a the 22nd, 23rd and 24th, then 7p-7a the 27th and 28th. My two daughters, who no longer live at home, or even in the same city for that matter, are coming home for the holidays. Lucky them, they get nine days of Mom in her pyjamas! :imbar I only agreed to work this nasty stretch so that I could be off New Year's Eve, our silver wedding anniversary. :kiss Hubby better get me something really fine!!! "Don't make me wish I was at work!!" :roll
  4. by   HeartRNJenn
    In a semi-related question...
    How do your institutions set up holiday schedules? At my hospital, Thanksgiving is based on seniority, but Christmas and New Years are for everyone!
    Every other year, I work Christmas Day and New Years Eve and the following year, I work Christmas Eve and New Years Day. Sort of ruins both holidays. I'd rather work both Christmas eve/day or both New Year's eve/day, but not one of each...
    Oh well...I know nobody enjoys working holidays- or being in the hospital, for that matter!
  5. by   NicuGal
    We put in our Wish name the 1st, 2nd and 3rd almost always get your 1st two off. If you are low man, or want certain things in barter, such as the day after the holiday off, you can deal. This year I am covering two 4 hours blocks that need help...11p-3a on Christmas Eve and 3-7p on New Years Eve. Then I was able to have Christmas Day and New Years Day off.

    When she first makes out the list, it goes by seniority per shifts.

    And as for holiday pay, we get a prorated amount plus $2/hr more. So, I work 64 hours biweekly, therefore I get 6.4 hours extra pay that week.
  6. by   CraftyLPN
    I worked thanksgiving...and Christmas and new year....New employee..bottom of totem pole right now...anything to keep em happy I guess......
  7. by   Genista
    I'm still waiting to hear the verdict on Christmas scheduling this year. Our current schedule goes thru 12/21...
    It's 12/11 today and I have no idea if I am working 12/24, 12/25 or what.

    True, as a nurse, we all know there will be holidays worked. But it's not so bad if we take turns and get a few "0ff" each year. One year I was an idiot and didn't request any holidays off, and (my 1st year out, new grad) they had me working Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas day, and new Year's eve (pm shift, no less).I was so glad to even have a job, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a disappointment. New Years Eve that year was so depressing! I remember sitting at the nurses station, with absolutely no festivities, finishing up my charting as "the ball dropped."

    Yes, we do have to work holidays, that that doesn't mean we have to like it! ;-)
    I love getting holidays off! (Especially 12/25!!!!)
    Happy Holidays!

  8. by   yms yms rn
    In our facility everyone has to work an "-eve" or a "-day" for Xmas and New Year's each; nobody gets the whole holiday off. Usually, whatever you worked last year, you have off this year to make it fair. Also, no one is allowed the take any vacation or PTO between Xmas and New Year's; there is no seniority or manager interference with this policy, so it keeps the complaints to a minimum. I usually work both Christmas eve and day 'cause our kids are older and we can schedule our celebration anytime.