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I've been hitting the allnurses discussions quite a bit in the last few weeks. Not only do I feel burned out and fed up, but I'm also reading a lot of posts from others feeling the same way. ... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
    WOW...well done Youda! Seems like you have decided to take charge of the problem...and in great style too.. Way to go!
  2. by   hoolahan
    Wow that is awesome! I would have never thought of that.

    Nursing truly is a part of you!
  3. by   Gardengal
    Youda I loved your assessment and plan. I hope that when you reevaluate that you find that your interventions were effective....and remember the grass may be greener on the other side, but it is just more grass -and still needs to be mowed.
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    my definition of "burn-out" is one of the reasons i have chosen to continue my education and obtain my rn. i felt "locked in" "not whole" and want to do "more" with the abilities i have and that i will acquire and learn as an rn.

    hang in there.
  5. by   MollyMo
    Youda, if you can do without or with less benefits, try part time or pool. You'll have more flexibility in scheduling and you won't have to deal quite as much with managerial boo-hockey. I'm doing pool right now and if it gets insane enough I still have the option to take a 4-week contract. That will help me regroup. Hang in there!!:kiss
  6. by   live4today
    youda.....beautiful and well directed care plan. i would have given you an a+++ had you turned in a care plan to me like that when i was precepting new grads. :chuckle wonderful goal setting.....great ideas.....great constructive thoughts for yourself. now that you've got the plan.....all ya gotta do is work the plan, babygirl, and you'll be stress-free. :kiss
  7. by   mario_ragucci
    Originally posted by Youda

    Is this so common in nursing that it's an occupational hazard?

    No. Every person is different, and we even change as time goes by. I've been burned out at middle management type jobs before, but healthcare is a vocation I have so far yet to see myself burning out at. As long as I can have patient contact, and receive a smile and pleasant face for the efforts I make, nothing can be more finer. I apologize, and all ready admit to having pedestrian tastes. Simple thinking people burn out less, I think. Your environment and genetic heritage can/does have a play in all this. Relax, even the earth has duldrums.:kiss
  8. by   sjoe
    Your self care plan sounds very well done and worthwhile following (except for the part about Richard Simmons!)

    To answer one of your questions though, for myself I can tell when I am quite burned out because I completely lose any shred of compassion I might ever have had.

    PS--I love the name of this thread!
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  9. by   Youda
    LOL! I just like exercising to his Golden Oldies . . . and watching people who look like me jump around instead of skinny 20-year-olds who have no idea!

    Update: I've been to the bookstore. I am reading a book on Stress Management and another on Buddha's meditation. My doctor will be so proud of me! And, A nurse I worked with a few months back is starting an agency. I emailed her and she said to just show up and I had a job. So, I'm going to go talk to her more this week.

    You all have been so supportive. Thank you very, very much! It means so much when you're drowning for someone to throw you a line.
  10. by   micro
    go youda!!!!!!!!!

    I am floating and loving it. Doing what I love, nursing.

  11. by   BBFRN
    Wow, I was just about to start a thread about the same exact thing!! I, too, am feeling burn-out...As a matter of fact, I was just talking to my fiancee about changing career directions altogether. I am an LPN- almost have my RN, and I'm considering not finishing up and changing to something else. Last week, I hurt my wrist and tore a couple of ligaments in my knee- and I've been doing this for a while. I could hardly walk, but I had to stay and finish a 12 hr shift so that everybody else wouldn't have to take my Pt's. On the same night, I also had a med error because we were slammed with Pt's coming up from the ER all night. We are all tired and overworked at my hospital, and half of us are starting to get really bad attitudes (myself included.) I don't see doing this for very much longer mainly because I'm having to face the fact that there is going to be a shortage for the rest of my career. It just doesn't feel that rewarding lately. Sorry for the long post, but this thread really hits home.
  12. by   sjoe
    igflamini--sad to say, your story is all too familiar. at least you realize it's NOT JUST YOU, and hopefully don't take on a pile of guilt and feelings of inadequacy, as many people do. you'll find your own solution, whether it includes nursing in hospitals or not.
  13. by   streetwise
    I hear you on burn out. I am going through nursing school too. It is real frustrating. I am also an EMT. I did a real bad car accident yesterday. I am burned out in that field. I am sick of people being dumb. I had to deal with a 7 year old male who flew from the back seat of a car to the front and hit the winshield with his head. He stoped talking after a few minutes. vitals went down hill. Mom had rib fx's neck injury and brocken arms.
    Seeing and dealing with this stuff day in and day out kills people. i found that excersise and taking breaks helps for that particular moment. If you find a cure PLEASE let me know.