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I need help! I feel horrible, being tx for a sinus infx, but now I think I have a cold on top of it...Just keep feeling worse and worse. Don't want to pass anything to pt's but at the same time we're... Read More

  1. by   cocco
    I am also sick right now. I have called off since Tuesday, 3 nights. I have a bad cold, not enough to go to the dr but enough that I would be dripping snot and coughing and spitting up phlegm every few hours. The only reason I feel bad is because it is my last week at this job before I start a new job at another facility and go PRN at my current job. Normally I feel no guilt at calling off sick. I do not want to get a fresh postop sick or drip something nasty into a surgical wound. They are already comprimised and can catch things easily I do not need to help with that.
  2. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]if you're too miserable to be therapuetic, call in sick. it's not going to do anyone any good if you drag yourself through a shift feeling worse than your patients, and the families won't appreciate what a martyr you were to come to work. they'll be upset that you weren't "nice enough" to them or their loved one. besides -- as someone upthread said -- if you aren't the manager, staffing is not your problem! so don't feel guilty about it; just stay home and take care of yourself!
  3. by   busyernurse
    I couldn't resist posting when I saw this thread!! I have been a nurse for 15 years and I know that most facilities have their own "sick policies", I worked at a hospital where I got suspended for missing some shifts, even though I had MDs office or ER excuses for EVERY shift. I missed 5 shifts, and on 2 of those, I came to work and got sick during my shift and my manager sent me to the ER, so "we wouldn't catch it". Turns out, my MD's office excuses didn't count, but some other staff members did. When I asked to see the policy, they "couldn't find it, and it had not gotten added to the employee handbook yet".

    So, my take on being sick enoiugh to miss work? If I don't look out for myself, no one else will either, Am I doing my patients any good taking care of them throwing up in their trash can or trying not to sneeze or cough up a lougie in someone's face?
  4. by   Logan

    Good responses in this thread!

    Does anyone have a "check list"? LOL, an ex-girlfriend had this little check-list of conditions. I forget the number, but I think if she checked off 4 or more, she'd call in sick.

    Anyone else know/do something like this?

  5. by   slinkeecat
    I call off when I am febrile... or i cannot control the symptoms of the illness.....I do try to call off at least 6-4 hrs before my shift....
  6. by   Otessa
    If I can't work at full capacity and one of my patients could get a cold( or something else contagious) in their weakened state from me-I stay home. I also don't want to be sneezing or coughing on my co-workers so all of THEM get sick too...................
  7. by   augigi
    I used to work in a transplant ICU, so I had a pretty low threshold for calling in sick so as not to risk my immunocompromised patients.

    Now I work in an office, but I am off sick today for "mental health" reasons, and the doc said to take off the rest of the week. Over here you are not allowed to work during a period a doctor has written you a medical certificate for, so that takes away the guilt when you have no choice!
  8. by   jax38RN
    I'm horrified at some of the posts! Being suspended for calling in sick!!! Losing raises for calling in sick!! I get 10 days a year sick leave, no one questions if that amount is used up! It's a very sad refection on the Healthcare industry when they are so busy looking after the 'sick' people but not the staff!!
  9. by   stillpressingon
    Thanks all for your posts, I really appreciate it. Ended up going in Monday and barely made it thru. Finally decided it was stupid to keep going in (actually, someone had written about being a "martyr," and that really hit home and it was high time for me to call in sick). Have Wed off and should be better by Thurs pm. Thanks for the support. I haven't had this job for very long and for some reason I was having a lot of trouble deciding to call in sick. Clinic has a super strict policy.

    Anyway,talked with my doc today and am on a stronger abx and should kick this thing!
  10. by   EricJRN
    Glad to hear that you're doing okay!
  11. by   NurseyBaby'05
    I call in when I feel like I'm starting to get sick. Could I still work? Probably. However, over the years, I found that if I can lay low the first day before it hits me full on, I often wind up not getting very sick at all. I look it as a matter of missing one day and feeling crummy or missing a few days, feeling completely horrible and getting everyone else sick in the process.