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  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm trying to get some information regarding continuing education. I'm not sure how this actually works. Some sites offer free credits. Some you have to pay for. Is there any particular ones I should be doing as a new grad or does it matter? And where is this kept track of, or do I just mention it to future employers or is it just for my own personal benefit? I've heard that we are supposed to keep up to date with things and continue our education and learning this way, but wasn't sure how to go about it....
    Any ideas?
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  3. by   Brownms46
    Hi Amy

    The sites I go to...do keep up with the CEUs you take. They also send me confirmation emails for what credits I have earned. Springhouse has a program where you get $2.00 off for participating in their program. But since I'm cheap in some respects, and always looking fora bargain...I tried to take as many free ones as I can find. But many times...the free ones aren't the ones you interested in. But the CDC has a grant that allows them to give free CEUs out...and many of theirs is about diseases such as TB...and imminizations...and things along that line. But well worth it to check out.

    Here are some of the sites I use:

    http://www.nurseceu.com/ - They have links to RNCEUS.com and they have a special going on this month for $3.00/per contact hr.!
    Excellent variety of CEUs offered!

    http://www.springnet.com/ce/cecat.htm - this is Springnets CEU connections - costs more

    http://nursingmatters.com/ - offering 2 free ceus on V-fib and prints out on the spot certifcate.

    And this is the CDC's site for CEUs


    Many hospitals have funds for their own employees to take CEUs or courses/seminars offered. So check it out with your nurse manager.

    Hope this helps...
  4. by   casperbjs
    I have gone through www.medceu.com for some of my continuing eduation credits. It's easy and after you pass the exam, you get a printed certificate showing you passed the course.:roll
  5. by   becksgr
    At least in MI the CE credits do not have to be turned into anyone. You just keep record of them yourself and the state does random audits. Most web sites have an area where you print out your certificate of completion and that's your proof. Some sites also keep a record of the courses you have taken.

    Here are some sites for free ceus I have found...

    http://www,medi-smart.com/freeceu http://www.wirldiris.com http://www.allnurses.com
  6. by   AmyRN1227
    Thanks everyone for the advice on continuing education credits!
    I have bookmarked the various sites and hope to find some good ones.
    Thanks again~
  7. by   mrh1953
    Greetings, all. I'm new here (tonight!).

    I'm looking for CEUs *not* on line. I like the feel of a book, and the scratching of a pencil. (I am a computer programmer hoping to return to nursing--inactive license at present. I want to avoid sitting in front of a computer for even more hours a day.)

    I posted a similar message in another thread. Apologies for the repetition, but I'm hoping to reach more people this way. So: anyone out there know of companies providing *printed* CEU courses? (Money no object... within reason!)

  8. by   boggle
    Hi mrh1953

    I don't like reading long courses on the computer either, so I printed them out and made my own notebook of courses.

    Since I got the CE courses FREE on line, I didn't mind the printer ink/paper expense.

    try; www.Baxter.com

    They have some great pain management and IV therapy courses for FREE!!!

    The quiz after the course was not hard, yet it tested me on new knowledge gained from the course. I really felt like I learned something.

    Did I mention it was FREE?!!
  9. by   Anaclaire
    i don't know why, but the alabama board of nursing web site's continuing education page says they are no longer accepting ceus from medceu . they give a phone number and contact person to call to ask questions about this change...

    alabama requires 24 hours ceu's (1/2 or more must be "classroom" learning rather than self-study ceus).

    now i'll speak to the off-line (book/journal/module) ceu point:

    i also like the feel of a book and scratch of a pencil. i am a member of two nursing associations (national association of neonatal nurses and academy of neonatal nursing), each of which has journals which often include ceu offerings. being a member, the prices are less for me than a non-member.

    my most favorite place to obtain ceus is ncc (national certification center) where i received my certification in intensive care nursery nursing. i'm able to use their ceus to keep my rnc (specialty certification) active--- we renew it every 3 years. they have a continuing education program of self-learning modules where if you use 3 of their modules (15 ceus each) your certification maintenance renewal is $50 instead of $100. using 1 module toward the certification renewal requirement drops the price from $100 to $70 and if you use 2 its about $60. the modules are a bit expensive but some come with books... the others come with several published journal articles. i find them to be very educational and completely relavent to my specialty area.

    ncc also certifies nurses in many other specialties, mostly relating to the maternal-child division areas (high risk inpatient obstetric nursing, low risk obstetric, neonatal nurse practitioner, intensive care nursery nurse, mother-baby, low risk neonatal, telephone triage, breastfeeding, external fetal monitoring, etc.)

    anyway, i'd imagine lots of other certifying organizations as well as nursing organizations that have journals with a focus on other nursing areas would have similar set ups.

    i like to obtain ceus from regular med/surg journals and other areas to keep abreast of changes. boy a nurse sure can get behind quickly if we don't keep up with things regularly! i like to go to our hospital library and read the journals there. i can also make a xerox copy of the answer sheet and then mail it in with the payment. it's a bit more expensive since i'm not a member of an organization that publishes these other journals but that's ok with me...

    i also like attending ceu seminars and workshops once in a while for networking and just hanging out with old and meeting new people.

    here's to keeping current! somehow it's more fun to study and learn when we are not in class in a situation where we have to study!:chuckle

    ncc web site

    nann web site

    ann (neonatal network journal) web site

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  10. by   pfleige
    Free CEU directorY:
  11. by   cathy949
    Thanks to all you guys for the great on-line sites. Working in Saudi Arabia, it's just what I need.
  12. by   NICU_Nurse
    www.emedicine.com has your first 1.5 hours (basically,your first ceu article and quiz) for free after you sign up for free access, and each additional course is only $7.50 apiece. Great, thorough articles, and sign-up is worth it even without the ceu's, because the site has EVERYTHING you need to know. I constantly use it at work to look up illnesses, etc.
  13. by   mrh1953
    Hi, Boggle--

    I appreciated your response to my question about CEUs on paper (as opposed to on-line).

    Last evening I tried printing out the text of a study course (Nursing Spectrum's ALS update) and earned a (free) contact hour. I didn't mind taking the test on line since I had the printout right in front of me, all marked up with comments and underlines.

    It seemed to work as smoothly as doing the same process by snailmail. Thanks for the nudge.

  14. by   MollyJ
    As a new nurse, you should ALSO be asking yourself, "What are my learning needs?"

    A Continuing ed activity shouldn't be busy work, it should answer a knowledge deficit you perceive in yourself. I wouldn't spend the time on 3 hours of Free CEU's if it didn't meet a knowledge deficit requirement for me.

    Once you've identified some areas of concern for yourself, then go on-line OR through the local listings and look for Continuing ed that meets your needs.

    In my state, college credits in nursing and ancillary sciences could qualify for for continuing ed hours. When I worked on my BSN and my MSN, I just submitted a copy of my grade card. If I was taking nursing curriculum, hours (in my state) were granted at the rate of 15 CEUs per hour of college credit. No worries mate. I took a psych class in the drug and alcohol counseling program in my community and they didn't quite grant it hours at the same rate, but I think it was still VERY good.

    Even if you aren't currently working at a local hospital DON"T discount them as a source of continuing ed. When I worked in a tertiary care hospital, they offered 2 and 4 CEU classes that were very much aimed at new practitioners.

    Good luck.