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:idea: i just wondered what your perspective on this trend is; i mean here it is that we have stirred away from this trend with diverse patterns and pastels. so, are you a dork? i count myself as... Read More

  1. by   MsLady06
    Quote from GardenDove
    I personally don't make judgements of nurses based on their dress. No one at my facility wears all white, but if they did I wouldn't care.
    I agree
  2. by   NurseguyFL
    I like black scrubs. I'd like to know why some people believe that the color black is more scary to patients than any other color. I've seen nurses wearing some pretty hideous colors and prints on the floors, but as long as the scrubs are clean and the hospital doesn't have a strict dress code---then why not!
  3. by   anne74
    I think monocramatic white scrubs look pretty dorky. Sure, it's professional and the traditional color of nursing, but it just doesn't look good. Even more, I hate those stupid, infantile cartoon scrubs or even bad '80s patterns of hearts or paint splashes or something. Those make nurses look unprofessional ---- unless, maybe, maybe, you're a peds nurse.

    How about just some solid colors? I work in the PACU, and we typically wear the green scrubs. People know you're a nurse and it's professional looking - without the dork factor.
  4. by   SoulShine75
    White doesn't look dorky. It looks professional..hands down. We have to wear all white to clinical and we mumbled and grumbled then realized...hey, we look pretty good. I don't think it's a color I'll wear all the time in scrubs, simply because it stains, but I love a nurse in white. I think as long as you look crisp and clean it doesn't matter what scrubs you wear.

    I saw a woman at the hospital the other day who had on the white dress, cap and all and I thought she looked really great.
  5. by   GardenDove
    If you look at very early photos of nurses, white was not the original prefered color. Florence Nightinggale didn't wear all white. Nurses from my old nursing books prior to the 20's didn't wear all white. All white came into fashion the 30's.
  6. by   Miss Ludie
    I have some pics of 1920 graduation classes and they are in white dresses and hats, but black stockings and shoes. Nursing must bow to fashion trends even though it's usually about 20 years too late. When I first started hospital nursing you couldn't wear pants. Even before that when I started University BSN you couldn't wear pants on campus. Frankly white looks better in a starched dress or pant suit, white scrubs usually just look scrunchy.
  7. by   damarystx
    I personally like a monochromatic look, and I like all white, and I like black, I always have a long sleeve t on underneath, I do think it looks professional, certainly not like I am a throwback to the 70's! In my regular life I can definately be accused of staying up on trends and my taste doesn't change for my work clothes. I don't wear cartoons(won't wear them on my street clothes so I won't wear them to work) or patterns at all, just not my thing, piping is o.k. or the scrubs that have stripes like track pants, definately prefer the straight or boot cut. So no I don't think all white is dorky.
  8. by   Hoozdo
    Quote from magikRN
    Our hospital system is thinking of going back to all white. The majority of nurses have said "No Way!" I personally hate the thought of wearing all white. i have some of the most unusual bright colored scrub tops in my unit.
    Me too, and I love wearing bright colors. They perk me up and others around me. There is no way I would work anywhere that required all whites!
  9. by   Antikigirl
    Okay...We had a WONDERFUL nurse that is agency...heck..I remember her as a student at my hospital! She wears the white pants, top and hat! Patients see her as a 'Real Nurse'...even the young ones!

    I remember her well..even I listened to her harder and learned much from her as a, because she was in whites! Darn tootin...and wow..not typically like me..but I did!

    Well...caught her making mistakes a year ago..nothing big, but a few minor infractions I couldn't correct on my own. She had my utmost respect..nice gal..but yes..I too was caught up in the WHITE syndrome!

    Tonight was bad..she forgot so many things that I spent half my shift catching up with things that should have been done. That is when it truly hit me...well that and just seeing this post! LOL....I was as caught up in the whites and white cap as anyone else~!

    Did I write her up for three writable really didn't have time! Will I talk to her about it...OH HECK YES! (but she is cool and if I tell her she will correct it...and make good by it!..but not because she wears whites..but because she is a good nurse). But hel*...if it was me and my colored scrubs..write up big time!

    So interesting...even I give respect without someone proving it to me because of the whites! AND remember folks..I am RN..if I unconsciously do it..the patients do it big time!

    and all night I was silently fixing the probelms..they had nothing but high praises for her...good for her! it is really deserved she is awesome...but...hmmmmmmm how about the one that fixed the probelms that wasn't in whites?

    Just something to chew on....
  10. by   htrn
    My nsg school uniform was white pants and blue scrub top. As I suffered through uterine fibroids and all that they come with , I could never understand why in the world it was expected that (primarily) young women of childbearing age would be required to wear white pants.

    I spent 7 years in the Navy having to wear dress whites nearly everyday. It is amazing how filthy they can get just from office work!!! I can't imagine having to keep nursing whites clean with the type of work we do on a daily basis.

    I love my hospital provided blue scrubs:spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:
  11. by   GardenDove
    Let's all keep in mind that colored clothes get the same dirt that whites get, it just doesn't show. So, your colored clothes only LOOK clean, they really aren't.
  12. by   truern
    On any given day I'll wear ceil blue or white pants with tops with hearts, bears, snoopy, butterflies, whatever.....any of which look 100% better than those scrubs that look as if their owner rolled out of bed in them this morning

    Whatever happened to personal choice and respect for others' choices?? You feel free to choose NOT to wear Snoopy, but please respect MY choice to.
  13. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Whatever happened to personal choice and respect for others' choices?? You feel free to choose NOT to wear Snoopy, but please respect MY choice to.
    Well said.

    (I hope the people that refered to the printed scrubs as being "infantile," "degrading," and "unprofessional" take the same respectful path)