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It's been said that racism and discrimination runs both ways. White nurses complain that minorities gather together and exclude them from conversations. Minorities say that they are passed over for... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Absolutely NOT! People are people to me and I approach them all with respect and treat them w/the dignity they deserve as human beings. NEVER have I been put off by race -----maybe it is my background, growing up in Chicago area and military....I don't know. But I enjoy working w/a diverse group of dr's/nurses/support staff and have not found race to be a problem --- if anything, it is an opportunity to learn. I like hearing about cultural/religious practices and like hearing about their "home countries" or varying backgrounds and belief systems. I have worked with many different people, Folks from the Deep South to Africa to the Phillipine Islands and Australia---all over-------how exciting it can be when we open our minds to it!

    --now personality conflicts, welp, there is another story. a LONG one (snore).......good thread.
  2. by   jnette
    Hey Tom !

    Speaking of golf.. and color/race... my hubby plays golf religiously. His sole passion in life .. I can't compete. He just noticed something this week and asked me about it...he has a golfing buddy who is black..and happens to be one of the very few black golfers here in my little area of the country. They play a lot together.. you know how you find a buddy you can play well with, your "timing" and play seems to fit just right.. you know.. that golfing stuff that means something when you have a partner. Well, he's noticed here lately that since he and his friend have been playing a lot together this year, his other golfing "friends" just aren't coming around much anymore, or asking him to play. Pretty much getting the cold shoulder. Sad, huh? Even in the golfing profession.... I won't repeat here what my husband's response to it all was....:imbar !!! Yeah.. you guessed ! :chuckle
  3. by   ohbet
    It was probably around 100,000 years ago that Homo sapiens set off on his long journey over the globe and displaced the Neanderthals in Europe and elsewher. Nearest to him on the evolutionary scale in Africa was the chimpanzee,who in its own course of developement formed three very different sub species.By contrast,Homo sapiens had a uniform development. And whether we meet an Aborigine over in Australia or a Bushman in Africa,An Asian, a European or an American,these are not all different species of human being, but all are one and the same human race. And though our external characteristics may be very different, presumably we all have a common African origin. Under the Skin we all all Africans
    The realization of the common origin that unites us all would element the Us vs.Them mentality,which only fosters hatred and would shift our thinking to an Us -Us perspective,leading to a more peaceful workplace,
    now if we could just unite the religions of the world then we could have world peace.
  4. by   kaycee
    Where I work we all get along well. Black, Irish, German, Italian, Hispanic, Lesbian, Straight, Married, Single, Male, Female, Young and Old, there is a little of everything. As long as everyone does there job, no problem. I haven't noticed any groups other then the young ones can hold their liquor better then some of us old farts and can tolerate more OT.
  5. by   ohbet
    so you speak phillipino? If so which dialect?
  6. by   nursenoelle
    Originally posted by stressedlpn
    I get to win all the way around, my family is affectionaly called the rainbow bunch, daughter is filipino, son is black, mom was Indian, dad is irish, sometimes we get stares where we go, most of the time we dont, we live in mostly an all white community( sorry yall it is to early in the morning for me to try to spell all the politicaly correct terms)
    As for at work I do not see in differance between the races, we all mingle down in the trenches so to speak, sometimes the pts get a little cruel but we just slug it off, I had one pt who asked ,e what are you any way your not all white, but you dont look hispanic either ,(she was white) I just laughed at her and told her I was of exotic stock, most of our docs in this area are from India, or hispanic, they are the most popular docs,
    now as for racisim in hte community, I may have to relocate when the kids get older, I have had numerous people not of white skin tell me I was raising the kids to be too white, the white folks ask me how I plan on raising them, my answer is simply they will be strong christian adults with the values I pass on to them, I do try to educate the kids on their histories, I have several filipino friends that are teaching lori, and several black friends that are around chris.
    at work we are all treated like crap no matter the color of our skin, we are treated equally sh@#%y
    Great thread Vegas,
    Where in AR. are you? We got the rainbow thing happening here to.. not as well recieved as when we lived in HI.
  7. by   nursenoelle
    We only have 1 philipino family here ( He is a doc) I love talking to him and listening to the Tagolog when he calls his wife..ahhh..reminds me of home.
  8. by   askater11
    I work at a large city hospital...we have a mixture of races.

    The most enjoyable person, I work with is of another race....she is awesome to work with.

    I honestly treat everyone equally.

    When I started working at this hospital....6 months into working there another nurse told me and another male nurse that we were called racist. To this day I don't know why...if it was said...that she'd say that.
  9. by   stressedlpn
    Originally posted by ohbet
    so you speak phillipino? If so which dialect?
    No sorry, my ex-husband was filipino, he spoke taglow(sp)
  10. by   traumaRUs
    My husband is retired military and when we lived in Korea, my then-6 y/o son asked me why they called African-Americans black when his friends were brown??? We laughed over that one.

    That being said, I have worked in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial places. No problems!!!!! If people do their job, no problems.
  11. by   whipping girl in 07
    Originally posted by nursenoelle
    Where in AR. are you? We got the rainbow thing happening here to.. not as well recieved as when we lived in HI.
    Having lived in Arkansas, I can totally relate to that statement. I can still remember some of the ugly things my grandpa would say about black people (of course, that's not what he called them...) Even when giving a compliment to one of the nurses that took care of him in the hospital, he included a racial slur within it (not to her, to me later).

    My sister-in-law wanted to adopt a child a few years ago (a black child) and was told by a couple of family members not to bother, as they would not accept that child as a relative!

    Being adopted myself, I took particular offense to that remark! Every child deserves a family that loves him or her, and no one can help what race they are.
  12. by   ohbet
    Nursenoelle,I guess the Aloha Spirit is a bunch of kukai.
  13. by   nursenoelle
    Originally posted by ohbet
    Nursenoelle,I guess the Aloha Spirit is a bunch of kukai.
    Nah! When I was growing up there, people tended to see the beauty in multi-ethnicity. Here, some would just as soon ya had 3 eyeballs.