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Nurses far and wide, prepare to be amazed and astonished, yes that is right, july 1st is right around the corner, and that means new resident day!:eek: Well, here it comes, the day that a fresh... Read More

  1. by   ainz
    I worked in a teaching hospital in the ICU/CCU for a while. Our faculty doctor made it a point to tell the residents to work with us in collaborative fashion. It is funny sometimes to watch new residents trying to apply their knowledge (or lack of) while trying to come across as "the doctor" in front of the nurses. I especially loved it when they came in, sat down, pulled out their pen, and looked at me or one of my colleagues and said they were ready for their charts. We just laughed and pointed to the chart rack. We were always helpful though. No one, doctor or nurse, is born with this knowledge, it has to be learned and we should always help, even when they are arrogant and rude.
  2. by   JasonGreen
    I'm not sure why all the bashing. I work in the OR, so maybe it's different. I'm able to joke around and have a great time with the new (and old) residents. Most of the R2s that come in make the scrub tech (me) feel really good about what they do and the R5 are still very willing to teach the techs about the surgery.

    Scrubbing (been doing it for 2 years) has become EXTREMELY boring. You could teach a monkey how to pass instruments, set up a back table and anticipate the surgeons needs. But only the residents challenge me in actually knowing the procedure, what nerves to watch out for and tricks for doing a flawless running sub-q closure.
  3. by   nimbex
    They travel in pairs because the are incompetent and they know it, thinking two people without a clue are better than one.... I call these guys "Dumb and Dumber"

    Yahoo's, they run breathless into a code....... then whip out the ACLS book, attempt to take over the charge nurse calling the code, yet require everyone in attendance to yell... "EPI"

    Doctor Death... this one, and YES, there is one in every rotation that wants to paralyze a patient while refusing sedation, orders Dopamine for a RV infarct instead of fluids, has the deer in the headlights look while your patient is crashing and you are forced to threaten to call the head resident as he stands there panicking in indicision.

    Lawyer bait, oh yeah, my personal favorite... when every statement is what do you want me to do?, just write what you need and I'll sign it, how much should I order?, just tell me what you need...... yeah riiiight buddy. (I know what to order, why don't you???)

    Last but not least, the ignorant butt head. when you hopefully know enough to say "you want me to do WHAT???"
  4. by   KristinCSICU
    I was laughing so hard reading this!!
    But at the same time, I was kind of offended byt the bashing - all of you girls/guys started somewhere once - and the med students are thrown to the wolves 100 times more then we are. And they know that the nurses think they are idiots!!! Two of my closest friends have just graduated medical school, started on July 1 and they are like lost puppies!! I don't work with them luckily (haha). Gotta start somewhere !! I feel just as lost in my new nursing job!
  5. by   rachel h
    How about an order for Lantus 5mg IM?

    Or "Make sure patient gets regular insulin and record"

    You don't say...
  6. by   Rapheal
    The one who tells you after your DNR-CCA patient has gone asystole and stopped breathing for 7 minutes "This patient is a full code!" Ummmm, my heart has stopped for a minute and then the said intern goes "Oh, no she's not, sorry".

    Or the 2 Don Juan interns who use every opportunity to try to be cute and flirt with the nurses and all your thinking is "just give me the order and go away."

    Then there are the the wonderful previous interns who have moved on and you are so wishing you are still working with them.

    I know it is mean to vent (make fun) of the new interns still "I have done something wicked, yet my heart feels as pure as a lamb".