Being called in you go??

  1. Hey all,
    I am the only full time night nurse on our unit, therefore I get many calls from the supervisor....asking if I can come in extra because they are short, too busy, or someone has called in sick. I actually just got one of these calls lastnight..uggghh. They called at 9:30pm and wanted me to be there at 11pm. Granted...i would make time and a half..which is nice..BUT...I already work every other weekend and like my weekend off to really be my weekend off...u know? If I can know far enough ahead of time....I'll go....but like lastnight...I had gotten up early yesterday morning...was busy all day...and was actually ready to go to bed when they I said no. I guess I should just go because when I say no...I spend the next few hours feeling guilty for not going in. How do you guys feel about this and do you usually go? We have some nurses that always, always come in extra and then there are a few myself I guess....that cherish their days off away from work and very seldom come in extra....(but then feel guilty about it ) Just curious on what everyone does at their facility... Thanks
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    everyone gets calls they come with the territory...if you feel rested enough to go and if you could use a little extra money say yes

    if you are tired or if you prefer to spend time with family at that time or if you just don't feel like going in say no

    they will call someone else and this happens often enough so that they propably don't give it a second though
  4. by   bth44
    At my place of employment, you tend to get guilted into coming in. I'm nights, and we're understaffed and we get called in as extra staff on top of who's already there, too. In the past, when I'd get a call, I was empathetic towards the nurses scheduled and I play the karma card on myself and think, "Boy, I'd sure want another nurse to agree to come in on their day off and help me out the next time I'm sinking." The guilt trip I'd let the supervisor play on me, as well as the time and a half, was enough of an incentive to have me once work up to six nights in a row, have a night off (which all of us night nurses agree isn't like a day off at all) and then work another six. I'm exhausted, my performance sucked those days and I'm waiting impatiently for my first two nights off in a row since last month. Blegh. I feel so burnt out. From now on, I'll just say, when they call me at 9:30pm to ask if I'll come in at 11; "I'm sorry, I haven't slept today, I wouldn't be safe." :l
  5. by   Bipley
    If I don't want to work on my days off, I don't answer my phone.
  6. by   fergus51
    If I want to go, I do. If not I don't. No one can make you feel guilty.
  7. by   hrtprncss
    If you were tired then that's good that you just rested. On ours it gets more difficult because it's the charge nurse that calls you at the house. And people rotate through as charge nurses. So you kinda wanna say yes when they ask you to come in extra, because if you're the charge nurse and you're short staffed then you would hope one of them would pay you back. But it does get difficult. So happy for the advent of caller ID. But if you're tired then rest by all means...You can always make the money on your off days, no reason to kill yourself because you're feeling pang of guilt. If I were you I would have enjoyed the long weekend Which you did!
  8. by   KatieBell
    Well, I often go in , because I want the time and a half. But when i don't want to , I just say sorry no. Lots of my friends don't answer the phone, but I just don't feel that responsible for the hospitals scheduleing issues.
  9. by   Daytonite
    As a supervisor I was the person on the other end of a lot of those calls trying to get people to come in to work because we were short staffed due to call-offs. What you need to do is get yourself an answering machine or voice mail to pick up these calls so you won't even have to deal with them. Caller ID is another way. You just don't pick up calls that are identified as coming from the hospital. You can call back 4 hours into the shift and tell them you just got their voice mail, or heard the message they left on your machine. By then, they won't need you because it's going to take you two hours to get ready and get there.

    Here are some other excuses that will work:
    I've been here with friends drinking and I can't work or drive in this condition.
    I've been sick all day. There's no way I can work.
    I have no sitter for the kids and I can't leave them alone.
    My car is being fixed and I'm not getting it back until tomorrow so there is no way I can get there. (If they offer to have someone bring you in, say you can't do it unless they can guarantee a way to get you home).
    I don't have a clean uniform.

    My mother had an arrangement with all us kids. If we wanted to get through to her, we were to call, let her phone ring twice and then hang up and call again. She would not answer any call that wasn't preceded by two rings unless she felt good and ready to!
  10. by   joyflnoyz
    This is a major reason nurses burn out..working too many hours because of pressure from above. I work rehab/LTC...ADON will come and say "You want to work extra sunday?" I'd say I'm not sure what's planned, I'll call my husband. She'll say "I need an answer NOW!" My response? "I'm sorry, I can't help you out" Since I work 3-11, weekends are the only time we have as a family. Husband is asleep when I get home, I'm asleep when he leaves for work.
    I WILL help out where I am able, but dang it all, I don't see ADONs and DONs pulling any floor time. Lead by example, people! I think if we saw our nurse managers/adons/dons pulling more weight, it would make an impression.
    I get the "why were you here until 0200? *I* used to work the floor and was out on time every night". Well, when YOU worked the floor, one hall was medicare <not both> and there were 2 nurses for the medicare hall, and one for the LTC. Now, there are 2 nurses for the whole unit

    oops, I'm venting...apologies

    Anyway..the only number my facility has for me is my cell phone, for several reasons. 1) my kids are not always reliable at passing on messages even WITH an answering machine 2) caller ID 3) voice mail. The ringer is turned off when I am asleep due to the fact that those who work days think those who don't (work days)sleep at the same times day shift people do. c'mom people, I dont get HOME until 0100 or later. I get the message, decide if I can or can not work extra, and call them back.
    DO NOT be "guilted" into doing something tyou don't want to do. Guilt is what you have when you've done something wrong. Refusing to work extra and putting your health at risk is NOT WRONG!
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  11. by   teeituptom
    I go when its for my benefit as well as theirs. Particularly if my wife tells me to do it.
  12. by   Tweety
    I don't go in when called because I have life outside of work and I don't feel guilty when I say no.

    Every now and then I might go in for a 3-7 section of the 12-hour shift. Usually if I want overtime I schedule it ahead of time so I'm prepared.
  13. by   teeituptom
    Im more likely to go in for OT in inclement weather, good weather Im out golfing
  14. by   grinnurse
    The hospital that I work at asks me quite often and I have only gone in once and that was when we had victims from hurricane Rita on our SNU. I can't just drop everything and go in when they call b/c I have kids and sometimes I don't have anyone to keep them. They asked me to come in this weekend and I almost did, but I got to figuring, it's not my fault that who ever does the staffing doesn't understand the concept or more so the hospital has cut everything back and lots of times I get stuck with 9 patients and no supplies or at times medications for these patients. I feel like I have already risked my license enough for them and don't intend to do it any more. I have 6 days left and want to survive it with license intact. I don't feel all that guilty about it either!!