Are you afraiD

  1. Is any one out there afraid of their HN? their supervisors? or the DON?
    And if you are,why? I mean,if a nurse is doing the job according to the employers standards,the P and P,why be afraid?
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  3. by   workinurse@aol.
    Fear and abuse are in the mind of the beholder, chronic fear and abuse can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    PTSD will ruin your health and life and end your career.
    Don't go there. Leave and find a place you feel loved, a nurturing environment. Let the happiness hormones wash your brain and body.
    Your goal for yourself needs to be the same as your goal for your live as long and healthy as you can despite:
    :your chosen profession. (nurse)
    :your illness. (patient)
  4. by   chicagonurse
    The only people I'm afraid of at work are the CNAs. Had one say "I know where you live". And I always pray that my car will still be in working order when I get off duty.
  5. by   boobaby42
    I agree with workingnurse. It's not worth it, that is, working in an area that causes you to be afraid. Go somewhere, anywhere else.
  6. by   SGkatt
    Theirs some of us who work as CNA's who respect MOST of their nurses, and have the wisdom to keep their mouth shuts when they don't.

    Just so ya know Often times we are just afraid of you too.. I had a nurse that like to intimdate me.. She had me in tears most of the time.. I was still very new to the nursing profession.. knowlage contracted that fear..

    That and her getting dismissed for drug issues

    And the say theirs no justice left in the world <G>
  7. by   hoolahan
    They used to, but then I got over it! Took me a long time though, but eventually everyone has their breaking point, I had mine, and now, instead of holding things in and feeling nervous, I speak my mind, and I have been MUCH happier ever since!
  8. by   fedupnurse
    Afraid? NO!! Thoroughly disgusted and fed up with their stupidity and short sightedness? Oh yeah!! People who let managers, supervisors, suits and DOCTORS intimidate them have no place in this profession! I always say to people "what are you going to do if a doctor you are afraid of orders something that will harm the patient? Are you going to carry out that order?" I work with people who don't want to call docs in the middle of the night for serious stuff because "he might yell at me". YELL BACK. They are all human beings who put their pants on one leg at a time and their poop stinks just as much as ours. I hate it when people cave to those "in authority"! People only have as much power over you as you give them. Doubt anyone is surprised by my answer: I am the one who asked the CEO of our Health System in front of a packed audience "How do you make a 2 egg omelete with one egg?" HAHAHA! Got him into a situation he couldn't BS his way out of. Hmmm...could that be why he never looks to the side of the room where I am at those general staff meetings???????
  9. by   fergus51
    I was afraid of the old one. I do my job well, but that doesn't mean she couldn't make my life h#ll if she wanted to because I had seen her do it before. Unfortunately I am completely unable to hold muy tongue with people like that, but lucky for me the ol bag left!
  10. by   mattsmom81
    A healthy level of fear....hmm. Well, it should motivate us to watch our mouths to avoid self destructing.

    Unhealthy level of fear...feeling anxious more than calm, stressed more than confident. We work under unbelievably stressful conditions today as nurses and we need to look out for #1.

    Some managers you just have to walk away from if you try to get along and it doesn't work...its not worth it to stay and feel fearful every day. Best deserve better!
  11. by   Stargazer
    ohbet, what is going on with you? Several of the questions you've posted lately make me worry about your work environment, and you sound really stressed out. Can we help?
  12. by   susanmary
    ohbet -- interesting post. I'm absolutely not afraid of my nurse manager, director, vice president of nursing, or the president/ceo. I do the best I can at work under varying, stressful circumstances -- usually charge with a full patient load on a med/surg/tele unit. I'm a good nurse with strong skills and alot of common sense -- but I'm not perfect. I'm an optimist & focus on the good in people. I do not define myself by what others think -- we're all "so much more" than that in not spend your time living in fear over what you PERCEIVE others think. I will not spend my time thinking about management trying to "hang" something on me regarding policies & procedures -- I try to follow them & do my best. Period.
  13. by   Rustyhammer
    chicagonurse The only people I'm afraid of at work are the CNAs. Had one say "I know where you live". And I always pray that my car will still be in working order when I get off duty.
    I find it really hard to believe that there are work environments where threats are happening.
    If this is your reality I would suggest finding another place where you can do your job in a healthy, happy place.
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Afraid, why? They gonna HIT me or something? I remember my nursing instructor sayin this at clinical one day after a nasty dr. got done examining one of our patients: "Don't be afraid of Doctors, what they gonna do HIT ya or something? And, hey, even if they do, tell em you can easily envision yourself in that fine mansion w/the pool and tennis courts they will be handing you when you sue!"....rofl. She was right.

    Nah, seriously, I am not afraid of them...I don't let ANYONE stress me out that much and I refuse to let 'em walk on me. Maybe it was all those years in the military. I worked with some scary folks at times during my tender years. They just **dont'** scare me. Piss me off at times? OH YEA, but SCARE me nooope. I have better things to do w/my time and bigger things to fear than the people I work with.