chiropractor vs doc

  1. Just looking for some opinions/advice on this.

    My family, almost all of them go to the chiropractor for everything. Some I can understand, my brother was in a car accident a few months ago and goes to get an adjustment about twice a month or so. But, there are a few like my other brother took his 3 month old daughter in because she holds her head funny, after her ped told them to wait and see because she would grow out of it. They saw a slight improvement with the chiropractor and she's now in PT. Also, my dad he started having alot of pain in his knees and could hardly walk and then both of his legs swelled up, I told him to get to the dr and he went to the chiropractor. The chiropractor said it was his sciatic and my dad is feeling better although his knees are still hurting him, the swelling is almost gone. My mom, my other brother and his wife are always going to get adjusted. I have never been to a chiropractor, so I guess I just don't understand, but it seems that if you have a medical problem you would go to a medical dr. Just curious what your thoughts are on this. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   TracyB,RN
    I LOVE my chiropractor... Helps my chronic low back pain better than the stupid narcs do...
  4. by   jenrninmi
    I'm no longer a walking headache taking Excedrin every day thanks to my chiropractor.
  5. by   speti4
    In spite of staying fit, using lifts and equipment to take the load off myself, and also watching my body mechanics, I still end up with shoulder tension which result in headaches. I always have.

    I have tried MDs, massage, stretching, narcotics, NSAIDs, analgesic rubs, hot/cold packs, showers, baths, yoga and plain waiting it out. One trip to the chiropractor and it's like magic. I go about once a month.

    As for the baby, I wouldn't do chiropractic unless she was symptomatic and we had explored all other possibilities. Maybe not even then. The swollen legs would get a trip to an MD as well.

    Chiropractic is a complimentary medicine, it isn't a cure all. But it sure has given me a better quality of life
  6. by   Hoozdo
    I used to be a chiropractor non-believer.....that is until I started working in bedside nursing. I visited one my parents go to and she straightened out some chronic neck pain I have had for about 5 years in about 6 visits. Turned out that is was an old whiplash injury that only hurt when I was under stress or doing things like turning 300 lb comatose patients.

  7. by   MrsMommaRN
    chiropractic is complimentary medicine. in my opinion. it is not the save all end all. to some people it is the only dr. they will see. long ago when i was a cna in ltc i saw a chiropractor for my back pain. it did wonders. it burned my butt when the director of nursing of the ltc told me that chiropractors were not real doctors and their practice was just voodoo. chiropractic is a science of alignment and the concept that if the spine is aligned the rest will follow. i would not see my chiropractor for a burn or broken bone nor would he want me to. give it a try you may be pleasantly surprized.
  8. by   TazziRN
    I am a believer of chiro also, but for structural problems only. For illnesses I see an MD.
  9. by   mommy2boys
    I look at a chiropractor as as specialist. I see mine when my back/neck hurts, not for other things. ( I have a few friends that see their chiro for EVERYTHING). I wouldn't see my GYN for kidney stones, so I wouldn't see my chiropractor for cramps.