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Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about the Atkins diet??? I have been hearing good things about it again, and I was thinking of trying it. I have never been on a diet before... Read More

  1. by   Teshiee
    I agree, What good is a diet if you don't exercise and you can't eat the foods that you enjoy in moderation. It is not wise. Any diet that deprives you is not good period! It is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. I cut my portions down and start enjoying more fruits and vegetables and less not none of the fat food and do exercise and I am losing weight. I don't care if it takes me a long time at least it will stay off and my lifestyle changes will be as long as I live. If a person is so severly obese where he/she cannot perform activities of daily living then some quick wt loss diets or surgery I can understand but for the average person change what is in your head before you can change what is on your body. Just my 000.2 cents worth
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  2. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by VickyRN
    I'm honestly baffled by this diet. I know it is FULL of saturated animal fats and proteins and I would positively DIE without my carbs (esp.. CHOCOLATE!!!). Can anyone explain to me WHY the people on this POWDERKEG FAT DIET had lower cholesterols and lower triglycerides than their compadres on the American Heart Association diet??? THis enquiring mind would like to know!!!!
    Sign me....BAFFLED
    I'm a bit baffled by it all too. I think they are thinking that it's a result of the weight loss. You loose weight and your labs improve. Plus they are wondering if the fat and cholestorol doesn't shrink or change shape. They are still studying it.

    My coworker who lost, but then gained the weight back and then some and had to have her stomach stapled, had very good labs when she was on the diet.

    (She's so funny now. She lost 100 lbs after her stomach stapling. Her potassium was low and she added bannanas to her diet, and was whining, "oh the horrible carbs, I'm going to loose weight so much slower now. Imagine, eating one bannana is so bad for a diet. )

    I still say different body's are different. I'll just eat my veggies and whole grain carbs and happily go along with my 105 cholesterol level!
  3. by   baseline
    There is alot of controversy to this diet, and as I have said, the heart guys have had to back off their atkins bashing. There is alot of information on the web on this subject. But even the ADA has gone to carb counting when teaching diet control to diabetic patients.

    Almost any diet I see these days has excercise as a major component of the program. e-diets has a good plan that is easy to follow and they also encourage excercise. I personally have never been associated with or looked at any diet of substance that did not have an excercise component.
  4. by   canoehead
    "I need all the grease I can get- the sooner this old body gives out the better."

    Shirley McLaine
  5. by   MollyMo
    Originally posted by baseline
    Be sure to read the book. The strict carbohydrate restriction is only for the first 2 weeks. Drink drink drink water. Follow his instructions in the book. It will work. I have found that if I restrict the high carb and increase my protein intake, I will lose weight. I struggle with my wt. and I do best if I follow this WHITE white flour, sugar, potatoes, rice, limiit milk products .... eat lots of veggies and fruit and eat alot of protein.

    I agree with this 100%. I started off on Atkins--strictly Atkins. During the first week, I lost 10 pounds, probably mostly fluid. I had to slow down because I was feeling sick. Made it through the second week fine. In fact, my energy level increased to the point of hyperactivity. I was walking 2 miles at 11:00 at night so I could sleep. I sabotaged myself at Christmas and had to start over. It's been about 1 1/2 years now.I've increased some muscle mass with light exercise. I lost inches instead of pounds. I'm down one dress size and maintaining. I'll probably kick it up a notch after the holidays. Try it for the two weeks at least. Get a good multivitamin/mineral supplement. Another plus for me is since I've decreased the carbs and gone sugar-free, I'm less prone to hypoglycemic episodes. I use Splenda instead of Equal. That's a whole thread in itself.
  6. by   baseline
    LOL "I use Splenda instead of Equal. That's a whole thread in itself. " OH YEAH. Equal will keep you from losing weight on Atkins, and gives me headaches.

    The best thing about Atkins is that eventually I lose that craving for sweets and breads.
  7. by   JMP
    I have been on Atkins since August and LOVE the way I feel. I have lost inches and about 15 pounds. I too use Splenda instead of aspartame.
    I have more energy, sleep better.

    I avoid bread, flour, sugar, pasta, rice. I eat lots of green veggies, certain fruit ( melon, berries, apples) I now know what to avoid and what to eat.

    The very strict beginning was hard with Aktins, but it is a slice now. Twice I fell off the wagon and had a treat ( chocolate). However, I felt sort of sick after eating it and now have no taste for the stuff that I used to crave for.

    Anyone who wants to know more, read books, articles. DO NOT LISTEN to people who "heard" it is bad, from friends or A and P instructors!

    Many new ideas are at first met with resitance and nay sayers. Find out for yourself and do your homework!

    Then make your own INFORMED decision.
  8. by   baseline
    JMP Hear Hear!!!!! There is alot of info on the web, and the book NEEDS TO BE READ!! I am so glad you are doing well on this diet. Its not so bad. No white stuff!! :-)
  9. by   studentOH
    Fruits+veggies+whole grains+legumes+WAAAATTTERR+exercise.

    Works for me everytime. I don't get thirsty, and I look and feel great.

    Good luck, whatever you decide.

  10. by   Y2KRN

    Thanks for all the great info! I have one more night to go and then I am off for three days so, I know one of my stocking stuffers this year will be the Atkin's book. I am going to start after Christmas, just because I know that I have no will power and have never dieted before!

    I appreciate everyone's reply and will let you all know how it goes. Good thing you all mentioned the sugar supplements, I usually have tea with my cup of sugar, and love to sugar cereal and the like!!!! LOL.

    Everyone have a great holiday season!!

  11. by   Agnus
    Glad you mentioned the Splenda. I was wondering about it. I had read the aspertame was a problem on the diet but I also wondered about splenda since it is made from sugar even though you cannot digest it. I wondered if that would be even a bigger problem. Its just too knew for it to be mentioned in the book.
  12. by   baseline
    There is a really good web site for the atkins diet....but this is waht they say about splenda :

    What kind of sweeteners do you reccomend?

    A main goal of the Atkins Nutritional ApproachTM is to stabilize blood sugar (glucose) and insulin levels through the restriction of carbohydrates. Sugar is a carbohydrate, so it is strictly limited. Controlling carbs naturally curbs sugar cravings. However, if you still crave sweets, we suggest you use a sugar substitute. The prudent, moderate use of artificial sweeteners is usually acceptable. But be aware that not all sugar substitutes are created equal. We recommend specific sweeteners that are safe and will not interfere with weight loss. Some people experience negative reactions to certain sweeteners, and the risk increases with the amount used. With all artificial sweeteners, the less used, the better.

    Our preference is sucralose, marketed under the name Splenda. Derived from sugar, it is non-caloric, contains less than 1 gram of carbs and doesn't raise blood sugar. It has been used in Canada since 1991 and has been thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy. In 1998, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved sucralose for sale in the United States after reviewing more than 100 studies conducted during the past 20 years.
  13. by   2banurse
    I'm surprised that no one mentioned the Sugar Busters Diet. Although it has some similarities to the Atkins, it is safer and more varied with allowances for vegetables and fruits. The cardiologist I worked with would advise his patients to read the book and try it. It met with good results.