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just read a long thread about lowering the standards etc. for people with special needs. how about cheaters. i went to school with quite a few people who were not only sharing notes from the... Read More

  1. by   researchrabbit
    If they don't know the answers for class, how will they ever know when they are working??
  2. by   gwenith
    Cheaters, true cheaters, the ones who crib off others only erally end up cheating themselves. The aim of a course is not to pass the exam but to learn what is needed. Passing an exam is just a way, and not the only way, of ensuring that the student has not only learnt what is needed but ,in the case of well written exams, prove that they can take the information and analyse, synthesise and evaluate. The hardest test to pass is a true "open book" exam because if they are set right they are about how well you can analyse what is required, access the information and formulate strategies. Using past papers is not cheating. interrater validity in test marking with questions other than multi-choice remains poor because often the 100% answer is a matter of opinion and the opinion that matters is the one of the examiner. In other words it is not just regurgiation. There is the jargon, the "type" of question, the cognitive level of the questions and the bias of the examiner.

    If students are allowed to read and use previous papers it helps to negate these extraeous factors and allow testing of the primary purpose - has the student learnt and understood what is needed.

    Besides learning off of old examinations is "active" learning as opposed to "passive" learning and therefore has bgreater persistance
  3. by   cokie
    is it cheating if only a few people have the exam questions and answers (no thinking required here) not all, and the instructors are unaware that their tests have been copied..... just a short story from my first semester in be the judge. we were supposed to study 500 abbreviations, but would only be tested on 20. since i was one of the first people to take the test, and had actually studied all 500, i only got 18 out of 20, but that was passing. by the time the second half of the class took the test, they were getting 100%. one of my classmates actually called me an uptight b.... because when she asked me what had been on the test, i told her to study the abbreviations, she would need to know them later anyway.
  4. by   NsgTiger
    I have to agree with John. Using previous notes, exams, etc. aren't really cheating. These things can be used as tools to aid the learning process. I have used these things before and don't consider myself a cheater. What I do have a problem with are the people that cheat on exams and never learn the material. It is very frustrating to work hard for your grades and then have a cheater get a higher score. The most unfortunate part is that these people may be taking care of others one day (if they pass the boards). Once you are in nursing school, you are an adult and should act like it. I just think that eventually it will all work out. I know that I will be a much better nurse than the cheaters because I took the time to understand what was presented to me in class. Anyway, that's my two cents...
  5. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Also...what about when the cheaters take the NCLEX??

    Maybe they can cheat their way through school or fool a teacher, but I'll tell ya'...when it comes to taking Boards, it ain't gonna happen. You are fingerprinted, videotaped during the exam, along with actively being watched by an observer. You take NOTHING into the exam room except your brains. If you have to go to the restroom during the exam, you are accompanied by an examiner!

    Cheaters won't make it far...
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Just read yet ANOTHER survey that states "nurses are the most trusted health care professionals in the field" by patients. Welp how can we be if standards are lowered for ANY reason? Not only would this lower standards, but be UNETHICAL and something I would likely want to report. I agree w/Shell. OUT WITH THE TRASH! I don't want 'em practicing along side me, let alone touching people I love.
  7. by   New CCU RN

    there is a difference b/n professors that openly allow students to see last years exam (I have had many professors post their old exams on the internet) and finding out what is on the current exam.
  8. by   kimmicoobug
    I think it depends on the situation. Giving answers to tests or quizzes is cheating in my book. However, if we are given an assignment and I am stumped, I will ask what others got and why. I don't consider that cheating. Our instructors also don't consider that cheating. As far as clinicals go, in my opinion it is kind of hard to cheat with our system. I have done very well in my clinicals because they are all care plans and papers. Writing and making it sound good is one of my strengths (not here, of course...I have to actually think to make it sound good). I did tell a friend of mine that at the end of the year, I would give him a copy of one of my papers so he could use it as an example. I also don't consider this cheating. He will not be getting the same patient that I took care of this year, and is only to be used as an example since writing is not one of his strengths.

