Children, Husband/wife, JOb and Nursing school??!!!

  1. How did you manage?!
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  3. by   swatch007
    Quote from RNsoon!
    How did you manage?!
    Time management skills and courage to endure present pain of sacrificing by looking the better future for me and my family. I just did it and the pay-off is great. ( we started 65 students and only 21 of us were able to graduate. I gave all I got more than words could describe here)

    Carry on...
  4. by   ceecel.dee
    Good study habits!
  5. by   HappyNurse2005
    because you realize that school is NOT indefinite, it really will end one day, even if it doesn't seem like it. your situation will not permanently be as stressful as it is now.
  6. by   MIA-RN1
    i planned every day in hour-long blocks. I knew just what I had to do and when I had to do it. I included things as shopping, appointments, study time, and downtime. It helped me see how much time I really had and it was way less stressful. My assignment sheet now that I am working is the same--divided up into hourly blocks.
    It is all possible and like the above poster said, it is NOT permanent. You have a light to look towards--your graduation!
  7. by   AfloydRN
    It's hard, but know it IS temporary. My family was great and knew it had to be a priority. I worked full time as well. God knows I had no sleep for a few years, but in the end it was worth it. Nothing worth wanting is easy.
  8. by   Doog
    Add to that a part time job and thats me! Organization is the key
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    How did I manage? Sometimes, I wonder......

    It was hard, given at the time, my husband was active duty military and deployed my entire 4th semester (hardest one) and I had a 3 year old to care for. I just did it, one day, one minute, at a time. And I had some help from some very good friends (my family all lived 1000 miles away so no help from them most of the time).

    And being organized is KING. You have to be scrupulous about setting up time to study and the like. My son used to make a huge mess of my home while I studied. I would let him raid my cabinets and put all the pots, pans and cans out and just bang away while I studied. I also studied when he napped. I just had to make do, like most do.

    Like I said, one day at a time. You may have to stay up really late, or get up really early, to find time to do your assignments, care plans and study. But it can be done, believe me, if you work hard enough.
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  10. by   casualjim
    so far what's working for me is stay as far ahead with schoolwork as I can. Surf when theres surf, swim daily, ocean paddle, to blow off steam. Keep the wife and kiddo as happy as I can by doing my studying at the library so I'm not in the position of not being attentive to them when we're all in the same place
  11. by   lsyorke
    Study in the bathtub.. with the door locked!!!!
  12. by   TrudyRN
    I guess I'm the oddball here but I was single and had no children. I did work part-time.
  13. by   TrudyRN
    I wonder if nurses would find it easier to transition to the world of work,
    after graduating, if they could concentrate on just school for a couple
    or 3,4 years of college.
  14. by   LuvMyGamecocks
    What's working thus far for me....

    Children..(I have a 3 and 5yo) If you have a choice between washing dishes or reading a second book before bed, go with the second book. If you focus the time you do have with them on giving them your undivided attention, it goes a long way.

    Work...Going to work for me is an easy way to leave everything else behind for a little while. Then again, I enjoy what I do and it's nice to redirect my attention. I feel recharged and ready for whatever's next when I get home.

    Husband...Learn/Believe/Accept that intimacy and noticing each other as a spouse doesn't always equal sex. The little moments mean SO much - a playful pinch here, a lingering hug's great for kids to see a loving bond between their parents, so don't be afraid to grab your spouse for a smooch while you're cooking dinner. :blushkiss

    Above all, truly believe that the world will NOT fall apart if you don't keep a spotless home.