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Okay so I am hooting my own horn. So? Really, by the age of 50, if ya can't hoot your own horn... by golly. On October 19th, I took the Medical / Surgical ANCC test for Board Certification.... Read More

  1. by   nightingale
    Originally posted by SharonMH31
    I KNEW IT!!!!!

    I knew you would pass! I am so happy for you. Congratulations, you deserve it!!!

    lol.... all that stressing for nothing... I shoulda listened huh?

    Thank you to all my good friends and colleagues....
  2. by   mattsmom81
    CONGRATS!!! Now you ned a bigger name tag to add your new title!
  3. by   RRMLPN
    what a great christmas present for yourself, congrats, job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   BMS4
    :hatparty: Congratulations! That's wonderful!
  5. by   nightingale
    thank you.. thank you to all my friends and family @ AllNurses!
  6. by   abrenrn
    Mazel tov!! I'm not exactly sure what that means but it's more like GREAT! I like it better than congradulations because this is something you earned!

    Can I get selfish? I never really told anyone, except my boss who needed to know, that I got certified last October! FNP, through the American Academy Of Nurse Practitioners (they are on a par with ANCC but - cheaper and easier to take the test, test just as hard).

    Nightengale, not trying to rain on your parade. Maybe join it?
  7. by   sr moore
    congrats on the very hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   nightingale
    Wayyyy cooool Anne! I didn't know you were a NP! Dang girl!

    Congratulations to US! And to all those who have been successful in passing. I know there are many of us. Why we do not pat ourselves more is such a waste..

  9. by   abrenrn
    Thanks, Nightengale. I'm still an RN though, first and foremost.

    As always, I agree with you! We do need to pat our selves on the back more.

    A hundred hundred pats to you and all of us.
  10. by   nightingale
    cool! me too!
  11. by   SeptSue
    More Congratulations to you nightngale
    All the best
  12. by   LoisJean
    I'm so proud of you, Anne, that I busted all my buttons!!! Congrats and.....,

    Peace and Brightest Blessings of the Season,
    Lois Jean
  13. by   hapeewendy
    as if there was ever any doubt!
    you ooze of intelligence, poise, knowledge, wisdom, experience, okay ooze was a bad word for a nurse to use that way but ya get the gist!
    I am proud of you and for you!
    good job!
    in your corner as always