Anyone ever been fired before?

  1. Hello all,

    I'm pretty new to this forum, but not forums in general.

    I'm an LVN in Los Angeles, CA. Been one for 2 years now.

    I recently just gave birth to a beautiful preemie girl 7 months ago. In October I had to get workin because medical bills and other bills were piling up and my husband couldn't do it alone (he's also a nurse).

    well this is the first time i've worked for such a long time, and it was being a school nurse. I know a lot of people don't think we do much, but the position i did, they made me do A LOT towards the end.

    I Never ever once complained, simply did the job i was told to do, but i guess they wanted me out for some reason and i got fired over a really dumb reason.

    i had to choose between a diabetic student or a student with a scratch on his forhead (which i cleaned and everything).. it's such a long story, but i got fired for calling the parents of the studen with the scratch on his face late.

    it's so hard to get back on my feet and get a job.. any advice?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    My daughter is down your way and she says there are lots of openings in LTC facilities. Of course, you might have a negative view of LTC as an option from all that is said about these places, but a job is a job.

    I would also suggest that since you have school nurse experience, try going to a staffing agency/home hlth agency. A lot of them have "school nurse" positions where you accompany a wheelchair bound student to school. These clients usually have g tube fdgs, trachs, maybe gluc fingersticks for DM and may be vent dependent. Of course, you may have seen some of these students in your school. It's great one on one duty.
  4. by   Daytonite
    You shouldn't have any trouble finding work in a nursing home. The hospitals around here utilized LVNs from the agencies when my mom was an inpatient. I guess it depends on whether or not you want to disclose whether or not you had this school job. In actuality, I cannot think of any way another employer could find out you worked for another place unless YOU tell them.
  5. by   lukie1
    Hey, Don't feel bad. They probably had someone else they wanted for the position so they gave you the boot. They can't tell anyone they fired you. Working with kids/families can be hazardous to your mental health so don't take it so personally. Nursing jobs are a dime a dozen
  6. by   Grace Oz
    I'm sorry you lost your job. Do you not have some form of recourse? Surely they can't just sack you without prior warnings or good/valid reasons?
    I hope you find another position soon and can breathe easy re the finances.
  7. by   Quickbeam
    In some areas, school nurse jobs are extremely political. A dear friend of mine was told her school nurse job was being eliminated. She later found out that the mayor's cousin was in the job which was "miraculously" available.

    Best wishes to you.
  8. by   TazziRN
    I guess they expected you to clone yourself. I was going to be terminated but I was given the option to resign because that's what they did to a friend of mine who was let go for the same reasons. I was depressed about it and worried, but I was never asked why I left the previous position, so it was a non-issue. If you are asked, be honest. You didn't do anything wrong there.
  9. by   SCRN1
    Congratulations on your new baby! My oldest was a preemie too and she's now 19 years old.

    Have you gone to the district office about this and explained to them? A diabetic student would take priority over a simple scratch. Maybe they can put you at a different school within the district. If they don't have any jobs available as a school nurse, maybe they have something availiable like a health teacher and all you'd need is to get a certification to teach it. There was a position like that here once that I almost appllied for and was told it was simple to get the certification...just take a little test. Good luck!
  10. by   NurseXtine
    THank you everyone for the support and replies, I really appreciate it.

    Because I signed an at will contract, they were able to terminate me at any time, vice versa if i wanted to quit/resign.

    Her reason saying the diabetic should have not been picked over the head injury was because he was not crashing.

    But the diabetic who was 7 years old, his blood sugar was well over 300 and his mother's instructions were to give him water and call immediately for further instructions. so as i called, the other student with the scratch on his forhead thought i was done with him and left, i didn't get to catch his name.

    i spoke to the parents of the boy with the scratch on his head, and apparently when he went back out on the yard (mind you this was all afterschool), he got hurt again, and bumped his head playing basketball, i was not aware, and so he went home with a bump on his forehead. Of course had i known, i would of called his parents... i ended up finding out about this when i was already going home, passed the time i was supposed to leave (which they did not pay me for).. and said i'd call them first thing in the morning.

