1. how often do you call in to say you won't be in to work? do you feel guilty or not? how many hours prior to your shift are you suppose to allow for before calling off?
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    I work days (7-3 or 7-7) and I have to call off before 5am.

    I'm not really sure how often I call off, I don't really keep track. I call off when I have to, and I feel no guilt.

  4. by   Dayray
    Dont think I ever have called off. I requested an EA once so I dunno how soon to call
  5. by   RyanRN
    No guilt.
    Whenever I need a mental or physical health day. Not often.
    At least 2 hours before the beginning of the shift, that's the rule.

    Isn't it funny, I say 'call in', so do you. Lots of people say 'call off'. Just an observation. (I say tomAtoes)
  6. by   oh-agnurse
    never called off. once I tried and they guilted me into coming in. But with they way things are lately if i had to I would feel no guilt. OK maybe a little for my fellow workers.
  7. by   deespoohbear
    I don't usually call-in very often, but when I do it is justified. I try to call in at least 2 hours before the shift starts. This past year I had a lot more call-ins than usual. Since the end of Nov last year it someone has been sick or required some kind of surgery. I think I finally got everybody settled. I don't feel guility about calling in. I used to but heck the facility doesn't care about me so why should I feel guility.
  8. by   Fgr8Out
    Our policy states we need to call in (call off) 4 hours before our shift... or we're not eligible for sick pay.

    When I'm not up to going into work... for whatever reason... that's MY sick time and I'll use it.... I don't abuse the time my employer gives me for sick time... so there is no guilt whatsoever.

  9. by   kaycee
    I only call off when I'm sick which is rare. We have to call in at least 2hrs prior to the start of the shift. Most people call in well before that so that the charge nurse has more time to find a replacement.
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    only when my kids are sick and need mom at home to nurse them. they take precedence EVERY time. it is a rare occasion but i feel NO guilt when i have to do it.
  11. by   jude11142
    originally posted by ryanrn
    no guilt.
    whenever i need a mental or physical health day. not often.
    at least 2 hours before the beginning of the shift, that's the rule.

    isn't it funny, i say 'call in', so do you. lots of people say 'call off'. just an observation. (i say tomatoes)
    where i work, we are supposed to call in atleast 2 hrs before the shift you are supposed to be in on. lol, i call it "call out", lol, all means the same, we are not coming in, right? you know, i used to feel guilty whenever i had to call out but i don't anymore. i don't do it often unless it's an emergency or i am real sick or kids sick. sometimes, things just come up. i recently began a new job(3month ago)and i had to call out twice. i didn't feel guilty but i did feel afraid that i may of lost my job as i was still under "probation"....they were very good about it though. i am one of those people who needs a "mental day off" here and there, so i request a day off ahead of time. after about 6-8 weeks of working, i need that mental day. i realize that is pretty frequent but aslong as it's requested and you have the time to do so, it's not a problem. there are those who accumulate their vacation/sick time, and for what??? everyone is different and has different needs so that's how i handle mine
  12. by   fiestynurse
    Fgr8out - you are not paid sick time unless you call in 4 hours ahead of time!! I think that is illegal in most states and could be against FMLA if you are staying home to take care of your sick kids. I think this is outrageous!!! It encourages people to come in sick and spread it to everyone else, including the patients.

    I always thought calling in sick 2 hours before a day shift was unreasonable also. Most people wake-up at 5:30 or 6:00 for a day shift and realize that they aren't feeling well. One time I called in at the last minute for an evening shift because I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and was experiencing bleeding - the person on the other end of the phone began giving me a hard time about calling in sick so late. What exactly did she expect me to do?? Come to work and miscarry!!
    This same hospital would counsel people if they called in sick more than 6 times in a year and give them less of a raise during evaluation time. It was hard when my kids were little and I had to call in to take care of them. Many times I would drag myself in to work sick, to save my sick time for my kids.
  13. by   live4today
    originally posted by lpn,future, rn
    how often do you call in to say you won't be in to work? do you feel guilty or not? how many hours prior to your shift are you suppose to allow for before calling off?
    during the days of my life in nursing, i rarely ever called "off"...because normally...i'm healthier than the clyesdale horses. if i ever did call in, it must've been because my life was on the line because i loved nothing more than collecting my bigfat paycheck every week or every other week, and heading straight to the shopping mall to shop. :kiss
  14. by   lever5
    I got that paycheck thing going to!