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short of watching my kids open presents..........i just am not into it this year. me :rolleyes:... Read More

  1. by   craff1
    For me, xmas doesn't officially start until I take my last final! Then I have time to think about it! But I don't even put up a tree at home since I have no children and am hardly there anyway.

  2. by   hoolahan
    Kids-R can you do some on-line or catalog shopping? Would that be easier?

    I went shopping last night, and my mission was shop til done! I had a great time! For anyone who I couldn't think of a gift for, they got a gift cert to the mall, or one to a major dept store, like jcpenny's, so they could use it in any state.

    For hubby, we agreed not to buy each other gifts this year. Ha! Last time we agreed on that, I took it seriously, and he bought me several gifts. So... here's what I got him.
    Soft flannel PJ's, yes, my old man must be showing his age, he's starting to wear PJ's! Never thought I'd see that day! He also asked next time I buy him undies I get whitie tighties, so I got him designer whitie tighties! I also bought matching silk boxers for my hubby and son, they are green with candy canes on them, and also got hubby a silk boxer of blue with american flags on it. Then I found the cutest baseball cap and mug set in sears that said Joe Fix-It on it, b/c the man truly can repair just about anything, which saves us tons of money!

    My grandomomn said don't buy her anything, but that feels too weird. I bought her a yankee candle, since she does like those, and I am giving her a coupon for a breakfast out. Last time we went out to eat together, she stared lecturing me about what I should and shouldnb't eat b/c of my weight, which truly took away my appetite, so I only ordered coffee, then she got pissy and only ordered coffee too, then the two of us were actualy arguing at the table in the restaurant (I am sure everyone thought I was a mean B to argue with a LOL, but you have to know her, she thinks her age is a free license to criticise, NOT!) She actually tried to tell me, when I said that it hurt my feelings when she talked to me like that, that No, it did not hurt my feelings. That was when I lost it, saying how the heck do YOU know what does and does not hurt my feelings??!! And it went downhill from there. It will be very difficult, but I am going to do it, as a peace offering, even though we made up long ago, we haven't broken bread together since! (PS, I plan to order bacon, porkroll, eggs, croissant, butter on everything possible, and really test her! LOL! Well, maybe!) Actually, there is a neat little tea room that opened up in BUcks county Pa, which has all teas and tasty treats, don't thiunk they have food, so maybe I can't go wrong if the only thing on the menu is tasty tidbits. I mean, after all, when you go out to eat, why order cereal, I eat that at home!! OK, OK, I'll get off it!

    Nicola, you go girl! I'm a bag lady myself. Went to the dollar store last night and got ten bags for ten bucks! All the present s went in them. This am I got up at the crack of dawn and have already wrapped all the gifts. Today is decorate the house, and gfo to the restaurants for the last few gift cert's, then write my send out Xmas cards. I really will fool my dtr. I got her an adorable tommy hilfiger bag, 30% off at Macy's, she has been begging for a tommy bag since last year. I had no box to fit the shape of it, so you know those big tins that 3 flavors of popcorn come in? I put it in that and stuffed "peanuts" all around it, and it really sounds like popcorn when you shake it. I can see her face now thinkinf "Oh gee, popcorn, thanks I need to grab a few stocking stuffers and I'm done. First time I have ever been this organized, but I had to be or nothing would be done!

    Now I feel like I can relax. THAT is wy I have a Christmas spirit!
  3. by   nightingale
    Oh you little elf helpers.... surely you were sent to give us your spirit! I am exhausted just reading what you have done and are doing!

    Our move (thank GOD) has been postponed.. the rental fell through and His boss is happier to have us stay in this small town... we will reevaluate next year and (hpefully) get it done early in the year.

    Saw some cool Buffalo's in snow Christmas cards that were perfect but expensive.. okay... okay we can get those... and now feel like I follow the suggestion and do some online shopping!

    Getting there!

  4. by   nana kathy
    Had the first family get-together today. Mom, Dad, 10 siblings, spouses, 11 cousins, and 15 second-cousins, two guests, AND SANTA.....
    Now, the holiday spirit hits me. Know now I have to be ready, as time is running out.
    Oh the faces of the little ones as Santa comes through the door, what a blessing in itself as they glow...
    Had an auction with wrapped gifts to add to the pot to help pay for next years get-together, and even though I am an
    ex-in-law (long story), they elected me auctioneer. With the
    bidding and laughter, hugs and kisses, looked around the room and saw all the family, all the differences, all the simularities, all the blessings, (2 new babies); I really did find the true meaning of Christmas; family, togetherness and love.
    My vote of no really turned to a great big holiday YES today.
    Love to you all.....
  5. by   CEN35
    i am really gonna be lucky to make it to jan 2nd........

