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  1. by   Tookie
    Here I am showing my ignorance - or l guess distance - What is JACHO - I gather that is must be an accreditation type system - Curiosty question - is it an accreditation process - Which organisations / places go through it, how often and just some interest type information if someone wouldnt mind
    Thank you
  2. by   mitch rowlison
    JACHO! This i my first timeon this website and I have already found my most despised topic!! JACHO needs to get a life. I 10% agree that there i a need for quality control but those that are not at the bedside (or ever have been) should not be making the rules!!!
  3. by   prmenrs
    Yes, Mitch, they do need to get a life, but, since JACHO isn't likely to do that, I'm going to...

    :hatparty: I'm retiring July 1st!!

  4. by   fedupnurse
    Jcaho-the epitome of conflict of interest! They are a division or partner of some sort with the American Hospital Association. Hospitals pay to have these lame rules rammed down our throats. If they were useful rules, we would do them all the time, not just for the week that JCAHO is at the facility. Our suits love to pay money to consultants so they pay for a mock survey. That's made up of a bunch of "ex-JCAHO employees" who are now making a killing. Frightening huh?
  5. by   kids
    I've recently come to the conclusion that JCAHO accredation isn't worth the paper to print the cert on...every survey my 'local' hospital (400 +/- bed) has had in the past 10 years has had deficiencies in the same 3 areas: lab, pharmacy, and Nursing services...every certification has been "with recommendations", "with restrictions" or "conditional". They were just awarded a certificate of need for 86 more beds by the state. With 10+ hospitals within 20 miles (but another state) you would think the state would encourage them to fix their ongoing problems before rewarding them with the ability to expand.
  6. by   wiegel34
    If there is one bright spot to JACHO coming, its we are always way overstaffed. I just wish we could have half the staff, we have during the survey. If JACHO really wanted to know what the hospitals were doing and what the paper work really looks like they wouldn't tell us a year ahead of time when they are coming. This has got to be the biggest waste of time and money. There are more rules and regulations than we could ever adhere to. And to think we PAY them to come in and wast our time and money. We are just getting ready for a mock survey. A few surveyors will come in and inspect us, after we spend a month getting ready for them. Then next year we will have the REAL one. And they wonder why nurses are leaving. Between care plans nobody reads, inspections we don't want, and no respect, its a wonder the nursing shortage is not worse. I could go on and on about JACHO and the other things that should be changed, but to no avail. No one ever asks a nurse what they think or what we need, just do it or else. I used to love nursing, but in the last 10 years there have been too many regulation applied. I spend more time documenting than I took to do the task I just charted on. Well enough venting for now.
  7. by   MLL
    Kids-r-fun, wiegel34, and fedupnurse,
    I couldn't have said it better myself. You all took the thoughts right out of my brain.
    Perhaps since the suits get off on JCAHO so much - THEY should be the ones critiqued, and leave us the hell alone to take care of our patients. This is just MORE money thrown down the administrative drain, rather than being placed where it's needed.
    It's such a riot when Joint Commission is coming - like opening night on Broadway or something!
    The sad part is - I don't see it changing. Here's a thought - let the nurses run the hospital for a week or so to decide what's important and what's "fluff". As someone previously stated - Let the people doing the jobs be the ones to make the decisions.
    P.S. I'm not anti-administration - just the useless crap that makes for more unneccesary paperwork for us, in order that the incompetents remain protected.
  8. by   oramar
    Nursing 2002 May issue has a small article sort of buried in the middle of the magazine. It that said someone did a study that said JACHO has no effect on outcomes. Naturally spokesperson for JACHO was outraged. Probably afraid he will have to go out and get a real job.