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After reading the thread about the jokes by Jay Leno and the comments. We do need to gain some thicker skin I agree but it reminded me of this dissertation "manuscript" this PHD is/was trying to sell... Read More

  1. by   RNPD
    For the purposes of this book, when we use the term "nurse", we are referring to a female nurse whose husband does not work in the medical field. We include the various classifications such as Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses, (LPNs) and nurse’s aids. We are also aware that certain fields of nursing such as obstetrics and pediatrics do not involve activities considered to be sexually oriented for the female nurse. So when we discuss the duties of the nurse within this book, we are referring to the areas of nursing which involve direct and complete contact of the female nurse with adult male patients in the clinical setting.

    I actually tried to read some of this drivel. There may be more funny parts, but this one was insulting. Anyone believe that his wife is really an RN? The term "nurse" refers to an RN or an LPN, and a nurses' aide is NOT included in the clasification of nurses (PLEASE all you CNAs-DON'T start berating me. I mean no offense; the fact is you are nursing ASSISTANTS, not NURSES). And in OB, how come he didn't include the partners of lesbian nurses? Think how exciting it must be to pour that betadine over another woman's perineum while she is in labor? NOT!! Or to go a little too far, why exclude peds? Maybe the next book can include the partners of pedophiles! I know I am getting outrageuous, but isn't this guy aware of just how ridiculous he sounds? It's kind of scary actually-if he works in the space program, remind me never to let my daughter become an astronaut. Who knows what he may find to be erotic about that!?!
  2. by   galenight
    The author's name would more appropriately be DEMON, not Damon..

    What an idiot.. And I only read the posts, not the "book". I hesitate to foul the name book by calling that piece of BS a book.
  3. by   jamistlc
    First of all not all nurses are female! Just in the books title I can see that this couple are off base!
    The sexual over tunes here really make me upset. It sounds like this was a personal problem that this couple had and they thought it is common occurance. It appears very Co-Dependant of this couple to actually validate their feelings they wrote in the form of a manuscript.

    Remember it a co-authored manuscript so they both are sick puppies! Him for thinking this stuff and her for allowing him to use her name in the authorship at the minimun! I can tell ya what goes on behind close doors in an opposite gendered persons room, "A client is getting thier needed care and comfort from a skilled provider, no sexual pun or overtones there. In fact many of parts of the job description would turn the stomach of the unaccustomed or ignorant not as a sexual thing but as a clients need to have thier arse wiped or body bathed after an episode loose stools or emesis! Now who finds that sexy?

    I am turned off just becuase he excluded males who are often stereotyped as sexual deviants anyway or why would we be there doing that job! Instead he attacks my sisters who are doing a fine job and keeping thier man, happy at home! Sounds like he is the one who had the problems and has used this manuscript as a coping mechanism, can you say displacement? I will wait for the second book in the series called" Male Nurses who enjoy thier work and why", I thought I was a sick puppy but once again I was proven wrong!
    PS I just sent a message to the post e mail asking for a reply.

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  4. by   Chellyse66
    I know when I read it I just about fell outta the chair... This guy is obviously one tweeked man, and his wife is warped to stay with him. I just could not believe he actually wrote an entire manuscript and is serious about his revelations!!
    Can you imagine though how this will get the public going? And I agree that it serves to perpetuate the porno/****/ho factor, this guy baked tooooo long. Thought you guys would get a good laugh from this one.
  5. by   Chellyse66
    What is worse he is not only, a sexist but a racist, and an obvious psychotic...
    This quote was at the bottom:
    ""When we walked in the shopping mall together in the evening or on the weekend, and we would pass a big good-looking black man walking by, it would occur to me that my pretty young white wife had probably seen and touched black men like him, laying naked in the OR being prepped for a circumcision. And I knew that black men are generally very virile and masculine and have large penises and testicles. It always seemed so extreme and strange to me that my young pretty white wife could be so intimately familiar with the bodies of black men. And I knew very well that her male coworkers got a kick out of seeing her handling and washing that big black penis under those bright lights. And I knew I would never in my life see my wife hold a black man’s penis, although she had done it many times in my absence. "
    OMG...and he is able to publish this mess?
    Freedom of speech allowed, this is just terrible!!!!
  6. by   Dplear
    I just went to the Texas State Board of Nursing web site and tried to verify licensure for the pretty young "nurse" wife of mr Damon Smith...guess what no license in that lady's name of permutation of it. hmmmm...guess that sheds a little light on things
  7. by   Dplear
    Oh yeah and by the way if the wife was a nurse here in Texas she would have known that LPN's are called LVN's here...we never use the term LPN in Texas
  8. by   fiestynurse
    Maybe, this wife does not exist at all!! He made this all up in his mind. It's a fantasy woman!! OOOH, this is getting good. We'll expose this guy, yet.
  9. by   Chellyse66
    Jami, Oh my Lord I can not believe he responded to you. Did you guys read what he wrote back. So if he says he is not so niave as to think nurses were not going to be offensive to the material, what is this creep's angle? The target audience is the million "Non clinician" partners of nurses.
    What is he going to call the syndrome...What is the treatment LOL? I am with the poster that asked what of the homosexual partners?
    This is so sick, but he may sell this BS I am telling you this may be the next false memory syndrome, totally whacked. Half truths like a borderline personality is what he is.Maybe we can all write him with our spousal responses, but heck maybe thats what turns this guy on ya never know. Freak of the week Damon may have his own personal kinky agenda. He did say in another post "send me an email and My wife and I will send you photographs of ourselves" Now that would be creepy......
  10. by   ClariceS
    This guy is a fruitcake. I just wonder how he'd deal with a hospital nurse who's husband is an OB/GYN!?!?!? I'm sure not going to ask him as it would probably throw him completely off any thread of sanity he may still have.
  11. by   Louie18
    What an education.
    I've always thought women led.
    I go to Florida in a Cadillac with a Honda, Cell phone, atm card, and condo for the winter.
    Do you think I would have been retired for ten years and own more than I would ever need had it not been for a woman.
  12. by   cmggriff
    My wife is also an RN. As many of you old timers recall, years ago we used betedine soap for all cleasing of skin especially in areas of the body consider less than sanitary. One night my young, beautiful nurse wife and I were working on the same unit. As I walked down the hallway I met her coming from her male patient's room. I noticed the unmistakable orange foam of betadine soap around her mouth. She looked like a rabid animal except for the unusual color. I asked her "What have you been doing?" She answered "Cath care of course." But I wasn't worried then and I'm not worried now. Gary
  13. by   kennedyj
    I get an overall impression that Damon is not comfortable with his wife in a professional role. Maybe there is some distrust or jealousy. It appears he has a good profession and wants to be a sole bread winner. Kind of old fashioned as the world has changed since the dark ages.

    Heres a flip side:
    I am a male nurse and Adv practice student who works in the OB side and am to admit that since I have started have to yet be turned on by a womans legs in the stirrips as she pushes out a newborn or while doing a vaginal exam. I did a pap on my wife not long ago and was not turned on by that in any way. Work is work and fun is fun. Although I do enjoy the family setting working with new families especially when there is the excitement of their first baby. There is a mindset and a place for everything and this is not the place to fantasize. I don't know if I could even if I tried.


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