  6. by   nightingale
  7. by   nicola
    I'm so proud of myself!!! I finished Mom's table cloth YESTERDAY... I was beginning to think I wouldn't make it and would have to find her something at the last minute. I also have the majority of my wrapping done. Today I have to get a candle for my s-i-l, then tonight wrap Mom's gift and the stuff for my s-i-l. My packages came out pretty nicely...

    I think I'm getting into the spirit finally. I can't believe that in 4 short days I'll be picking up my rental car and packing it to go to Delaware... I just hope the ride is uneventful! I have lots of CD's to sing to and make the miles pass quickly.

    Wish all travelers a safe journey and return home!
  8. by   Ellen in Ont
    I truly believe you get out of Christmas what you put into it. Not that it has to be done in a hurry - the exact oposite. I always try and be completely ready by Dec 1 (except to put up the real trees - two of them). Then I can relax and enjoy the holiday. I start thinking about next years gifts while I am at boxing day sales. Everyone on my list gets a present that shows that I have chosen it just for them and shows that I have taken an interest in their lives throughout the past year (remembering if they say they like a certain something or that they just painted their bathroom and get matching towel for example). The gifts represent not an obligation for me but a sign of my love. My greatest joy at Christmas is watching others open them. I do the baking a month in advance so that I can take my time and put the extra touches in it. I love giving these homemade goodies to everyone who comes to visit or to people who don't have the time to do it themselves. I go overboard with the decorations both inside and out because I enjoy the pleasure it brings to everyone who visits. The decorations have been collected over the past thirty some years and taking each one out brings back wonderful memories. My cards are always mailed early so mine will be the first one everyone receives and remembers (I chose them the year before at the after Christmas sales). The fact that I have to work over Christmas (12 hour night shifts the 24, 25 and 26) only causes a little sigh but then I am thinking about how to make it a better time for the other staff I am working with as well as the patients that have to spend the holidays in hospital. My house will be filled with family staying with me for the holidays and I am thankful that my brother doesn't need his open heart surgery until after the holidays so we can all enjoy the time together. On the 26th I am giving a big supper with all the trimmings for about 15 people and then work that night again. I am thankful that I don't have to stay and do the cleanup. My oldest son won't be home Christmas day for the first time but I am happy he and his new wife will be home for the 26th for supper. So Christmas is all in your attitude and your heart. You make the decision on how you will handle the stress or commercialism or the fact you have to work. You make the decision about whether you will be happy or not. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas in your heart. Ellen
  9. by   fergus51
    I just made Xmas cookies with my mother and it has put me out of the spirit. It's like having Martha Stewart in the kitchen with me. These are too big, this one's too dry, this one is undercooked.... Other than that I plan on celebrating the same way as every year.
  10. by   hoolahan
    fergus, I do sympathize!! Been there, done that with grandma. Not only her, but every year my in-laws show up late for dinner. It used to get my blood boiling, esp when the kids were small, and hubby worked, so I was there by myself with 2 toddlers preparing a feast for 14 people.

    One year I was so pi$$ed, I cracked open the champagen early, after 2 glasses, I really didn't care what time anyone showed up, or how perfectly timed dinner hit the table.

    MY recommendation to you? Two drinks BEFORE you meet with Martha, but don't forget the tic tacs! LOL!!!!

    Guess what? Santa just rolled into town. In my town, Santa has always arrived in grand style on the top of a fire rtuck. This has been going on since I was a tyke, and the firemen throw out candy , it used to be huge red lollipops with a white icing-like santa pic on them. Now nothing gets me happier than to watch little kids get a kick out of this. My kids are too old for that now, too cool, but I go out and wave to Santa.
  11. by   fergus51
    LOL!!! I wish Hoolahan! I can't drink because I take medication... sigh...She made it up to me by cleaning the cookie pans. I know she means well, but she just drives me INSAAAAAANNNNNNEEEE!
  12. by   Lausana
    well, i've decided that i love christmastime too much to be bummed any more...
    i've got all gifts bought/made but one, and busy christmas activities for the next 5 days, so i'm going to just let everything else go for a while including my disfunctional family!!
    so change my answer to yes.

    hope you guys have a great holiday week!:d
  13. by   CEN35
    despite my christmas attitude this year...........i wanted everybody else out there to have a good holiday, hope all is well! i won't be here for a few days after tomorrow, but will be back mid week!!!

    oh yeah....and btw ty --> me! :d :d