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Am I the only one having problems finding a pair of underwear that do not show when I bend over a patient or ones that dont leave a major panty line? What kinds of panties work with scrubs?... Read More

  1. by   redwinggirlie
    Clean ones
  2. by   DigitalSushi
    Before I read all of what everyone else says...

    Here is what I do...
    I volunteer at a Hospital and we are required to wear white scrubs, white shoes and the royal blue volunteer jacket.
    When I got my white scrubs I freaked out, because I ONLY wear thongs. The comfortable kind, my fav are Body by Victoria thongs and underwear.

    So I wear whatever underwear I want by wearing these, I guess you can say "yoga style" pants (In the correct color) over my undies, then put the scrubs on. Worry free. Can also use leggings, cropped yoga pants, thin or thick depending on season. Or even try panyhose!

    The yoga style pants I have are T-party brand and I have them in baby pink and nude. Also my scrubs aren't so tight on my ass for people to see much anyway, and the waistline (drawstring) of the scrub pants are just below my belly button (not too high or low for me). Soo no "crack" is exposed when I bend over.

    Anyone else do this? Or see a way to improve my plan? hehe I am sure I am not the only one...
    (I just love clothing and underwear...did anyone notice?) :chuckle
  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    Quote from RNHawaii34
    LOL! this question is so funny. anyways, if you wear scrubs, you can wear underwear that covers the entire buns, some people call it " grandma" underwear. leave the thongs at home. some people do wear it at work, and I can see their cracks, nasty....doesnt make your butt look cuter even if you have nice one. consider wearing good material scrub pants. dont wear white pants if you can. stay with flesh, or tan colored underwear just for work. white undies makes it more prominent. also wear comfy scrub buttoms that fits well, not too tight. funny, good question though.
    I look at it this way...women spent years keeping their panties "out of there", and then they invent a panty that pretty much defeats the purpose of panties.

    Sign me:
    No thong wearer
  4. by   Indy
    Jockey makes some really nice spandex-type cotton "grannypanty" thing that I really like. It's seamless, it's lightweight so you don't collect sweat in the thing when it's hot, and no thought whatsoever goes toward my butt when wearing them. No riding, no "double butt," no rolling down of the waistband, and they're white... so if I decide to wear white pants on, say, the day before the apocalypse, they match.

    Now I am self-conscious about wearing granny panties when not at work. So jockey makes some that are this material, little different style, I have a couple hi-legs for off-days. I wore them to work once 'cause I wasn't awake when picking out my underwear and to my surprise, it didn't bother me. Whether I was too busy to be able to notice or the undies actually didn't ride up, I don't know.
  5. by   Bethy-lynn
    I just have to say this...I love the Idea of going commando, especially in the summer, or in the dead of winter, when they finally decide to turn the fricken heat on and of course it's stuck at three thousand degrees (because there is no in between, it's either antartica or the surface of the sun), so I do wear girl boxers on those days (again, loose enough to not cause double butt), But actually going commando at work scares the bejeezus outta me. I have icky visions of the drunk of the month pukin on me, or my favorite MRSA pt's wound oozing belly juice down my leg (which has happend), or our GI bleed of the day leaking butt juice on me as we dance on over to the ol' BSC, and I just don't want any of that stuff anywhere near my HO-HA. Scrubs just aren't thick enough. Mask, gown, gloves, undies; all vital elements in the fight to save lives, and stamp out disease, and not catch the plague in the process.
  6. by   AMR21
    it might be odd, but my mom taught me to ALWAYS wear cute panties-it makes you feel better. i even feel girly in no-so-cute scrubs when i wear cute panties. I LOVE the VS PINK! ones, i buy new ones almost every week (that's a problem, i know). They are super comfortable and i dont have panty lines w/ them. i agree thougg, good scrub pants help too.
  7. by   angelcharm
    clean and comfy ones would be the best ones..
  8. by   grace90
    Quote from redwinggirlie
    Clean ones
    Awwww.... Come on.... Take the fun out of it, why don't ya?
  9. by   slou!
    My mom also told me the nice underwear thing incase of an accident! Or was it my grandmother? I think she told my mom who told me. "Always wear cute and clean underwear in case you are in an accident!" She was kidding though because I know she wouldn't care if I were in an accident about my underwear, and either would anyone else.

    I don't wear scrubs because I am not a nurse yet, but I LOVE the boy-cut shorts from Gap Body. They are so comfortable! They are thin and seamless, so they don't show. I have to wear them for my other job (retail) because I have to wear khaki pants. We all laugh because some of my managers apperently do not realize that with khaki pants, YOU CAN SEE UNDERWEAR LINES. Haha, they show through so much! I also like those ones from Victoria Secret's, they are completely seamless and SO comfortable. I bought them for prom, but I still wear them. I would buy more but they are so expensive I can't. That's why I like Gap Body because they are cheaper, and I also like American Eagle's new line Aerie. They have really comfortable/cute/non-showing underwear. I'm glad my school has navy blue scrubs!
  10. by   NurseyTee
    I don't think I would ever be brave enough to go commando or even the thong route. Think Layers, when it comes to protecting ourselves from all the issues of the day as Bethy-Lynn said. I personally wear 100% COTTON and nothing else. I wear the bikini ones that cover well and are still comfy. The scrub pants are essential too, the right size with room to move. And on those days when the facility decides to have the building hotter than the red-light district in hell, cotton is our friend. Nylon or spandex blends always make me feel like I need a shower every time I visit the restroom. Blech!

    Oh and Bethy-Lynn, you cracked me up with your HO-HA statement. You should start a thread for cutest nick names for our intimate areas. :roll
  11. by   Valanda
    I used to wear Luv pats under my white scrubs because they showed no lines. but one day I didn't have my lab coat on and a female resident, who was hard of hearing and spoke very loudly, told the lady next to her (and everyone on the floor) "Did you see that blonde nurse? She's not wearing any panties! I looked and didn't see any lines!" I was rather embarassed, and got harrassed by my co-workers about it for months! I started wearing the granny panties after that:imbar

    Same lady had a wonderful name for her ummm HO-HA... she called it "possible". I was bathing her one day and she said, "you can wash down as far as possible, and you can wash up as far as possible, but I'll wash possible" )
  12. by   preemieRNkate
    The latest rumor around my hospital is that they are going to enforce a dress code, the pants being white. So, some of us who are dead-set against wearing white pants decided we're only going to wear black, red or hot pink lacy thongs under them. :chuckle

    In all seriousness (well, as serious as one can be when discussing undergarments with near strangers), I wear whatever is comfy. Usually "granny panties."
  13. by   Sassybottom
    Does anyone here go commando?