Bleeding normal at time of Mantoux test?

  1. Hi - anyone who's knowledgeable in administering a Mantoux or someone who's had a lot of Mantoux tests performed on them - this is my question....I had a test done yesterday and I believe the nurse may have gone a bit too deep as I had bleeding (very sm amt) at site of insertion and I have never had this happen before. Also, I saw another gal in the hallway afterward you said to me "Hey has your Mantoux ever bled before mine just bled?" So hers bled also - hmm....... Shortly thereafter it almost appeared as if the puncture site was a bit bruised - darker red at just the site and now this morning I wake up and I have alot of redness out from the site. O.K. no induration at all so this may be quite normal at the 24 hr mark but the bleeding was odd I thought. And finally, this is a two step so I have to return to the facility for the same nurse to repeat another Mantoux which is why I definitely want a bit of feedback from the awesome nurses on this forum! THANK YOU
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  3. by   Whispera
    I've given lots of PPDs. They don't usually bleed, but sometimes they do. They shouldn't bleed alot. It's possible to pierce a capillary when inserting the SC needle, even though you don't see the capillary. Then you get bleeding. Also, if you take blood thinners, including fish oil, aspirin, and vitamin E, you might bleed more easily.
  4. by   Aneroo
    It is possible to bleed, but not a lot.
    If she went to deep, it probably needs to be done again anyways.
  5. by   LaneyB
    Sometimes they do bleed a little. You can tell if it went in too deep because you won't get the wheel when it's done. What you're describing sounds pretty normal and not a big deal. Just dab the bleeding with cotton. I have went through training in administering TB skin tests, and the only thing mentioned was not to use any bandages if there is bleeding to avoid confusion if the patient has a reaction to the bandage.
  6. by   LaneyB
    It's not unusual for a drop of blood to appear at the injection site, even when the needle is inserted properly.
    Should this happen, lightly blot the blood away with a 2x2 gauze pad or cotton ball. Do not cover the site with an adhesive bandage because the adhesive could cause irritation and interfere with the test. Properly dispose of the contaminated gauze pad. To determine if the skin test was administered properly, use the millimeter ruler to immediately measure the wheal at its maximum size.

    That is from the CDC website
  7. by   PedsAtHeart
    Yes it is OK for it to bleed a bit. If she went to deep you would not get a "bleb" and no bleb= redo the test.
    Thanks for posting the CDC reference LaneyB.
    I actually do employee health, therefore I am responsible for all their PPD's. I actually had a NP here tell employees that I didnt do it correctly because they had a little drop of blood.
  8. by   April, RN
    I've bled before. In fact, I think I bleed a little almost every time and then get a bruise at the site. It's never been an issue when getting it read.
  9. by   PedsAtHeart
    It shouldnt be an issue. A little bleeding and bruising is pretty normal. I find a lot of nurses that I have come across dont really know the proper way to read a PPD.
  10. by   pagandeva2000
    I agree with the above. I do PPDs practically every day and occasionally, I get a tad bit of blood and sometimes, I have seen people return with a small bruise, but no induration. I am very careful to make sure it is just under the skin and get the bleb and still, every now and then, get a drop of blood.
  11. by   prmenrs
    I used to give and read TB tests, too. Since I'm now on ASA, fish oil, yada..., I have bled/bruised every time. This year's test was a doozie. I better start studying for it!

    One expert I used to know told me that, "40% bleed and/or bruise". I kinda believe it.
  12. by   Aneroo
    Bruising- when I did the TB skin tests for my health occupations class here at the high school, 90% of the kids had a bruise. 100% had a beautiful bleb when I did the injection too. I was freaked out at first, then realized it was normal.
  13. by   pagandeva2000
    Well, I am at work now, and a few minutes after reading/answering this thread, I just did another PPD and sure enough, a drop of blood. Had to smile in spite of myself...
  14. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I've only had mine bleed once and I've had a ton of them, the one time it did bleed is because the nurse went in too deep but I know sometimes it bleeds even if it doesn't go too deep.