1. I am a BSN and I feel that I should be paid more for my extra education. What do you think?
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  3. by   Babette777
    Well, to be blunt.... no!

    I think salary should reflect the level of responsabilitie... not the level of education.

    If you're working on the same ward as an R.N. without a BSN and are taking on the same amount of responsabilitie and you both have the same amount of experience you should get the same pay check at the end of the day.

    It's as simple as that.

  4. by   traumaRUs
    I have worked in three states and in IN they do pay more for a BSN then ADN. I now work in IL and we're just lucky to have a warm body with R.N. behind their name. So, as with anything where supply is way less then demand, the economy dictates our salary. I think its easier to get into management with a BSN though. Good luck.
  5. by   HappyNurseMom
    I currently work in south east IN and there is no pay differenc here ~the policy is an RN is an RN is an RN! There is also no pay increase with certification in the speciality fields! HMMM...but they will pay for the classes and the testing to have you certified and will boast that 80% of our nurses on the unit are certified...just don't ask for help with CEUs...guess some dont get even this much!
  6. by   askater
    I know a lot of people feel NURSES ARE NURSES. We should ALL be paid the same. Because we all do the same thing.

    My gf/and mother's a teacher. They get pay increase with increase education. My gf is an Art teacher. After she's done getting her MSN. She'll get paid more, for the same position. Teaching the same thing. Same level of responsibility.

  7. by   CANRN
    I have to agree with Babbette. If an ADN and BSN work on the same unit, have the same responsibilities, do the same skills, education is not a factor in determining salary.
    When I was in nursing school, one of our instructors. (who not only had a BSN, but an MSN) told us that clinically, it did not make any difference what initials were behind your name, all RN's were paid the same irregardless of BSN, MSN, what ever. She did however state that a BSN will advance to 'administrative' positions before an ADN. In my opinion, that is fine, if a nurse wants to take on that kind of position a BSN is important. They can have it.

    Certification does not mean a thing also, I have my ACLS, PALS, and chemo certification; and work with nurses who do not have any of these and I get paid the same. EXPERIEINCE is a factor at our hospital in determining your hire in rate. the more experience the higher rate you start at.

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  8. by   Nancy1
    This discussion has been going on for a long time. Before I started nursing school I heard all the arguments. The final remarks were that as long as we all took the same boards we should be paid the same. This discussion will probably go on long after we are all gone. NA
  9. by   goldilocksrn
    I know that a title doesn't mean that a BSN makes a better nurses (we have all seen bad nurses with every degree), but if we are not compensated for our education, what motivates us to continue to grow and learn?
    (besides our own personal satisfaction?)
  10. by   iodine
    Most of the job requirements listed today will include BSN with xx years experience, or BSN preferred. You cannot join the military, teach nursing or in some cases hold management positions with out the advanced degree. Having said this, as a diploma nurse with over 30 years experience, including the military, I have had positions offered which usually required a BSN or above, simply because of my variety of specialized areas and certifications. The experience and certs. will very often win out on the better paying positions. I feel that a new grad is a new grad, we all have had to learn about the real world . If, however, you persue a BSN after you have your license, make sure the field you are interested in will compensate you, let alone the area where you practice. It might not be worth your time and effort for a nursing degree, but rather you might take an opportunity to seek life enchancing education: there is more to life than nursing--------seek it out!!!!!!!!
  11. by   Angel Nurse
    I think nurses who have the BS as opposed to just an AS should get payed more. Even If you have both nurses doing the same job, the BS nurse should be payed more. The BS nurse took the time and payed the money to receive that BS degree. A BS nurse has gained more knowledge through that education and he/she should be recognized for that.
  12. by   NurseMom
    I work with a Diploma Nurse (25 years experience) who is far more compassionate and skilled than many nurses I know with a BSN after their name. I also don't think that extra chemistry, calculus, or English courses make you a better nurse either. I also work with some LPN's who are AWESOME!!! I guess it's not so much the initials after your name, but the experience and compassion you bring to your patients.
    Always matter how good we think we are, that auto mechanics, electricians, and oil-burner repairmen make more money an hour than we EVER will!

    so many patients...
    so little time.....
  13. by   barbd
    I think your pay should depend on what tasks are performed. If you are the supervisor, you should get more than the staff. If you are the RN charge, you should get more than the LPNs, for example. But to make a flat out statement that an advanced degree should get you more pay? No.
  14. by   Kyshine1
    I have an ADN. I went to nursing school late in life and am not going to go back to school at this time of my life. It took me three and a half years to get what I have.
    Even so, I have strong opinions about ADN vs. BSN.
    Nursing is a profession. We want respect from doctors and society. But as far as I know there aren't many other professions that do not have a 4 year degree. When I graduated in 1980, it was going to be the entrance requirement. Here it is 20 years later and nothing has changed. I still believe in a BSN as the entrance requirement. All of us with lesser degrees should be grandfathered in but on a certain date it should be BSN or nothing!