    I did call the mother first thing in the morning and explained the situation, told her i was sorry that had happened to her son, and that it was my fault and that it would never happen again. She was very nice, she did say she was upset, but she was very thankful i had at least called to follow-up.

    immediately after that i had to do the whole school population thing (which wasn't my duty in the beginning).. and as i was going to the front office to do it, the principal fired me on the spot. told me to collect my things and pick up my check..

    even rubbed it in my face that "I know you really needed this job because you have a newborn, but i can't keep you".

    i'm just really sad because of it, i've never been fired in my life, and especially over something so small, well it may not have been small to them because it was a child, but the way she fired me was just SO harsh.

    i will look into nursing homes, but it's been awhile since i've worked.. this was the first time i worked since my pregnancy. during my pregnancy i had IUGR which i was on bedrest for 2 months in the hospital and 1 month at home. then when my daughter was born, i tore my muscle (i had a c-section).. and couldn't do anything for a long time..

    do i have to put this school nurse position on my resume? i mean i don't know what to say if they ask why i was fired.. my old boss said i was negligent? but i wasn't!

    On top of all this my daughter is sick with bronchitis and she's on a couple of drugs including steroids for her lungs (im guessing lol) it's been crazy.. so im thinking last resort is to go into registry.

    im just like ahh they want me to take a test! mind you i haven't done any type of school work for years lol. any tips on what to study lol.
  11. by   chuck1234
    Unless you don't like to work, there are so many jobs out there!
    Good luck!
  12. by   luvmydaschund
    I am so sorry that you got fired, I too was fired on Dec. 15 2006 and I have been traumatized and devastated ever since. Not only was I fired but they turned me into the board of nursing and I am now on 12 months probation. I have been so depressed it has physically made me ill. My situation goes like this,,,, I was working in a rural small town hospital (my home town) I loved every minute of it. I worked the 7pm to 7am shift and loved that too. The first year and a half was great I learned so many great skills and actually loved every minute of it. To give you a little history of what we had to do well everything ( ob/ld, geriatrics, pre and post surgical, ER, pediatrics, and we also had a substance abuse wing that at night we were responsible for, and we I mean 2 RNS granted the hospital is small and I really never felt too overwhelmed. In Feb, March we got a new DON and that is when my life went to crap.... I had great reviews always until august September of 2006. That summer i worked many 5 shift in a row weeks with one day off and back to the 5 shifts, I didn't complain as I new we were looking to hire. We did hire some new ones and I trained many of them and was happy for the extra help. Now take in to account that not only did the hospital get a new DON but also a new CEO. I was making a premium wage as I had a weekend package with pay in leu of benefits. So with all the above said, all of a sudden there were three complaints against me from non staff people, all he say she say. I was just coming off of a 12 hour shift and had stayed for a 2 hour staff meeting, was then asked to stay in this room with the new DON and assistant and I was totally screamed at and told what a horrible person I was and made to sign this form of misconduct and told that if I make one more mistake of any kind or if any one complains about me I am fired I never was told exactly what I did or who said I did it to this day, the board of nursing has it but they say I can not have access to it. So needless to say, I wish I had resigned as my life was a mess for the next couple months. I was fired for giving a less strength pain pill than was prescribed and I wrote up the report on it. I need to find a full time nursing job, but now that the board of nursing is involved no one wants to hire me. Everyday I wake up and wish that some how I could of done something different. The doctors at the hospital are even upset about what happened but this CEO wouldn't listen to them. I have been through so much in my life and was so proud to be a RN, now I don't know it I can do it I am so afraid of what next. I also at the time had a part-time school nurse position with the school system my son goes too, but It doesn't pay all the bills. I really wish I new a way to pick my self esteem back up and move on. Thanks for listening
  13. by   Peggyfaye
    Some excellent nurses have been fired. I agree that alot of school nsg jobs are political. A few parents can be the bane of school employees; you absolutely made the right choice in triaging those 2 kids. One was life-threatening, the other was not. Doesn't surprise me though, I've had parents who bring their kids in "for well child checkups" in the ER, yell & scream at me for taking back a guy who had chopped off his thumb & had an arterial bleed. "We were here first!" oy vey.
    Being laid off is being fired. This happened to me & it was devastating.
    The most important job you have right now is taking care of that precious babe of yours. There are lots of nurse jobs out there, pick yourself up, hold your head high, & choose to work with a population that you will be nurtured by. Good luck, you've been through alot. :redpinkhe
  14. by   litbitblack
    I was fired last week and yes its a horrible feeling. I worked at my facility for almost 10 yrs. There are tons of jobs yet I haven't officially started looking. Trying to think positively helps and not sitting at home wallowing helps. I have been helping my husband with his paper route. Maybe you could try part time or prn so it would be your schedule how you want. I havn't really decided if I even want to do hospital again.