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]I've only been a nurse for 3 years, but I'm afraid I am completely burned out. I find myself wanting to do a public service announcement on how to be a good patient. I am sick to death of patients... Read More

  1. by   Medic/Nurse
    Quote from SilverstarRN
    I don't think I have ever been treating so disrespectfully ever as I have as a bedside RN.
    I think that one sentence says it all.

    It is all about a profession VOID of RESPECT.

    That is the REASON I left the hospital. I will never return to bedside nursing. The ONLY salvation that I have in my current job is the fact that I am experiencing a degree of RESPECT (really!) that I have not had since I was in the fire service. I remained in the flightsuit (clean, on the way to work!) the other day, met my husband for dinner and even he noticed how the public "treated" me. Pretty awesome.

    I did not change. I am the same nurse. Only the "clothes" changed - but suddenly I was asked for MY OPINION by ATTENDINGS when we delivered a patient to their care. Amazing! And SAD!

    I have no idea how to cure the "disease". But, unless a cure is found - I suspect that there may not be any RN's to care for those that obviously DO NOT CARE FOR US!

    Money will not fix this. Until hospitals DROP the client/customer mentality - ABUSE and DISRESPECT of nurses will flourish. Patients are not always right. The entitlement mentality of patients/families is ENCOURAGED by most hospital/facility administrations. STOP it now! Nurses should not have to function in an environment that is punitive to the NURSE in response to "patient/family complaints"!

    I also believe that this "culture" is one that is anything but therapeutic. I believe, that this punitive culture is what allows some nurses to be "less than supportive" to other nurses. This is makes lateral violence flourish in many workplaces. It is a kind of attitude when certain nurses ALWAYS get the difficult assignments (and the obvious consequences of having to deal with those patients/families/doctors), where if one of your peers is "on the radar" you may be "safe" for now! Kinda a "sucks to be you" mentality. TRAGIC.

    My grandmother used to say when words are confusing - look at the actions. Words are from the mouth out - actions take effort and commitment. I hope the public and hospital administrators are listening! Let the ACTION begin! Lives will depend on it!

    Practice SAFE!
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    Quote from CrispyRN
    There are so many times that I state..."so this is why they took the potassium IV off the floors." I swear the though of choking someone...patients or families crosses my mind so much more often now a days!

    Yes, people are too pampered and administration thinks that it is ok and that nurses actually have the time to kiss A$$!! Get real!!

    More often, I can't stand my patients. And with family members, it seems that the least important thing to me is always the most important to them. The patient is at death's door, but you're upset because in the midst of trying to keep the patient from from coding, I forgot to bring coffee. Want coffee? It's at your house. Go get it. Get out of my life.
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    Quote from Smithbc1
    I hate patients.
    I hate doctors.
    I hate hospitals.
    I hate insurace companies.
    I hate nursing as a job.
    Don't feel bad, most nurses I know have been burned out for decades.
    All the above has taken the reward and fun out of the job.
    Ditto everything you have mentioned above. I've been a nurse for 2 years and I haven't found my niche, if there is one. One nurse said I seem burned out, and told me it was too soon in my career for that. Honestly, I have at least 7 co-workers who have all been nurses less than or right at 4 years and are burned out. When I get a stretch of days off, I feel like I can finally breathe. What a way to live.