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  1. Is that a fact or just your own opinion? What about type A, and type A+ ( "like myself")? Are they best fit? --if you know what I mean.
  2. swatch007

    1 year (semester) male nursing student having Doubts

    :nono:Pssstt... Don't yell here, Samschwinn (those caps indicated your tone). This court is in session. Yes, I agree; nursing school is sucks, but try to use those fancy words you know to replace the "sucks". So at least other people won't get the wrong impression that we are less intelligent here.
  3. swatch007

    1 year (semester) male nursing student having Doubts

    Kennyboy, listen up my friend! Nursing is just a job. Don't feel bad if you think you don't have the passion for it or if you are in doubt. The real question here is what do you want to do in your life? YOu'll have to leave your mother's nest soon or build a beter one for yourself. Many people take the same action for different reasons. You can produce the same result even if your reason for being a nursing student is different than theirs -your classmates. You cannot run a car with an empty tank. You can't endure hardships if you don't find your motivation for pursuing this nursing careeer. How about having your own house, car and other things you like by taking care of your patients when you become a nurse. Other nurses are motivated by their desire to help. You will produce the same result if you do your job as a nurse, so you don't have to subscribe to others' more dramatic reasons for being nurse. Even if all the students in your class were male and there was only one female, your mind would find other negative things to focus on because you don't have a motivation to be there. In short, you have to stop your mind for being fixated on negative things by finding your own reasons why it is important for you to pursue this career. So you really have to wake up yourself because you are not always young.
  4. swatch007

    Living situation

    champagne or vodka might be able to help 'till you move to a less noisy place
  5. swatch007

    Hurst Review

    This --> https://allnurses.com/forums/f197/hurst-online-review-other-review-courses-97974.html might help you to answer your question. Also when you read this link, scroll down to see more threads related to this topic. I did not use Hurst Review when I was reviewing for NCLEX . I studied by myself doing 300 questions a day using different NCLEX review books out there. I only did it for a month and I passed with minimum # of questions. Different folks, diferent strokes. Whatever you think is the best way to accomplish your goal, go for it. Wish you the best on your review.
  6. swatch007

    New Grad...On Neuro Unit. need advise.

    I wish I could help, but the only thing I can think of is the standard of nursing practice. Nursing assessment that we learned in school and nursing text books is the same skill that we are expected to perform. In addition to what others' recommended, it might help you alot to review the neuro part of nursing assessment in a text book like med-surg or you may want to buy a video like "Expert Nurse: performing head to toe assessment" from Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Although you are lacking of experience compared with other nurses around you, you have the ability to absorb knowledge faster and be able to apply it in your practice because your brain is still in state of faster learning mode, the after effect of your grueling years in nursing school.
  7. swatch007

    In Todays New World a question or two

    I was a paramedic but I only carry band aid in my wallet since I live in new york city where ambulances can response in less than 5 minutes. I can do CPR and stop bleeding if I have to. No I don't carry gun, knives or any weapon other than my fighting skills. Twice I got mugged. Let me tell the story when the second mugging attempt happened to me. A group of 4 big ( all taller than me and possibly members of a gang called "Blood") teenagers was trying to mug me a year ago when I was coming back from work at 1am. Two of them had box cutters, one had steel pipe and the last one just had no weapon. One came to me first and punched me in my chest. I was stunned but able to recover quickly, few seconds before the two of them who were coming fast toward me to slash my face. I ducked just in time and my footwork coordinated well, fast enough to position myself for livershot punch on one of them ( I heard arrrgghhh!!! The pain was enough to immobilize him). then swithed my footing to other fellow to deliver a kick to his groin. Attackers like to control their victims by intimidation or inflicting damage to force their will. Any counter attack by a possible victim should be done without hesitation and with some element of surprise, but some people get paralized by their own fear when facing attacker/s. Even multiple attackers don't really attack at the same exact moment, so there is always a chance to damage the first attacker to immobilize him before other can get closer. Even one blow to the body's weak points is enough immobilize an attacker. I'm an ER nurse, and I have seen a lot of patients who came in as victims of random act of street violence (rape, gang attack, stabbing, gunshot etc.) I try my best to stay away from trouble when I'm walking outside,but if there is no other option to avoid, I will fight like hell and run away like speedy gonzales...> in case you are wondering what happened to the other two attackers, I hit both of them in the torso and shin with the steel pipe when I was able to grabbed it from a clumsy attacker. As an ex-prize fighter for many years before I become a nurse, it will take me more energy not to confront any bullies who try prey on me. However, as a nurse now, I qenuinely feel that it is immoral to intentionally hurt attackers beyond reasonable degree of aggression when I am being attack outside of my workplace that was why I chose to immobilize them with my control counter attacks instead of knocking them out or intentionally causing permanent damage by , for example, punching full power to the windpipe or poking eye sockets and deliverately snapping neck, enough to cause permanent paralysis or death. We all have this impulse to react based on what we are differently conditioned to , but since we are nurses, we try our best to uphold our professional image by acting with civility and rationally ( even outside of our workplace) in this modern jungle. crav maga
  8. swatch007

    New guy saying hello!

