Being a Mom and a Nurse

  1. Hello Everyone! I'll try to make this short.

    - I'm a new nurse <1 year. Starts in a LTC facility working night shift 2 days per week, had my 2.5 year old son in daycare 3 days a week. I moved to FT night shift (5-8s) and my son is now FT daycare status. I am leaving the LTC and just accepted a nights position at a hospital (3-12s, and every third weekend).

    - my husband and I are trying to figure out if it still makes sense to keep our son in daycare FT. My husband works M-F 0730-1600.

    So my question is what do others do? How do you balance it? Do you have young kids in FT or PT daycare? Have you found daycare to be flexible with your changing schedule? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    Thinking at the very least you need day care during the time you need to sleep in the day.

    Flexibility is the key in your choice of day care. I realize that they need to staff accordingly.If you give them your monthly schedule as soon as it comes out they should be able to accommodate you.

    Good luck, I remember those days and it wasn't easy.
  4. by   laurafegs
    Yes, that's what I'm thinking. Three weeks out of the month I'll need daycare during the week but that third weekend requirement means I could be off 6 days in a row. But that's a great idea providing a months schedule and see what they can do for me.
  5. by   LPN_FTW
    I think it's best for your little buddy to have the consistency that daycare can offer him. Regardless of you're working or not, time with his friends.

    Being a single parent and working the hours of a nurse is not a jackpot. It's rough on me and the kids. I've seen them a collective couple of hours over the past two weeks. They've been at school, daycare, and family members' houses so I can work. It truly sucks. I picked a bad career for child rearing, but I made that choice so I definitely avoid putting that burden onto others by calling in sick "because I have kids" with the exception of earlier this month when my son had a fever of 104 (2.5-year-old) and an intense ear infection.
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  6. by   Ruas61
    Don't skimp on giving yourself some time alone too with him being in daycare. You need some alone time too if even for a few hours.
  7. by   Here.I.Stand
    I get more vacation time b/c I have kids?!? Is that a flat extra amount, or do we get an increase for each kid??

    Now to OP's question. Depending on what the daycares in your area offer, you might be stuck w/ paying for a full-time spot whether you bring him 5 days a week or not. Not all daycares have part-time options. I definitely recommend having daycare if you're working nights. It's just too hard to stay awake w/ a toddler all day and work all night; when I tried to do this, I couldn't even really sleep after my husband came home b/c by that time I was too wired. So yes I would pay for it, even if you have to pay for full-time. And then I'd keep him home when you're off, maybe minus a day for you to clean or run errands. He'll be in school full-time before you know it!
  8. by   Esme12
    I worked nights and chose not to have daycare. I tried to not work 3 days on a row except for weekends when hubby was home to watch them. It saved a TON! of money! It got better when they entered school as I could sleep during the day and I was available for all the parties and field trips when they were in elementary school.
  9. by   newbieRN724
    I work FT 12 hour nights and I have my child in daycare FR. My husband works in the morning and has school in the afternoon. He drops our child off and picks him up. So I'm able to sleep and on my days off he still goes to daycare. It's consistency for him and I get time for myself. Sometimes I will keep him home so we can have more time together. It's hard but it works for us.
  10. by   hiddencatRN
    I work weekend nights and DH works every other weekend. We have a regular babysitter who comesfor overnight on those weekends we both work. I wonder if home based daycare or a sitter might be a more flexible option for you?
  11. by   sistrmoon
    My husband and I work opposite schedules, so we only have to use daycare one day a week. I work weekend overnights, he works mostly traditional hours with some night court. I care for the kids during the week, he cares for them on the weekend and they are at daycare on Fridays when he is at work and I'm sleeping after my Thursday shift.