1. please finish sentence: for once i would like to have a day at work when i didn't have to.................
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    To be honest I cant finish this sentence, There isnt anything at work that is repetative at all, everyday there is something new, either better or worse than the case before ,Good thought for me though it took a while for me to think about this and It made me smile that I dont have the same over and over. Thats why I like what Im doing
  4. by   eak16 with phlegm in any form...smell lactulose a waitress in scrubs
  5. by   inSANE
    Okay, this one will probably make some mad and those who have a sense of humor like mine might laugh...

    For once I would like to have a day at work when I didn't have to ask some jerk what it truly felt like to be a f*&%ing idiot. Ouch, I know that is horrible, but stupid people need a license to breed.

    "No more phone calls folks, we have a winner."
    The gene pool here in the ER today needs more chlorine.
  6. by   aus nurse
    ............compromise my professional care through a pure lack of time and short staffing

    That is why I resigned last week
    I could have answered something superficial, but I really like what aus said. Everyday when I leave, I can think of at least one thing more I wish I could have done for each patient. Just once I wish I had the time and the resources to have done each of those things.

  8. by   RyanRN
    Beg for more staff
  9. by   Jenny P
    Awww, Aus, I thought you resigned because you're IN LOVE!!!!!
  10. by   shay with stupid family members who aren't nurses, but play them on t.v.........
  11. by   night owl
    ...jeopardize my license and give bare minimal care to my residents because of unsafe staffing levels.
  12. by   aus nurse
    Originally posted by Jenny P
    Awww, Aus, I thought you resigned because you're IN LOVE!!!!!

    Hehe Jenny, yep I am but......he coulda come here you see but I could not continue working where I am. 15 months ago I decided to take on the secretary position of our union branch and be proactive rather than whingy in trying to change my workplace. I said I would give it 12 months or I would be outta there! Well I gave it longer and I have head injuries from beating my head against a brick wall (equivalent to talking to management)

    So I resigned and told them exactly why! Meeting my hunny just came along at the right time..he lives in a very nice city so it is on to metropolitan nursing for me with a much wider choice of workplaces.
  13. by   adrienurse
    Tell the same HCAs to do the same things that are clearly written in the Kardex to do (not to mention the clever little sign stuck to the wall above the bed).

    Hello! Is anybody out there? Am I talking to myself?
  14. by   deespoohbear
    Ask more staff, less patients, and more modern equipment.