    I think in the event of cheating, I am a bit sensitive for no reason. Reason being is because I had a friend who graduated last year. I called her up and asked her for tips to write these papers (mind you, never saw one of hers). She read me one paragraph, then later told everyone that the reason I got the A was because I copied hers word for word (she didn't do so well). I found that interesting because her patient that she wrote about was med surg and mine was OB.

    Ok, sorry for the tagent. In answer to that scenario...Cokie, I do agree, it is cheating. I have gotten some heat from fellow classmates as well for not helping out because I did not give them med sheets for a clinical rotation.
  9. by   New CCU RN
    Im not disagreeing that finding out questions on the current test is cheating.

    What isn't cheating is using old notes or papers or exams if the prof doesn;t mind.
  10. by   semstr
    sharing notes on lecutres is not cheating in my eyes.
    There always were and always will be students who cheat.
    When nobody notices, they did a good job on the cheating too!
    When I notice someone cheating his/ her test is automatically negative. He/ she may take the test once more under strict regulations.
    But, even for those who cheated and nobody noticed it, when the verbal exams come, there is nobody else but him-herself!
  11. by   elanurse

    I am presently a nursing student and let me tell you, cheating is an ongoing forever problem. I am talking about true cheating. People in our program have been known to write on the desks information from texts just before a test. People have stolen testing materials, passed on to others who are taking the same test what the questions are.

    I have a good GPA and I am proud of that, all because I have achieved it with hard work. I get frustrated when these people are still in the program. I worry about whether or not these people will be good nurses and would I want them caring for my family or me. I know I don't know everything, far from it, so how can these people feel comfortable in clinical?? It is scary when you first perform nursing skills in the clinical setting, basically school is the tip of the iceberg with mounds still unknown, but we still need the basics and those who are cheating can't possibly UNDERSTAND the information they are just regurgitating it.

    However, it is a problem with anything, there are those who cheat no matter what the field is or where they work.
  12. by   kittyw
    What I really hate are those that mention the cheating getting called tattletails and such by those cheating. :rolleyes I don't know how people get caught sometimes as I'm just too focused to notice anything while I'm taking a test.

    The definition of cheating is established by the honor code in that school. We're allowed to share lecture notes, rewatch the class cd's, get notes from last year. We don't have copies of last year's tests as they are done online.

  13. by   jude11142
    originally posted by cyberkat
    we had students cheating in classes during our first semster. and i mean they never tried to hide it. they had notes and books wide open during an exam. nothing was done. they are graduating this semester.

    another incident involved two women who, during an exam starting talking to each other in their native language. the teacher failed them both. they appealed, saying the instructor had no idea what they were saying, therefore she could not prove they were cheating. mind you, they never said they were innocent, just that it couldn't be proven. they, too, are graduating this semester.

    the whole thing disgusts me, but it had to do with politcal correctness and not making the school look bad.
    i also have had this happen in my classes. talk about aggravating!! they also graduated despite multiple reports that they were cheating on exams. what did our instructors say to those who reported them? "don't you worry, we are not stupic and we know what's going on" etc...and??? they did nothing, didn't even switch their seats or anything. the rest of the class knew what was going on and at times it would be so obvious. why the instructors chose to ignore this, i don' t know. i would come home from school and tell hubby what was going on and i would be so upset, and he would just say, "who cares what they do, worry about yourself"........well, no sh**!!! but, i worked very hard to earn my grades and didn't always have an easy time. can't understand why others should get aways with cheating and getting away with it. i hope to never have to work with any of them as how can they be trusted. i certainly wouldn't want to take their word on anything. and what does their cheating hurt? themself? i could care less about them, it's the patients that i care about and i find it horrible that there are nurses out there who are most likely not very honest. ofcourse, it's not only the nursing profession that this happens with. it's just a sad that this happens.