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How many british nurses are out there using this board? Do you find it useful/helpful? How regularly do you contribute to a discussion group? Let me know I am curious. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   Ammy
    Hi Welsh_at_heart. I have worked at the SGH and RSH. I have been away from nursing for 5 years for a combination of reasons, mainly health problem. I have not given up on returning, as I miss it very much, I am twice your age. I am relatively new to any kind message-board-communication, so have started reading on and of course NMC. Best wishes, Gill
  2. by   donmurray
    Hello, alkaz1, pull up a chair and join in!
  3. by   tony summers
    hi hollyxuk

    What field of nursing you moving to?
  4. by   tony summers

    Is it possible for us to have a British Nurses Forum?

  5. by   CCURN
    I was trained in the UK, Basingstoke to be precise but moved to Minneapolis 4 years ago. I love nursing in the USA, its so much better, but I love to hear from Brit RNS. I have almost forgotten what it was like to be a nurse in the UK>..................
  6. by   tony summers
    I don't think that the problems we face are much different, we just tend to approach them from slightly different angles. That is what makes boards like this of great value because everyone can at relate to something and then find a solution or comfort in realising that they are not the only one going through things.
  7. by   P_RN
    Send a PM request or an e-mail to Brian. He doesn't get to all the posts everyday. Also send this to the Feedback Forum. I think this is a grand idea.
  8. by   karenG
    I have put a request on the allnurses feedback forum- I cant work out how to pm brian............its enough that I can post threads!!! one day I will be computer savvy!!!

  9. by   Tookie
    Do hope you get a forum - I hope l can contribute to yours as well - I lived and worked i England in all forms of nursing for 3 and half years over there - - Also got married in Londond - (Though hes ans auusie too ) but we still have a lot of wonderful memories of England and our friends)
    I do hope you get your site - Like us there are differences between the countries and by discussing them we find our sinilarities. - does that make sense.
    Good luck and look forward to lurking in your forum (I am positive you will get it)

  10. by   Brian
    Please note, I just added a new U.K. Nurses Forum

  11. by   Gailsimpson
    Hi, I am a sister in PACU in Leeds. I found this site by accident one day and have been visiting it ever since. I am in the process of moving to Toronto in Canada, so if anyone has any advice about working over there it will be greatly appreciated!! I will be going back to ICU nursing so the sections on the boards are pretty interesting, and it gives an idea of the different terminology used. Does anyone please know what the drug Demerol is equivalent to over here?
  12. by   ayemmeff
    Hi Gail,maybe you should give the Canadian forum a shout for this,may even be a future neighbour/colleague for you there!

    (hint:ask for Hapee Wendee!!)
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  13. by   hollyxuk
    I am starting in theatres, in anaesethetics and recovery, in mid febuary. Quite a change from elderly rehab. I think the UK nurse forum is a great idea.