    Welcome aboard! Are you off today? , so here take it :beer: and let's celebrate. *hik!* --excuse me... (its coffee in a beer mug, so don't worry) LOL.
  9. swatch007

    Accelerated Nursing Programs

    caro3334Re: Accelerated Nursing Programs I just found out that not all ABSN programs require a previous degree Many of my fellow soldiers called the accelerated nursing program as a "Shake and Bake" program. The schools will let you in the program and spin your head with lots of info in such a short time without really absorbing it in your head-- sure you'll have clinicals too,but these do not mean you are really learning. Then when you become an RN, you barely have a clue what you are doing because you are still dizzy and did not really have time to process the info to turn it into knowledge. I have worked both in civilian and military hospitals and I never failed to identify who just came out from the shake and bake schools. YOu might not like the fact, but the harsh reality is out there waiting for you when you come out from that kind of schools because this program is designed to desperately fill the gap in the nursing shortage, but not to protect you from knowing very little. Traditional BSN program will accept your credits too if you already have a college degree, so why not go there or ADN program which is known for instilling critical thinking and excellent nursing skills.
  10. swatch007

    Accelerated Nursing Programs

  11. swatch007

    question about getting into a nursing program

    No need to waste your time taking "upper level classes" because they are not going to consider these classes when judging your application in nursing school. The best action to take is to make sure your pre-req classes GPA should be 4.0 or at least as close to this as possible. Some schools also require you to take nursing entrance examination in addition to their higher GPA requirement. Try to get a high score on that test. I wish you the best on your journey.
  12. swatch007

    I passed!!!!

    clap! clap! clap! clap! impressive! welcome aboard! Now get ready to work harder and prepared a bucket for a pouring $$$ to come (just kidding, we don't really get paid enough for the hard work we have to put, but I got my bucket ready anyway).
  13. swatch007

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    Reading almost all of the responses here gives me an insight that helps me to pause and understand people better which is unusual in this fast-paced society since most of us are preoccupied . Thanks to this site and to everyone who has taken time to share his/her story!
  14. swatch007

    A message from GOD...??

    Long time ago, primitive people perceived events that they could not control or things that they could not explain as God's will or acts. I think it's somehow part of human's defense mechanism to think this way when unfortunate events or things are getting out of control in their lives. That way of thinking temporarily shields them from harsh reality until they are able to recollect, recover and put another fight or give up by convincing themselves that God does not want them to go that way. Personally, I would have thought the same way ,too, after waiting for almost three years ( I even earned my associate degree in liberal arts science while waiting )to get accepted in a nursing school then just failed med-surg, in my second semester. I was devastated because there was no repeat allowed, so I got kicked out of nursing school. I applied in another school while taking different classes just to stay in school as the nursing department required to get accepted in the nursing program in that school. After A year and half, I was finally a nursing student (again!) I changed my strategy for studying, gave every once of my effort to pass all my classes. Out of 65 nursing students, I was among 18 students who made it through graduation. I could have given up and succumbed to the thought that maybe God did not want me to be a nurse plus my advisor in the first nursing program I attended told me that "nursing is not for everyone. You should consider changing your major to computer engineering'. My advice to you: Whatever it takes to follow your dream, do it because you will never feel satisfy in life if you go the other way since this feeling reflects your personal values. Who knows, you might be able to impress God with your Tenacity.
  15. swatch007

    Sleeping during nightshift!!

    That's a risky business! If they would just sleep at work, they might as well bring pillows with them.
  16. swatch007

    Damn Hippa!!!

    Being able to follow what you are legally bound to follow as a nurse is what makes you a professional that includes HIPPA. If I were a police, you would not expect me to let my drug dealer friend to get away just because he is supporting his studies from the profit he makes? Emotions is not bad, but don't get mixed up with legal responsibilities and feelings. I sincerely feel sorry for the loss of your friend.:smilecoffeeIlovecof